Danny Gill: Lick Library Release Learn To Play 80's Metal

Press Release - 18th June 2013

Lick Library Release Learn To Play 80's Metal

Learn To Play 80’s Metal, the latest release from LickLibrary, features guitar lessons of five classic songs from some of the greatest pop metal acts of the era. Lovers of 80’s metal will rejoice in this outstanding double DVD collection of massive bands and greatest hits – truly a hard rocking nostalgia trip!

The collection of prominent 80’s metal music included on Learn To Play 80’s Metal (RRP £24.99) has something for all levels of guitar players, whether it is the folksy strumming on acoustic guitar from Every Rose Has A Thorn (Poison), or the more involved dual guitar harmonies of 18 and Life (Skid Row) and the fast riffs of Fast As A Shark (Accept). Also featured are the memorable Heaven’s On Fire (Kiss) and Round and Round (RATT) with its power chords and superb guitar solo.

Top guitar teacher Danny Gill breaks each track down into its component parts and gives clear demonstrations of 80’s metal techniques. He then plays the complete song through against a full backing track demonstrating everything in the lesson in context.

For a guitarist wanting to learn to play the guitar and get into 80’s metal, this DVD has it all. To purchase the DVD visit www.LickLibrary.com, where you can also choose from a massive selection of guitar tuition DVDs and thousands of online guitar lessons including a CD of backing tracks complimenting this DVD set.