William Stravato,Giacomo Anselmi,Lorenzo Venza,Alessio Forlani:TBP Live!

Live Music Up! For the first time live, the songs of the project TBP Mario Contarino!
'll sound the hard rock band Afterburner, then the songs will be played by the project TBP Afterburner and of the illustrious guests (ALL STARS)!
JailBreakLiveClub Via Tiburtina, 870 Rome
Admission € 5 (Canned included) Info 380.3677044http://www.jailbreakclublive.com

Giacomo Anselmi: Guitar
William Stravato: Guitar
Frank Marino: Vocals
Joe Chirchirillo: Low
Luca Captains: Battery

Danilo Cherni Keyboards ALL STARS
John Macaluso: Battery
Lorenzo Feliciati: bass
Lorenzo Venza: Guitar
Alessio Forlani: Guitar
Luca Ballabio: Guitar
Sebastian Edwards: Guitar
Mirko Serra: bass
Mark Piston: bass
Gian Marco La Serra Keyboards
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/12954 ...
Official Page: http://www.facebook.com/TBPofficial

TBP Live! @ Jailbreak 04-06-2013 (PROMO)