Monday, 27 May 2013

Romain Roo Chapus: Open Strings & Slides by Roo

This video was request by my guitar student and friend Antti. Here are some open strings licks from my song Flash Point. In addition of the screen Tabs, I can send you the complete tabs including the end licks that I don´t slow down here.
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Open Strings & Slides by Roo (Flash Point) TABS

Nick Johnston,Guthrie Govan,Paul Gilbert: Guthrie added to the guitar solo list for the upcoming CD!

Paul Gilbert Guest Guitar Solo Announcement - Nick Johnston - New Album 2013 (

Guthrie Govan Guest Guitar Solo Announcement - Nick Johnston - New Album 2013

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Very excited to announce Guthrie Govan's appearance on my upcoming instrumental record. Having both Paul GIlbert and Guthrie contributing to this project is just mind blowing!

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Guthrie Govan Guest Guitar Solo Announcement - Nick Johnston - New Album 2013

Daniele Gottardo: Rimsky's Beard (demo) - pre order the new CD!

Mike Varney and Daniele Gottardo looking for new music to listen to!

Daniele Gottardo is currently recording the new second CD. Rimsky's Beard will be on this second CD. Here is a demo version of the song that is currently being recorded in the studio. The rhythm guitar is the old demo guide track.

Please check the link below to make your contribution and pre-order your copy of the new cd.

Join the project, make the difference pre order and more:
Daniele Gottardo's main website:

Christophe Godin: Gnô - Le Local Marseille 2013 series

Christophe Godin: Gnô - Le Local Marseille 2013
9 videos 46 minutes
Christophe Godin Heavy Rock - Concert Gnô (with Pryde and Cerevisia) to Local (Marseille) on May 25, 2013 - Thanks to all the members of the group for this concert!

Christophe Godin: Gnô - Le Local Marseille 2013

Carlo Losavio: Oblivion - An acoustic original

An acoustic original entitled Oblivion ( A. Piazzolla ) By Carlo Losavio

Oblivion ( A. Piazzolla ) By Carlo Losavio

pARTyzant: Super Mario with Mikołaj Toczko Check out pARTyzant's Facebook.

This version is inspired by Vadrum Super Mario was one of my favorites games ;) Enjoy it ...

Super Mario by pARTyzant & Mikołaj Toczko

Kermheat: now with added Fanny and Michna
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Kermheat Plays on ibanez Guitars and Elixir Strings at N.A.S.A:
and my feet are on :

Kermheat "imponysation of the week" may 27, 2013 !!!!!!! feat: Fanny

Kermheat "imponysation of the week" may 20, 2013 !!!!!!! feat: Michna

Joe Satriani: Unstoppable Momentum - Artistic Quest - Part 1

In this 3-part double-length extended version, Joe Satriani discusses his inspiration behind the writing and recording of his new album "Unstoppable Momentum" (May 7, 2013). In part 1 (of 3) Joe discusses the concept of "Unstoppable Momentum", plus working with Mike Keneally (who was also on 2010's Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards), plus new collaborators Chris Chaney (Janes Addiction) and Vinnie Colaiuta (Jeff Beck, Sting, Frank Zappa). Also included with Joe's interview are exclusive behind the scenes footage of the recording sessions and samples of tracks from the album.

"This is what I do, it's what I've always wanted to do ... in service of achieving that never finishing artistic quest -- that's what it is and what it's all about" said Joe.

For more information, exclusive bundles, and tour dates and VIP packages, visit

Video directed by Jon Luini & Arthur Rosato, a Chime Interactive Production

Satriani's Unstoppable Momentum & Artistic Quest - Part 1/3 (Extended Version)

Fabrizio Leo: DvMark from the bedroom to the pro studio, coffee house to arenas this amp has it all.

This rack-mountable preamp/effects processor/power amp is the perfect all-in-one solution for today's modern guitarists. The MULTIAMP offers an amazingly wide range of tones with faithful reproduction of every sound characteristic, plus the nuance and feel of real amps, cabs, and effects. It is an invaluable tool for both live and studio work.
Plus it's fun to play! From the bedroom to the pro studio and from coffee houses to arenas, the MULTIAMP is the perfect answer.

Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo - DvMark MULTIAMP

Cannonball Adderley: What is Bebop... Cannonball Adderley Demonstrates!

Always wondered... well now you'll know!

What is Bebop? Cannonball Adderley Demonstrates

James Ruka: Anthrax - new composition, Laguna guitar with some cool tapping

An original tune from 16 year old James Ruka

Bumblefoot "Nice!!!"

James Ruka "Anthrax" {new song}

Ray Russell: Shards Of Providence ( Now More Than Ever)

Ray Russell: Shards Of Providence ( Now More Than Ever)
Abstract Logix Label Release. Ships May 21, 2013

Purchase the CD and get a instant FREE MP3 Download…roductid=25782

Ray Russell (Guitar); Anthony Jackson (Bass); Jimmy Johnson (Bass); Mo Foster (Bass); George Baldwin (Bass); Gary Husband (Drums); Ralph Salmins (Drums); Jim Watson (Keyboards); Rupert Cobb (Trumpet)
A bona fide guitar hero in his native England, Ray Russell bridges musical worlds on Now, More Than Ever, his potent debut on the Abstract Logix label. Russell’s latest release comes seven years after his last studio recording, Goodbye, Svengali, the innovative guitarist’s heartfelt tribute to the late Gil Evans. Featuring an all-star cast, including drummer Gary Husband, bassists Jimmy Johnson, Mo Foster and Anthony Jackson, this bold outing straddles that no man’s land between rock power and unfettered jazz improvisation while conjuring up ethereal guitar synth soundscapes along the way. From the hard-hitting opener, “The Island,” fueled by Husband’s muscular backbeat, to the urgently swinging, organ fueled “Way Back Now,” a brilliant showcase of the great guitarist’s blistering chops, to the blues-drenched, heavy duty “Slow Day,” the funky “Rubber Chicken Diner” and the atmospheric duet “Suddenly they are gone,” Now, More Than Ever stands as one of the more dynamic outings in Russell’s extensive discography. Fans of John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth and Terje Rypdal will want to check out this latest triumph from one of fusion’s great innovators.

The creator of such groundbreaking and seminal jazz-rock works as 1968’s Turn Circle and 1969’s Dragon Hill, guitarist-composer Russell emerged on a fertile ‘60s London music scene as a ubiquitous session musician, along with fellow six-stringers John McLaughlin and Jimmy Page. And though he may not have ultimately attained the guitar hero status in the United States as his two UK contemporaries, Russell has remained a highly respected figure throughout the world whose each new visionary release is met with wild anticipation by the cognoscenti. His latest effort puts a premium on fretboard pyrotechnics while providing listeners with indelible grooves from some formidable rhythm tandems.
Russell and his crew come out of the gate with furious intent on the opener, “The Island,” which is fueled by Husband’s crisp, muscular backbeats and anchored by bassist George Baldwin’s precise unisons and insistent walking beneath Husband’s throbbing pulse. A hard-hitting number that is bristling with chord changes, it is the “Giant Steps” of fusion. Russell ‘throws his sound around’ at the outset, in the tradition of Jimi Hendrix, Terje Rydal and Pete Cosey, before erupting with some blistering, fleet-fingered fretboard fusillades. Husband’s brilliant drum solo has a narrative flair to it, a la Joe Morello’s “Take Five” solo with the classic Dave Brubeck Quartet. Husband also lays down the foundation for the syncopated, slow grooving “Shards of Providence,” which is fueled by Jimmy Johnson’s inimitable, bubbling bass lines. Russell’s guitar solo here in rocking and blues-tinged while Jim Watson adds a killer Fender Rhodes solo to the proceedings.

Watson’s burning organ work in combination with Anthony Jackson’s walking contrabass guitar lines and Ralph Salmins’ swinging pulse on the kit sets a jazzy tone on the intro to “Way Back Now.” The piece segues to head banging rock and a provocative rubato section, then builds to a swinging crescendo on the strength of Watson’s killer organ solo, and Rupert Cobb puts a mellow capper on the proceedings with some subdued muted trumpet statements that, inevitably, summon up the spector of Miles Dave. Russell’s six-string work throughout the many phases of this ever-shifting opus is positively brimming with fretboard heroics. “Slow Day” is a rockified anthem that has Russell unleashing with wild whammy bar abandon on his Stratocaster. “Suddenly, they were gone” is a tender duet with synth wizard Watson that recalls Jeff Beck’s lyrical opus, “Because We Ended As Lovers.” On the other side of the dynamic coin is the slamming funk-rocker, “Rubber Chicken Dinner,” an organ-fueled, Deep Purple-ish number that has Russell wailing in unrestrained fashion like a Ritchie Blackmore on top of Mo Foster’s funky pocket hookup with drummer Salmins. “Odd Way Out” opens with Russell’s evocative chordal swells while trumpeter Cobb adds some ambient touches with his echo-laden trumpet work. The piece resolves to a somber yet lyrical ballad feel that quickly segues to a slamming rock progression that triggers some of Russell’s nastiest six-string intentions. The album ends with the evocative “Cab in the Rain,” which combines infinite sustain melody lines over gently picked acoustic guitar arpeggios for a whimsical, merry-go-round kind of vibe.

Though Russell has an abundance of recordings to his credit, from small group sessions to soundtrack recordings for movies and tv, Now, More Than Ever stands as a primer for the wide stylistic swath that this inspired artist continues to cut with his trusty six-string in hand.

Nick Waddecar,Nick Steed,Greg Morgan,John Sandham: Optimistic Vision - great UK fusion band spotted!

Nick Steed
Nick Waddecar
Jazz FM with the 'Cutting Edge' presented by Mike Chadwick Sunday 9th September. The Bands core members and writers are Greg Morgan(Drums) and Nick Steed(Keys) followed by the incredible the talents of John Sandham(Bass), Nick Waddecar(Guitar), additional guitarists are Pete Mason/KC :
Optimystik Visionaries music is a mixture of jazz fusion, funk, latin and rock infused in many styles, we enjoy working with odd time signatures and have created the music from various influences in the jazz fusion and even prog rock era, we have moved away from the self indulgence of some types of jazz and focused more on the clever arrangements and using each musicians skill of playing to suit each song. We have already received rave reviews from National radio station Jazz FM amongst other local radio station airplay based around our own city.

Optimystik Visionaries: Optimistic Vision

Optimystik Visionaries are:

Nick Steed - Keyboards/Sythesizers/Vocals
Greg Morgan - Drums/Percussion
John Sandham - Bass
Nick Waddacar - Guitar

Additional Guitar:
Peter Mason

Jazz FM Radio play - Optimistic Vision

William Stravato,Giacomo Anselmi,Lorenzo Venza,Alessio Forlani:TBP Live!

Live Music Up! For the first time live, the songs of the project TBP Mario Contarino!
'll sound the hard rock band Afterburner, then the songs will be played by the project TBP Afterburner and of the illustrious guests (ALL STARS)!
JailBreakLiveClub Via Tiburtina, 870 Rome
Admission € 5 (Canned included) Info 380.3677044

Giacomo Anselmi: Guitar
William Stravato: Guitar
Frank Marino: Vocals
Joe Chirchirillo: Low
Luca Captains: Battery

Danilo Cherni Keyboards ALL STARS
John Macaluso: Battery
Lorenzo Feliciati: bass
Lorenzo Venza: Guitar
Alessio Forlani: Guitar
Luca Ballabio: Guitar
Sebastian Edwards: Guitar
Mirko Serra: bass
Mark Piston: bass
Gian Marco La Serra Keyboards
Facebook Event: ...
Official Page:

TBP Live! @ Jailbreak 04-06-2013 (PROMO)

Terry Syrek: Have a Cigar

Pink Floyd's "Have a Cigar" as redone by Syrek from the CD "Machine Elves".

The rights are owned by Syrek, via Limelight, to use this song. All other media in the video is either the property of Syrek or public domain to the best of knowledge.

The song and the CD "Machine Elves" are available at:
Check out more at

Have a Cigar

Terry Syrek: Laurie Monk gets inside the mind of the Machine Elves 

Russ Parrish: Satchel gets deep with Darkman from

STEEL PANTHER played Toronto's SOUND ACADEMY on May 16th 2013 and the greatest guitarist to ever walk the planet, SATCHEL sat down to talk to DARKMAN from LOUDGUITARS.COM about stuff and things.... Photography by and Tom Pandi Produced by for Music: "Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'" from the Steel Panther album "Feel the Steel" "If You Really Really Love Me" from the Steel Panther album "Balls Out"

Interview with SATCHEL from STEEL PANTHER

Rob Marcello: Frank Urschel recording with TubeMeister 36.

Rob Marcello and Frank Urschel present how to record with TubeMeister 36.

Recording Clinic with TubeMeister 36 (Live from Musikmesse 2013)

TubeMeister at Musikmesse 2013

Hassan Hajdi: plays with Torpedo Live

Hassan Hajdi uses Torpedo Live on stage and in the studio. Here is an excerpt from his new album, Gilded Cage. Hassan Find on or on his Facebook page: ? 's new album Hassan Hajdi , Gilded Cage: ...The Two Notes Torpedo Live:

Hassan Hajdi plays with Torpedo Live

Hassan Hajdi and Torpedo Live

Guthrie Govan: Bad Asteroid 2002

Guthrie Govan (w/ Asia) - Bad Asteroid (Live, 2002)

Tom Cykman: The Self - Electric guitar and Orchestra


This is my first music piece involving electric guitar and orchestral instruments. All instruments were composed by me. Special thanks to Marcos Roberto dos Santos for playing amazingly the double bass and the great job with mixing and mastering the song. If you liked, please show your appreciation by sharing, liking and favoriting the video. Thank you for watching!

Canal do Marcos Roberto dos Santos:
The Self - Electric guitar and Orchestra - HD

News: Truth In Shredding Open!

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart
OK... TIS is open again... a few quid down mind you... shirts,beers and food... but well worth it to catch a belter of a show from the trio (with added string ensemble). Just recalling, 1978 was the year I saw this bunch of ne'er do wells... (you knew these guys will never amount to anything...).. until they amounted to a massive thing... turned out alright for them in the end...  and seriously... mini review spoiler... awesome live in 1978... still awesome 2013...

by way of reminder, not tonights show, but very similar... Rush at the O2 arena in London... state of the art lights and back projections... my cup of tea, Here captured from the side view.

Rush - The Wreckers (with Clockwork Angels String Ensemble)
Live - O2 Arena, London, 24.05.2013
Clockwork Angels Tour

Rush - The Wreckers (Live - O2 Arena, London, 24.05.2013)