Billy Gibbons,Danny Gill: Lick Library Brings Out Quick Licks For Guitar

Lick Library Brings Out Quick Licks For Guitar: Billy Gibbons

LickLibrary continues to offer the world’s best guitar tuition with the release of Quick Licks For Guitar: Billy Gibbons (RRP £19.99). This new guitar tuition DVD featuring a wealth of up-tempo blues shuffle licks aimed at guitarist of all levels, presented in an easy to follow guitar lesson where each lick is broken down into small pieces.

Billy Gibbons, who has recently been elected to the Vintage Guitar Hall of Fame, will be touring Europe this summer with ZZ Top. This celebrated axeman is a master of rock and blues riffs and this DVD reveals many of the secrets to capturing his groove.

Danny Gill, one of LickLibrary’s much loved guitar tutors, takes you through blues guitar licks in the style of Billy Gibbons, demonstrating Billy’s trademark riffs and solos along the way. The concepts included in this guitar lesson DVD cover ideas from earthy blues to electrifying boogie that span more that four decades at the top for ‘That Little Ol’ Band From Texas’.

To help guitarists get the vibe that made Billy Gibbons famous, Danny demonstrates how to solo over a twelve bar blues progression using some of his characteristic ideas. Techniques include pinched harmonics, minor pentatonic scales, two handed hammer ons and 16th note triplets with fast repetitive phrases. The DVD includes a twelve bar blues jam track where you can play along and practice the licks you’ve learned to help you develop your own solos. 

To get the Billy Gibbons style of playing guitar nailed visit, plus you can check out Learn to Play ZZ Top volumes one and two, featuring classic tracks from the band.