Joe Nurre,Spenser Hodge: Shaded Enmity featuring Warrel Dane

Shaded Enmity performing the song "And Life Was Great..." featuring the vocals of Warrel Dane. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aaron Smith at Envisage Audio in Seattle, WA.
The track was recorded as part of the sessions for the bands most recent release "Forsaken and Forgotten" which was released in June of 2013. The album is currently available via Itunes, Bandcamp, and various other forms of digital media. The band plans to press a limited edition digi pack version of "Forsaken and Forgotten" which will also include the single "And Life Was Great..." Featuring Warrel Dane.
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A song about giving up on life

And life was great
But it all left too soon
Now it's too late
Everyone has gone

A struggle to go one step
A fight to take one breath
All a war inside
The cannons blaze on through

What if I change the tide?
What if I go instead?

It said there was no feeling
It said there was no hope
The note was hard to read
The paper was thin
and his handwriting grim
But from the look of it this was no ordinary note.

The remnants stain the walls
You can't bear to look
Reality sets in

He only needed your sympathy
A hint of compassion
And there was none
He only needed your affection
And there was none

All these things that eat at me
All these things that never go away
Now it's too late
Everyone has gone

Shaded Enmity feat. Warrel Dane
Shaded Enmity: Forsaken and Forgotten