Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dweezil Zappa: Why I Want to Go to Dweezilla 2013 Contest

The “Why I Want to Go to Dweezilla 2013″ Contest

Want to experience a completely mind-blowing guitar event this summer?

Would you like to double (or triple) your guitar knowledge
with perhaps THE most comprehensive modern guitar training course ever?

Can you resist learning LIVE and IN PERSON from some of
the best guitarists and teachers in the world, including Dweezil Zappa?

Then you need to get down to Dweezilla!

Dweezilla 2013 will take place July 1-5 at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York. This

guitar summit will feature specially invited guest instructors – See more at:


Guitar Control wants to help promote this fantastic event
with some nice prizes:

1) A grand prize full paid ticket to Dweezil
including complimentary lodging (airfare not included).

2) 2 silver prizes consisting of
$200 off the price of the ticket, a Spear electric
guitar (value: $500), and $300 worth of instructional
guitar DVDs from Guitar Control.

3) 5 runners up prizes consisting
$200 off the price of the ticket and $300 worth of instructional
guitar DVDs from Guitar Control.


Tell us in approximately 300 words why you really want
to go to Dweezilla and the best answers will receive
cool prizes. (Just submit a comment/reply to this post.)

Please only enter if you’re seriously considering attending
(we’d rather give a winning ticket to someone
who actually can attend).

Good Luck!

Derryl Gabel: talks about Skype lessons and new Breath of Life tune

I realize that there are a lot of folks that won't be able to attend the Dweezilla camp but would like to know what I will be presenting in the seminars. I would like to encourage you to sign up for one on one online guitar lessons with me via skype video chat.  If you have hi speed internet this is a great way to communicate over long distances.  You will just need a webcam, mic, and speakers.  Most laptops have this feature built in.  Next, you will need to download and install Skype which is free and easy to do.  Just go here Skype.com
My rate is $30 a half hour.  You could sign up for one lesson to try it out and see if this is right for you.  Maybe you have some questions about my material or something you have been working on and need help with and you only want to take one lesson.  That's fine too.

In other news my new tune "Breath of Life" is just about done.  We are in the mixing and mastering process.  It features Chad Wackerman on drums, Jimmy Johnson on bass, and Chanan Hanspal on keys.  There are guest guitar solos by Chanan Hanspal, Tom Quayle, Oz Noy, James Santiago, David Walliman, Chris Buono, and Dweezil Zappa.  I'll let you know as soon as it's available for download.

The compilation album that will feature this tune and tunes handed in by the other instructors including Dweezil will be available some time this year.  All the tunes will have guest solos by all the instructors including myself.

Lastly I would like to offer you a special deal on my DVDs and video downloads.  If you have already bought a DVD or a download or multiple DVDs and downloads and would like to get the entire series offered in the 15 pack send me an email and let me know.  I will offer you a special price based on what you already have.  The 15 pack includes all of my instructional DVDs with transcriptions and and my Interactive Guitar Technique E-book on CD-ROM.

If you don't have any of my DVDs and are interested in my 15 pack DVD set just go to the link below for more info and to place your order.
The Derryl Gabel Ultimate Virtuosity 15 Pack DVD Set

Thanks for your support,

Best regards,
Derryl Gabel

René Montt,Marco Sfogli: Neural FX - Matter of Time

Neural FX is a progressive metal band founded in 2007 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México with the ideology of create new and innovative music incorporating the varied influences of its members and the love of music they have.  http://neuralfx.net/en/band

René Montt,Marco Sfogli: Abreactionby Neural Fx
Song from the first album "Abreaction" of our Mexican progressive metal band Neural FX featuring Marco Sfogli from James Labrie solo project.

René Montt


Neural FX - Matter of Time (featuring Marco Sfogli)

Jeff Richman: Announces New Release - Big Wheel

Jazz Guitarist Jeff Richman Announces New Release: Big Wheel

2011 Critic’s Choice award winner by Jazziz magazine for The Line Up

“I'm groovin' on your record, it sounds great! I think your best one.” - Oz Noy

“I’ve always love Jeff’s playing and his writing. This is a great CD. In fact, I think it’s his best so far.”
- Mike Stern

Hollywood, CA June 18, 2013 – Contemporary jazz guitarist Jeff Richman and Nefer Records announce the release of their latest CD, Big Wheel. This release is Richman’s 17th solo project and features Jeff Lorber on keyboards, Steve Gadd on drums and Jimmy Haslip on bass guitar. The new CD is also produced by Jimmy Haslip and distributed by City Hall Records. All songs are available online at iTunes, Amazon and other music websites.

Winner of Jazziz magazine’s Critic Choice in 2011, Big Wheel is Richman’s follow up consisting of 10 new tracks further expanding on what Richman has sought to achieve with every new effort. Recognized as a guitarist and composer not afraid of exploring into the unknown, Richman’s latest release is an in-depth conversation of storytelling through song. Each musician is given the opportunity to express their own account of the story and their unique voices ring through on all of the tracks.

Big Wheel opens with the funky groove, “Hell If I Know” that sets the tone and pace for the remaining nine tracks. “Happy Medium” has a great island vibe that seems to have always been hidden in Richman’s playing before but really stands out this time around. Stevie Wonder’s “That Girl” is one of two covers that appear on the release.

Alongside Richman, Lorber, Gadd, and Haslip; additional musicians appearing on the release include George Whitty, Alasn Pasqua and Dean Taba. Big Wheel is engineered by Lorber at JHL Sound, mixed by Paul Tavenner at Big City Records and mastered by Rich Breen at Dogmatic.

Jeff Richman’s Big Wheel track listing:
Hell If I Know (6:17)
Big Deal (4:29)
That Girl (4:55)
The Last Notch (6:35)
Happy Medium (4:49)
Keep It Light (5:07)
12 Steps to the Bar (4:52)
Long Distance Love (3:42)
The Inside Scoop (4:40)
One Stone (5:32)

To learn more about Jeff Richman’s new release Big Wheel, please visit www.jeffrichman.net

About Jeff Richman
Jeff Richman is a professional guitarist with a 37 year career in performance guitar, composing, arranging and recording. He has produced 17 solo albums and toured worldwide. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he also studied privately with Pat Metheny, Mick Goodrick and William Levitt. After graduating, he lived and performed in New York City and by 1979, moved to Los Angeles. The L.A. scene provided him the opportunity to play and record alongside the industry’s most talented artists, write and produce hundreds of library music cuts for television and participate on a multitude of film score projects. As producer, arranger and performing artist, Jeff recorded and released six CD projects paying tribute to Carlos Santana, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Jeff Beck and John Coltrane for the Tone Center record label. In addition to his musical career, Jeff conducts the Fusion Ensemble at Musicians Institute. www.jeffrichman.net

Billy Gibbons,Danny Gill: Lick Library Brings Out Quick Licks For Guitar

Lick Library Brings Out Quick Licks For Guitar: Billy Gibbons

LickLibrary continues to offer the world’s best guitar tuition with the release of Quick Licks For Guitar: Billy Gibbons (RRP £19.99). This new guitar tuition DVD featuring a wealth of up-tempo blues shuffle licks aimed at guitarist of all levels, presented in an easy to follow guitar lesson where each lick is broken down into small pieces.

Billy Gibbons, who has recently been elected to the Vintage Guitar Hall of Fame, will be touring Europe this summer with ZZ Top. This celebrated axeman is a master of rock and blues riffs and this DVD reveals many of the secrets to capturing his groove.

Danny Gill, one of LickLibrary’s much loved guitar tutors, takes you through blues guitar licks in the style of Billy Gibbons, demonstrating Billy’s trademark riffs and solos along the way. The concepts included in this guitar lesson DVD cover ideas from earthy blues to electrifying boogie that span more that four decades at the top for ‘That Little Ol’ Band From Texas’.

To help guitarists get the vibe that made Billy Gibbons famous, Danny demonstrates how to solo over a twelve bar blues progression using some of his characteristic ideas. Techniques include pinched harmonics, minor pentatonic scales, two handed hammer ons and 16th note triplets with fast repetitive phrases. The DVD includes a twelve bar blues jam track where you can play along and practice the licks you’ve learned to help you develop your own solos. 

To get the Billy Gibbons style of playing guitar nailed visit www.licklibrary.com, plus you can check out Learn to Play ZZ Top volumes one and two, featuring classic tracks from the band. 

Keith Merrow, Jeff Loomis, Ola Englund: JamUp "Bro 2.0"

Jeff Loomis and I were trying out our new signature amp packs for Jamup Pro. We threw this little jam together similar to the way we've done it in the past... we spontaneously wrote and recorded the one in a couple hours. It's fun to just let loose and jam! Of course, no bro jam is complete without brOla Englund.

Thanks to JamUp Pro for making this visit possible (again). We had a great time!


Follow me on Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/keith.merrow1

This app will be released no later than 6/24. Coming soon!

Keith Merrow, Jeff Loomis, Ola Englund- JamUp "Bro 2.0"

David Maxim Micic: reveals artwork for 'Bilo 3.0

David Maxim Micic

Cover artwork for 'Bilo 3.0' My dear sister Simona and I made this cover!!
September/October 2013

You wouldn't believe some of the guest names on this one!!
More details yet to come!!


feeling excited.

Gretchen Menn,Anna Zauer,Neal Nagaoka,Jason Becker: new shoes for Jason... meeting Jason Becker!

Anna Zauer
Hand painted Jason Becker-themed shoes made by me (Anna Zauer). — with Jason Becker.

Anna Zauer
Thank you so much my dear Gretchen Menn and the lovely Becker family for inviting me to the house for a visit! I am truly honoured! — with Gretchen Menn and Jason Becker.

Neal Nagaoka
A great inspiration and an amazing human being. Thank you Jason!!

Win a chance to get selected by Jason Becker to win his custom Carvin guitar!

Jason Becker: Guitar World - Take Guitar World's "Perpetual Burn" Challenge

Scott Hughes: Carvin TL60 - F Blues noodle - great stuff!

My new Carvin TL60. A really nice instrument, and the first 'new' guitar I've had in almost 15 years! Swapped out the stock Carvin pickups for Dimarzio Air Classics, which are better suited for what I like to play. Running through normal Blues Jr/BB preamp setup.

Check out my latest 5 song EP!
Carvin TL60 - F Blues noodling

Marcos De Ros: The Three Musketeers

"The three Musketeers" live at Ordovás Theater, may 24, 2013.

Os 3 Mosqueteiros - The Three Musketeers -Live- De Ros "SAF".

Nico Schliemann: Mellow Noodle Schmoodle

Nico Schliemann www.nicoschliemann.de random noodling and mellow schmoodling!

Mellow Improv

Random Noodling

Kermheat: more horse play from the pony magnet


Buy kermheat at Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ker... or

Kermheat Plays on ibanez Guitars and Elixir Strings at N.A.S.A:
and my feet are on :
Kermheat plays on " " (album " ") from artist:

Kermheat "imponysation of the week" June 17, 2013 !!!!!!!

Luc Oggel: Bluesy shredding timing!

Just fooling around with some bluesy sounding shreddy licks. Good fun. Mostly improvised on the spot, don't have any tabs...

Luc-O: Bluesy shredding

Andy Timmons: With The Les Paul band

Andy Timmons joins The Les Paul for a classic.

Andy Timmons With The Les Paul- Cream Crossroads

Antoine Fafard: Verulam Rocks interview

Interview with Antoine Fafard for Verulam Rocks! aired in June 2013 on Verulam Radio 92.6FM.

Antoine Fafard on Verulam Rocks! (June 2013)

Antoine Fafard,Scott Henderson: Occultus Tramitis 

Jason Becker,Scott Hughes: 1989 AIM clinic - audio interview - total fanatics stuff!!

Special thanks to Scott Hughes!
Scott HughesHi all! I transferred this from an old cassette tape and thought some folks here might enjoy it, as material from Jason in his prime is so scarce. Jason himself confirmed that this was indeed from a 2nd clinic he did at AIM the same day as the famous video we've all seen. A lot of neat stuff here if you're a fan. Enjoy!

Audio from the 2nd clinic Jason did at the Atlanta Institute of Music in 1989. This came from an old cassette somebody gave me years ago. Since audio/video of Jason is so rare, I thought I'd put this up for others to hear. Audio quality isn't perfect, but surprisingly good for what I assume was a hand-held cassette recorder over 2 decades ago. Enjoy!!

Jason Becker 1989 AIM clinic (2nd session) audio pt. 1

Audio from the 2nd clinic Jason did at the Atlanta Institute of Music in 1989. This came from an old cassette somebody gave me years ago. Since audio/video of Jason is so rare, I thought I'd put this up for others to hear. Audio quality isn't perfect, but surprisingly good for what I assume was a hand-held cassette recorder over 2 decades ago. Enjoy!!

Check Jason Becker talking about Dave Lee Roth try out

Jason Becker 1989 AIM clinic (2nd session) audio pt. 2

Paul Rose: great blues perfromance

I'm making a short promo video, about 2 minutes long. Which I intend to use as a way to promote my live Internet lessons, workshops and performances etc. So I've been running through some things to use as demos that I intend to cut down into "teasers" so to speak. And of course the obligatory slow blues has to be featured... does it not? So this first take was done this afternoon, and is as yet unedited. I hope to have the promo segment complete before too long, which when it is this video will be removed.

Paul Rose - Unedited Promo Segment

Kelly Simonz: Hikari,King Of The Castle - clinic performance

June 16, Kelly Simonz transcendence guitarist was held at Shimamura instrument ion Ayagawa mall store than gypsum training seminars.

HIKARI ~ Anything Goes from transcendence guitarist gypsum training seminars @ ion Ayagawa Mall store

King Of The Castle from transcendence guitarist gypsum training seminars @ ion Ayagawa Mall store