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Allan Holdsworth: E-Tune and Letters Of Marque with Chad Wackerman back in 1997

Allan Holdsworth - guitar
Dave Carpenter - bass
Chad Wackerman - drums
Germany '97

Allan Holdsworth E-Tune

Allan Holdsworth - Letters Of Marque

Allan Holdsworth,Eddie Jobson: UK - Toronto and Philadelphia 1978

(Disc 1) June 27, 1978 (El Mocambo - Toronto, Ontario)
(Disc 2) August 8, 1978 (Penn's Landing - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

1-1 Alaska 2:10
1-2 Time To Kill 7:21
1-3 The Sahara of Snow 10:05
1-4 Carrying No Cross 9:58
1-5 The Only Thing She Needs 8:47
1-6 Thirty Years 8:56
1-7 In The Dead of Night 5:55
1-8 By The Light of Day 5:54
1-9 Presto Vivace and Reprise 4:03

2-1 Alaska 1:35
2-2 Time To Kill 7:25
2-3 The Only Thing She Needs 7:18
2-4 Carrying No Cross 9:53
2-5 Forever Till Sunday 6:03
2-6 Thirty Years 9:20
2-7 In The Dead of Night 8:47
2-8 The Sahara of Snow 9:31
2-9 Ceasar's Palace Blues 4:25

John Wetton - Vocals & Bass Guitars
Eddie Jobson - Keyboards & Electric Violins
Bill Bruford - Drums & Percussion
Allan Holdsworth - Guitars

U.K-Live 1978 (Two Different Shows)

Kenny Serane: Youtube Presentation

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Video editing :

Kenny Serane Youtube Presentation

PJ d'Atri: live with Aliens

PJ d'Atri - live with "ALIENS"
A little tribute video to the show by an old friend. Hope u like.

Rick Graham: The Carl Martin FX Guitar Competition

Rick Graham: The Carl Martin FX Guitar Competition close on 12th September 2013
The Carl Martin FX Guitar Competition - Now Open!
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Good luck!

Davide Montorsi: Take the time - Instrumental part

Take the time - Instrumental part

David Maxim Micic: today I'm going to be Aleksandra Djelmash

Amount of fabulousness says everything.

Aleksandra Djelmash is working on her solo material atm!
In a mean time, make sure to check her out:

Destiny Potato:

Jason Becker: Overcoming Adversity - a small documentary

An examination of human determination in the face of life-threatening adversity. Equal Time reporter Anthony Bonanno interviews guitarist Jason Becker, who was a child prodigy at age 15, but later diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. Also featured is former San jose State football player Neil Parry who lost a leg after an injury on the field. Interviewees include musicians Gus G, Michael Lee Firkins, Gretchen Menn, CEO of Shrapnel Records Mike Varney, former NFL players Hank Fraley and Greg Lewis, as well as motivational speaker Dan Millman.

Overcoming Adversity

Denny Bertone: TEN & friends guitar contest

Ten and Friends competition
TEN & friends guitar contest - Denny Bertone

Thanks also to "Essetipicks" by Steve Tommasi

TEN & friends guitar contest - Denny Bertone

Alejandro Del Pino: T.E.N & Friends Contest

Ten and Friends competition
Here's my entry to this contest.
This was a one take improv, and the harmonies were added after.

The backing track was challenging and fun to play around!

Hope you like it! :)

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T.E.N & Friends Contest - Alejandro Del Pino

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Culture Clash - backing tracks - pre order!

Pre Order


After the global success of The Aristocrats debut album comes the follow up, entitled 'Culture Clash', which is set to continue the meteoric rise of this incredible band. Featuring Guthrie Govan on Guitar, Bryan Beller on Bass and Marco Minnemann on drums this album is once again a showcase of three guys that totally understand each other....musically, and by the artwork..mentally!

Bryan Beller says 'I personally think that Guthrie took it to another level on our new album Culture Clash. Marco and I wrote tunes with wildly varying styles - techno, metal, rockabilly, prog, you name it - and he just let loose all over them. Plus Guthrie's own new tunes are brilliant.

I think you'll really dig diving into Mr. Govan's transcribed parts on this record. And thanks to JamTrackCentral, you can jam along with Marco and me on these nine new tunes from Culture Clash. Hope you enjoy!'

This is for the true Aristocrats guitar playing fan....learn every single lick of the album while you jam with the band! In this deluxe edition you get the full album included too!


Released 16th July 2013


Andrew Bordoni,Dave Reffett: join in the fundraising for BORDONI, the album called "When Worlds Collide"

British guitarist Andrew Bordoni is gearing up to record his new album "When Worlds Collide" and has set up a Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign to finance the costs of producing, mastering and printing the CD.

Guitarist Dave Reffett is already confirmed to guest with more announcements coming soon.

Andrew had this to share about the campaign:

"In 2012 with the help of IndieGoGo and some incredibly generous people I managed to make the best album of my career with the most incredible musicians I have ever worked with. It was truly a dream come true and to this day I am still giving back by   organizing events and donating CD & merchandise sales to a great organization.

"Songs of Future Past" got a lot of buzz in the instrumental guitar and progressive rock/hard rock/metal world!

As soon as the album was completed I had already learned much from the experience and started writing new music for it’s follow up and taking everything to the next level riding on the success of "Songs of Future Past".

Well here I am again, this time with a similar goal but a different approach.                  

The result of how much we can do with the next album is in your hands!

I’ve set the fundraising goal to $2000.

With $2000 I will be able to cover the basic studio expenses, have the album mastered and released as a extremely limited edition CD (100 copies only) and digital download.

This however will put some limitations on how I will be able to record and produce everything and who will be the musicians joining me on it.

We can reach this goal if 100 people purchase the $20 perk!

With $3000 I will be able to secure one of the best drummers in the industry along with top notch drum production.

We can reach this goal if 150 people purchase the $20 perk!

With $4000 I will be able to secure one of the best bass players in the industry along with top notch bass production (along with the drummer)

We can reach this goal if 200 people purchase the $20 perk!

With $5000 I will be able to professionally print 1000 CD’s in addition to everything above.

We can reach this goal if 250 people purchase the $20 perk!

With $6000 or more I will be able to hire a publishing agency to promote the album and focus heavily on more marketing (getting more exposure and opportunities).

We can reach this goal if 300 people or more purchase the $20 perk!

What do you get out of this?

Well, besides of course your chosen perk and being part of a cool project supporting an independent artist, I am donating $5 for every $20/$50/$60/$80 perk purchased and $10 out for every $100 perk and above to Cal's All-Star Angel Foundation that grants wishes and provides financial assistance to kids fighting cancer and their families.

Visit: for more information!

That is my thank you and my way of giving back!

ALSO: If we reach the goal of $6000, anyone who makes a contribution of $50 or more is automatically entered to win a AMAZON KINDLE FIRE HD (8GB - 7inch Model).

We have 60 days to complete this campaign. Lets do this!"

News: Vibrance Guitars Debut at Summer NAMM 2013

Vibrance® Guitars is pleased to announce their official debut of fine hand-crafted electric guitars at Summer NAMM 2013 in Nashville, TN (Booth #1467). Vibrance® Guitars feature American Black Walnut back/sides and neck-through construction, chambered or hollow-body construction, and a wide variety of exotic top woods, all of which can be custom ordered by the discerning player who possesses an unflinching penchant for tonal excellence.

Each tonewood variety offers unique timbre-specific properties that can be catered to a player's unique and personal tastes:

From the all-around versatility and superb tonal balance of Padauk, the up-front-and-aggressive response of Wenge, the mid-range complexity and grit of Canarywood, or the spongier give-and-take of Spalted Maple, players can consult with luthier Craig Collins to find their perfect tonal soul-mate of woods and electronics. Other fine top woods on offer are American Black Walnut Crotchwood, straight-grained American Black Walnut, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Bubinga, and others, all of which present the discriminating player with a wide-ranging myriad of tonal options.

Each guitar is hand-made by luthier Craig Collins in limited runs, built to an exacting level of care and detail and all guitars include the following standard features: custom hand-made bone nuts, hand-rubbed oil finishes, all wood neck-binding, fret inlays and side dot markers, hand-selected electronics such as higher-end CTS® pots, Luxe® Bumblebee or Jensen® PIO caps, optional coil-splitting or 'varitone' style rotary-switch configurations, various bridge complements, light-weight Hipshot® locking tuners (18:1 ratio), as well as many other customizable options such as pickup choices, fingerboard scale-lengths, standard nut or zero-fret design, fretboard woods, etc..

Each Vibrance® guitar is a unique one-of-a-kind instrument with its own unique voice and personality and each instrument is a true labor of love. To find out more about these fine, one-of-a-kind instruments, please visit us at:

Also be sure to check out our series of comparative demo videos at where you can hear how several of the tonewoods compare to one another.

Coming to Summer NAMM 2013 at Booth #1467.


Vibrance® Guitars is a Registered Trademark of Craig Collins.
© 2013 Vibrance Guitars. All Rights Reserved.
CTS®, Hipshot®, Jensen®, and Luxe® are trademarks of their respective holders.

Danny Gill: Lick Library Release Learn To Play 80's Metal

Press Release - 18th June 2013

Lick Library Release Learn To Play 80's Metal

Learn To Play 80’s Metal, the latest release from LickLibrary, features guitar lessons of five classic songs from some of the greatest pop metal acts of the era. Lovers of 80’s metal will rejoice in this outstanding double DVD collection of massive bands and greatest hits – truly a hard rocking nostalgia trip!

The collection of prominent 80’s metal music included on Learn To Play 80’s Metal (RRP £24.99) has something for all levels of guitar players, whether it is the folksy strumming on acoustic guitar from Every Rose Has A Thorn (Poison), or the more involved dual guitar harmonies of 18 and Life (Skid Row) and the fast riffs of Fast As A Shark (Accept). Also featured are the memorable Heaven’s On Fire (Kiss) and Round and Round (RATT) with its power chords and superb guitar solo.

Top guitar teacher Danny Gill breaks each track down into its component parts and gives clear demonstrations of 80’s metal techniques. He then plays the complete song through against a full backing track demonstrating everything in the lesson in context.

For a guitarist wanting to learn to play the guitar and get into 80’s metal, this DVD has it all. To purchase the DVD visit, where you can also choose from a massive selection of guitar tuition DVDs and thousands of online guitar lessons including a CD of backing tracks complimenting this DVD set.

Joe Satriani: Confirmed To Perform National Anthem at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix

Confirmed To Perform National Anthem at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix
On July 21st
14TH Album - Unstoppable Momentum - out Now
(Los Angeles, CA) As Joe Satriani finishes up his hugely successful two-month European tour, the critical praise is overwhelming.  Hitting seventeen countries in all, the tour has played to sold-out venues throughout the continent and the Euro-press response has been spectacular:
“He left the singing to his guitars. And what voices they produced – at times pumping out primeval, guttural tirades; at others, reaching for the angels.” – Birmingham Mail
Robert Plant started his rock music life at the Wolverhampton Civic and then took the spirit of Band of Joy and Led Zeppelin all over the globe, spreading the vibe, incredibly, Joe Satriani captured that very same spirit and bought it home, big time.”   - Rockshot

Satriani has been an unstoppable force on the music scene for over 27 years.  Now, the San Francisco guitarist sets his sights on North America for an extensive U.S. tour, and first ever cross-Canada tour, supporting his latest album Unstoppable Momentum. The tour is set to launch on August 29th in San Diego, CA before crisscrossing its way across the US, in addition to a trans-Canadian tour whereSatriani will be hitting many Canadian cities for the very first time.  The North American tour will end with a show on October 26 in Oakland, CA.  Joining  Satriani on the road are veteran band mate Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) on keyboards, along with an entirely new rhythm-section, featuring bassist Bryan Beller (Dethklok, Dweezil Zappa) and drummer Marco Minnemann (Adrian Belew, Steve Wilson).
It was also recently announced that Satriani will be honored to perform the National Anthem at this year’s Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.  The multi-platinum guitarist is set to serenade the grid this year as he performs the Star-Spangled Banner at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix on Sunday, July 21. Satriani will perform from the track just prior to the three-day event’s premier contest, the MotoGP™ World Championship race.
Satriani is celebrating Unstoppable Momentum, his 14th studio album, which was released on May 7, 2013.  The album debuted at # 42 giving Satriani his highest chart position in over 20 years and first single, “A Door Into Summer,” landed in the Top Ten on the Classic Rock radio chart.  The World Tour launched on May 18 in Istanbul, Turkey and continues on through July 13 in Krasnodar, Russia.  Critics are raving about the guitar great’s new album with Total Guitar saying “. . . (Satriani’s) momentum truly seems unstoppable.  The best we can do is to hang on tight,” while Classic Rock declares, “Satch nails it on 14th solo sweep!”

Joe Satriani’s Unstoppable Momentum Tour Itinerary (* featuring Steve Morse Band as support thru Portland, ME):
August 29            Balboa Theatre                                                              San Diego, CA *
August 30            Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort                Las Vegas, NV *
August 31            Orpheum Theatre                                                           Los Angeles, CA *
September 1      Talking Stick Resort Ballroom                                          Scottsdale, AZ *
September 2      Kiva Auditorium                                                               Albuquerque, NM *
September 4      Historic Paramount Theatre                                             Denver, CO *
September 5      Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center                                Midland, TX *
September 6      Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie                                      Grand Prairie, TX *
September 7      House of Blues                                                               Houston, TX *
September 8      Austin City Limits – Moody Theatre                                  Austin, TX *
September 10   House of Blues                                                                New Orleans, LA *
September 11   Ruth Eckerd Hall                                                              Clearwater, FL *
September 12   Parker Playhouse                                                             Ft. Lauderdale, FL *
September 13   Hard Rock Live                                                                 Orlando, FL *
September 14   Saenger Theatre                                                              Pensacola, FL *
September 15   Symphony Hall                                                                 Atlanta, GA *
September 17   War Memorial Auditorium                                                 Nashville, TN *
September 18   Chicago Theatre                                                               Chicago, IL *
September 19   Lakewood Civic Auditorium                                               Lakewood, OH *
September 20   Taft Theatre                                                                       Cincinnati, OH *
September 21   Wings Stadium                                                                  Kalamazoo, MI *
September 22   Macomb Music Theatre                                                     Mt. Clemens, MI
September 24   Carolina Theatre                                                               Durham, NC *
September 25   Warner Theatre                                                                 Washington, DC *
September 26   Beacon Theatre                                                                 New York, NY *
September 27   Orpheum Theatre                                                             Boston, MA*
September 28   Tower Theatre                                                                  Upper Darby, PA *
September 29   Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead                                    Munhall, PA *
October 1            Center for the Arts                                                          Buffalo, NY *
October 2            Palace Theatre                                                               Albany, NY *
October 3            State Theatre                                                                 Portland, ME *
October 4            Casino New Brunswick                                                  New Brunswick, NB
October 5            Rebecca Cohn Auditorium                                              Halifax, NS
October 7            Le Capitole De Quebec                                                  Quebec City, QC
October 8            National Arts Centre Southam Hall                                 Ottawa, ON
October 9            St. Denis Theatre                                                             Montreal, QC
October 10          Centre in the Square                                                      Kitchener, ON
October 11          Massey Hall                                                                 Toronto, ON
October 14          Burton Cummings Theatre                                           Winnipeg, MB
October 15          TCU Place                                                                   Saskatoon, SK
October 16          Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium                               Edmonton, AB
October 17          Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium                              Calgary, AB
October 19          Vogue Theatre                                                             Vancouver, BC
October 21          The Fox Theater                                                            Spokane, WA 
October 22          Paramount Theatre                                                        Seattle, WA 
October 23          Historic Elsinore Theatre                                               Salem, OR 
October 25          Vina Robles Amphitheatre                                           Paso Robles, CA 
October 26          Fox Theater                                                                Oakland, CA

Go to for individual markets on-sale and ticket information. 

Andy James: Fear Machine - with tab

Download the TAB and backing track here:

t's been a while in the making, but it has most certainly been worth waiting every second! Andy james is back with the 3rd in his series of Custom Metal jam track packages with arguably his best package yet. This is Andy showing you exactly why he has been nominated for the Dimebag Darrell Shredder Award at this year's prestigious Golden Gods. The 5 tracks are crammed with insane riffs and licks that will keep you practising for months as you attempt to learn each and every note. Once again Andy brings some fresh ideas to the table, that you won't have seen elsewhere.

This package is Andy's heaviest to date. The brutal and hard hitting 'Fear Machine' and 'Entity' are witness to Andy playing some massive licks amongst his ever present incredible ability to bring wonderful melody into the equation, as can be seen in 'Imprisoned'.

This package is HUGE, make no doubt about that. So get your copy now and get your hands on 5 sets of solo example tracks, solo backing tracks, extended jam tracks, video performances and accurate TAB and notation.

*NEW* Andy James - 'Fear Machine' at