Thursday, 26 September 2013

Panos Arvanitis: Teaser from new Casus Belli song ''Illuminate The World''

Teaser from new Casus Belli song ''Illuminate The World''
Teaser from new Casus Belli song ''Illuminate The World''.Coming soon ,stay tuned.All rights reserved Casus Belli 2013

Emily Hastings,Warleyson Almeida: You're the Voice - Expomusic 2013

Expomusic 2013 Emily Hastings and Warleyson Almeida, live, You're the Voice
Expomusic 2013 Emily Hastings and Warleyson Almeida, live, You're the Voice (All Rights Reserved to Andy Qunta, Keith Reid, Maggie Ryder and Chris Thompson)

Simon Kinny-Lewis: Alex Hutchings Blues Extentions

Alex Hutchings Blues Extentions improv by Simon Kinny-Lewis part 1/4 I recently had the pleasure of meeting Alex whilst competing as one of the final 8 in the worldwide Yamaha and Laney online comp. Such a down to earth, great guy and amazing musician. Feeling very inspired after watching a recent show - Alex, Jack Thammarat and Martin Miller... also amazing players. I wanted to dedicate something to this super guitarist!
This is my improvisation using the Boss eBand JS-8 over Alex's 'Blues Extensions' 'Wychwood Avenue' backing track. I hope you enjoy!
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Joe Nurre,Spenser Hodge: Shaded Enmity featuring Warrel Dane

Shaded Enmity performing the song "And Life Was Great..." featuring the vocals of Warrel Dane. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aaron Smith at Envisage Audio in Seattle, WA.
The track was recorded as part of the sessions for the bands most recent release "Forsaken and Forgotten" which was released in June of 2013. The album is currently available via Itunes, Bandcamp, and various other forms of digital media. The band plans to press a limited edition digi pack version of "Forsaken and Forgotten" which will also include the single "And Life Was Great..." Featuring Warrel Dane.
Please visit for more info and current news

A song about giving up on life

And life was great
But it all left too soon
Now it's too late
Everyone has gone

A struggle to go one step
A fight to take one breath
All a war inside
The cannons blaze on through

What if I change the tide?
What if I go instead?

It said there was no feeling
It said there was no hope
The note was hard to read
The paper was thin
and his handwriting grim
But from the look of it this was no ordinary note.

The remnants stain the walls
You can't bear to look
Reality sets in

He only needed your sympathy
A hint of compassion
And there was none
He only needed your affection
And there was none

All these things that eat at me
All these things that never go away
Now it's too late
Everyone has gone

Shaded Enmity feat. Warrel Dane
Shaded Enmity: Forsaken and Forgotten

Cacá Barros,Cauê Cury,Nenel Lucena: Expomusic 2013 - Creation FD

Jam Cacá Barros, Cauê Cury e Nenel Lucena Expomusic 2013 - Creation FD

Rick Graham: Probably the most important question I've been asked

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Marshall Harrison: 8 String Conklin Sidewinder Custom

Marshall Harrison: 8 String Conklin Sidewinder Custom
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Marshall Harrison plays an 8 String Conklin Sidewinder Custom

Georgi Stanchev: 60 Second Solo Contest

Guitar - Georgi Stanchev

Morten Faerestrand: George Benson - Weekend In L.A

George Benson's "Weekend In L.A." - Jazz Guitar Cover
Watch out for the "George Benson Lab" at ......

Chris Bieniek: 60 Second Solo Contest

60 Second Solo Contest - Chris Bieniek
A solo over the 60 Second Solo Contest backing track.

Thanks to David and all involved for running the comp.

I mixed in 10% of the cameras audio aiming to get a bit a of a live room feel and catch a tiny bit of the pick noise picked up by the camera.

Shawn Lane: 10th Anniversary RIP

Shawn Lane: 10th Anniversary RIP
Shawn Lane (March 21, 1963 – September 26, 2003) was an American musician who released two studio albums and collaborated with a variety of musicians including Ringo Starr, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Reggie Young, Joe Walsh and many others. After studying the piano, he rapidly mastered the guitar, which he played with exceptional speed. Guitar World magazine wrote in 2008, "Few, if any, guitarists can play faster than Lane could, and his arpeggio sweeps and precision-picked lines blasted more rapid-fire notes than the average human mind could comprehend.

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Shawn Lane performs a slow haunting version of the death theme from "The Untoucheables"

Shawn Lane "Death Theme"

Roma Ivakov,Mark Hawkins: NEW TRACK 2013 - Soldier

A playthrough of the title-track from my next upcoming album, which will hopefully be released early/mid 2014. Featuring some legendary lead work from Mark Hawkins of Devolved!

Danyel Campos: Fuhrmann Pedals Demo - Improvisations

Danyel Campos Expo Music 2013
Danyel Campos Niteroi, Brazil

Danyel Campos Expo Music 2013

Expo Music 2013 photo gallery

Dean Murphy,Paul Ozz: let's jam together - Free Metal Backing Track

so i decided ima start making these backing tracks then involving another youtube guitarist to do a guest solo on it as well as myself. first up is the amazing and badass Mr. Paul A. Ozz. to recieve this backing track were playing over FOR FREE go ahead an subscribe to both my channel and Pauls ( then go message myself on Facebook at and ill send you over the free MP3 of this awesome metal backing track

Kikotapping: Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence - two hands - two guitars

戦場のメリークリスマス ギターをピアノみたいに弾く
坂本龍一さんの戦場のメリークリスマスをギター2本で演奏。 タッピング奏法を用いてピアノのように弾いてみました

Homero Bittencourt: Allan Holdsworth - Zarabeth lesson

Guitar Player Magazine:
Guitar Player Brasil N.194 - Junho 2012
Lesson by Homero Bittencourt
Lessons Tablature & Score ( Scanned's ) :
Apoio : Istrings - Labella Strings

Allan Holdsworth - Zarabeth - Homero Bittencourt - Guitar Player Lesson

Eric Gales: Live! European Tour 2013 trailer

Eric Gales Tour 2013

01.10. A-Vienna, Porgy & Bess
02.10. D-Magdeburg, Feuerwache
03.10. D-Dresden, Tante Ju
04.10. D-Hannover, Bluesgarage
05.10. D-Rutesheim, Uhlenspiegel
06.10. D-Bonn, Harmonie
07.10. D-Wetzlar, Franzis
09.10. D-Göttingen, Musa
10.10. D-Berlin, Quasimodo
12.10. PL-Szczecin, Free Blues Club
14.10. A-Salzburg, Rockhouse
15.10. D-Zülpich, Live-Proberaum
16.10. B-Verviers, Spirit of 66
17.10. D-Münster, Hot Jazz Club
18.10. D-Aachen, Jakobshof
19.10. S-Sala, Rockland
20.10. D-Melle-Buer, Kulturwerkstatt
21.10. D-Hamburg, Logo
22.10. NL-Uden, De Pul
23.10. D-Bremen, Meisenfrei
24.10. CZ-Usti nad Labem, Narodni Dom
25.10. A-Ried, KiK
26.10. A-Völkermarkt, Step
27.10. A-Öblarn, Kulturhaus

ERIC GALES - Live! European Tour 2013 - TRAILER

Eric Gales "Little Wing"

Eric Gales: Ghost Notes 

Ghost Notes is the first all- instrumental CD by The Eric Gales Trio. On Ghost Notes , blues guitar virtuoso Gales takes a wider angle view of his musical influences, running the gamut between blues, rock, and fusion with enough mind-blowing musical moments to satisfy the most demanding Gales fan.

1. Pickin N Grinnin
2. Just Funk
3. Cast Away
4. Grandaddy Blues
5. Caution
6. A Few More Miles
7. Ghost Notes
8. Way Down
9. Misunderstood
10. New Beginnings
11. EG Shuffle
12. Amazing Grace

Ossi Maristo: I've Just Seen A Face - Ray Kennedy - great picking

I've Just Seen A Face - Ray Kennedy solo
An amazing piano solo by Ray Kennedy from the album John Pizzarelli Meets The Beatles.

Angelo Comincini: Pat Metheny "Have you heard"

Pat Metheny "Have you heard" by Angelo Comincini
Angelo Comincini plays Pat Metheny "Have you heard" (from "Letter from home)

Maranhão,Jorge Mathias, Bruno Marques,Yuri Isobe: on Sparflex Expomusic 2013

Expomusic 2013 Maranhao - Mr. Morse with Yuri Isobe on Sparflex
2013年9月22日(サンパウロ/ブラジル) Expo Music 2013 Sparflex Mr. Morse - Maranhao, Jorge Mathias, Bruno Marques, with Yuri Isobe

Ignazio Di Salvo: noodling with my phone during my daily exercises

Ignazio Di Salvo - noodling with my phone during my daily exercises

Joe Bonamassa: Tour De Force - put your 3D glasses on


On October 28, 2013 an amazing set by Joe Bonamassa will be released on Provogue Records, an imprint of the Mascot Label Group.

Tour De Force – Live In London chronicles Bonamassa’s atmospheric rise from the intimate club environment of The Borderline, to the prestigious Royal Albert Hall. Each individual evening was marked by a unique theme with different setlists, arrangements and ensembles providing the viewer with four unique performances. His journey begins in the intimate setting of the 200-capacity London Borderline with a three-piece band. Next is a blues-themed night at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, featuring a horns section. He then moves to the Hammersmith Apollo which opens with a short acoustic set before moving into a rock-inspired evening. Finally, at the Royal Albert Hall, Bonamassa treats the crowd to a half acoustic/half electric show of his most popular and well-known songs, featuring the band from his most recent release, An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House. Each night's performance features a different selection of songs from his extensive career.

Tour De Force will be released as 4 individual Blu-rays or 2DVDs, and also as a limited edition Marshall Amp Box Set.

What's in the Amp Box Set ?

- All 4 concerts in DVD or Blu-ray format

- Each DVD and Blu-ray title will have unique and different backstage photos and 3-D photos.
(3-D glasses are included)

- Collectible, hard cover photo book including 36 pages of stunning photography highlighting the March 2012 London tour, including 4 pages with exclusive 3-D photos (3-D glasses are included).
Photos by Christie Goodwin, 3-D photos by Paul Bergen.

NOTE : The glasses are ONLY for viewing the 3-D photos. The DVD and Blu-ray are NOT in 3-D.

- The collectible Miniature Vintage Marshall Amp is a one of a kind box design. The entire outside surface is covered with a leatherette to feel and look like a real amp. The “speaker cabinet” is real screen-printed cloth to give the feel of speaker mesh. The official Marshall Logo is used and simulated exactly how the real Vintage Amp would have it. The top of the amp is complete with all knobs turned to 10, just like Joe likes it.
Joe’s Gold Signature is printed on the back of the Amp box along with all the beautiful artwork from the Tour De Force - Live In London DVD’s. Designed to fit all five products for safe keeping.

Joe Bonamassa - Tour de Force - Live in London (trailer)

Gary Hoey: tour dates and special benefit Operation Smile show

Sep 28 The Cutting Room Gary appears as a special guest for the "Scrubs" with Bumblefoot, Corky Lang, Joe Piscopo and more... to benefit Operation Smile New York, NY Tickets

Oct 09 Rock N Roll Fantasy Beatles Camp Las Vegas, NV Tickets
Oct 17 City Stage Springfield, MA Tickets
Oct 21 Fox Theater w/ Joe Satriani Spokane, WA Tickets All Ages
Oct 26 Tremont Music Hall Charlotte, NC Tickets All Ages
Oct 27 Martinsville Speedway Martinsville, VA Tickets All Ages
Nov 17 Arcada Theater w/ Robert Cray St Charles, IL Tickets All Ages
Dec 01 Sellersville Theater Sellersville, PA Tickets All Ages
Dec 06 Blue Ocean Music Hall Salisbury, MA Tickets All Ages
Dec 12 Arcada Theater St Charles, IL Tickets All Ages
Dec 13 City Theater Detroit, MI Tickets All Ages
Dec 14 C2G Music Hall Fort Wayne, IN Tickets All Ages
Dec 15 Infinity Hall Norfolk, CT Tickets All Ages
Dec 18 Studio Seven Seattle, WA Tickets
Dec 19 Tonic Lounge Portland, OR Tickets
Dec 20 Coachhouse San Juan Capistrano, CA Tickets All Ages
Dec 21 Ramona Mainstage Ramona, CA Tickets All Ages

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Al Di Meola: iGuitar magazine - lessons, interviews and WIN a fabulous Schecter Blackjack SLS C-8 8-string guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Masterclass


Guitar Interactive welcomes back Jamie Humphries with an exclusive Tech Session lesson on Stevie Ray Vaughan - one of the hottest guitarists ever to emerge from the Texas Blues scene. Jamie takes an in-depth look at SRV’s riff and licks.

Excellent Al Di Meola feature and video interview

WIN a fabulous Schecter Blackjack SLS C-8 8-string guitar + six sets of Rotosound strings in our free-entry competition! This month we’re giving you the chance to bag one of these fantastic new Schecter Blackjack8-String

Lisa S. Johnson: 108 Rock Star Guitars - Lisa Johnson's ground-breaking photographic vision

Rock Star Guitars From Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Jack White and Many More Featured in Exquisite New Art Book 108 Rock Star Guitars
By Photographer/Author Lisa S. Johnson with Foreword by Les Paul

A Portion of Proceeds To Benefit The Les Paul Foundation
108 Rock Star Guitars by photographer/author Lisa S. Johnson is a collection of stunningly personal and intimate portraits of the cherished guitars owned by the gods of rock. It is a music and fine-art photography aficionado's backstage pass to witness up-close these six-stringed works of art belonging to Les Paul, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Lou Reed, Carlos Santana, Bruce Springsteen, Nancy Wilson, Bonnie Raitt, Rick Nielsen, Slash, Jack White, Billy Gibbons, Ace Frehley and many others. The book, to be published by Glitterati Incorporated, is offered for pre-order now at and will be available at booksellers and online everywhere October 8, 2013. (108 Rock Star Guitars SRP: $108, ISBN: 978-0-9832702-5-6). A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Les Paul Foundation.
Jeff Beck
This exquisite, 396-page art book, bound in embossed red leatherette, features 300 images that reveal— through Johnsonʼs signature macrophotography style—the intimate details, etchings, totems, and personal touches that embody the true spirit of the musician and that few—save for their stage crew— have seen from this perspective. Alongside these images, Johnson provides personal anecdotes describing her long quest to photograph these iconic instruments and documents her travels from the backstage hallways of some the worldʼs most famous concert venues, to the artistʼs private homes.
“I remember the first black-and-white pictures Lisa took of my guitars…they were wonderfully evocative,”  
writes the late legendary musician and inventor Les Paul in the bookʼs foreword. 
“I never could have guessed that she would one day produce the extensive, impressive collection of photographs presented here—images unlike any I have ever seen. Lisaʼs passion for her subject is evident on every page of this magnificent book.”
In addition, Glitterati will issue a deluxe, limited edition of 540 signed and numbered copies, packaged in a die-cut collectorʼs box. (SRP: $540, ISBN: 978-0-9891704-0-6). Those books will include a hand-woven, silk chiffon scarf in deep purple, featuring the book cover design. Both editions will include a 16-page booklet, “The Inspiration Behind 108 Rock Star Guitars,” with additional behind-the-scenes photos and stories as well as a guitar pick printed with one of three custom holographic foil designs.

Jimmy Page
108 Rock Star Guitars is the culmination of Johnsonʼs 17-year journey that began when she photographed Les Paulʼs guitar during one of his regular Monday night sets at New Yorkʼs famed Iridium Club. Renowned for his innovations and recognized as one of the pioneers of the solid body electric guitar, he wrote the bookʼs foreword a few months before he passed away in 2009. In his honor and memory, Johnson will donate a portion of the proceeds to The Les Paul Foundation, which supports music education, engineering and innovation as well as medical research.

Johnsonʼs innovative guitar photographs can also be seen in the book Eric Clapton: Six-String Stories, where 47 of her images are featured along with archival photos by acclaimed lensmen Lord Snowden, David Bailey, Terry O'Neill, Dominique Tarle and others.

Keith Richards

As a former technical sales rep for Kodak, Johnson shot extensively, experimenting with processes and every type of film she had in her inventory. In 108 Rock Star Guitars, she showcases a variety of the last film stock ever manufactured for Kodak Professional and the transition to digital, in her gorgeous homage to image and music.
Deluxe Edition 108 Rock Star Guitars

Luxurious, die-cut collector’s box includes padded-leatherette hardcover book signed and numbered by the author, booklet, guitar pick, and exclusively designed, hand-woven silk chiffon scarf.

Regular Edition 108 Rock Star Guitars
Lisa Johnson's ground-breaking photographic vision documents not only some of culture's most important rock star guitars, but also recounts how the instrument itself has become the essential symbol of rock. Her bold use of unusually low depth-of-field photography visually caresses the instrument in the way a skillful musician might - zeroing in on subtle gradations in a guitar's patina or hugging the curves of another's silhouette. Johnson accompanies her images with text cultivated from interviews with the proud guitar owners, revealing the personality of the musician who plays the instrument while her images revere the instrument itself. Johnson provides up-close inspection of guitars, including those of Eric Clapton, Les Paul, Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, Rick Nielsen, Brian Setzer, Chrissie Hynde, Ace Frehley, Carlos Santana, Jack White and many others. Here, the guitar is made exotic, sensuous, and evocative - it transforms from an instrument into an artwork.

Includes padded-leatherette hardcover book, 16-page booklet describing inspiration behind project, and black guitar pick printed with one of three holographic foil designs.

The book is available for purchase from the website, or Amazon:

The book itself will be released October 8th, 2013, and features up close photography of 108 different rock stars' guitars. Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, and Jeff Beck are the images provided in the press kit that I linked you to above.