Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Morten Faerestrand: How to play fast with your thumb

How to play fast with your thumb, Wes Montgomery jazz guitar style
Free jazz guitar lessons by http://www.mortensLessons.com

Feodor Dosumov: makes it to the news - Fusion News!

Fusion news..(FEODOR DOSUMOV)

Santiago Pagura: Ghost Of You - great cover of Andy Timmons tune

Here´s the third song of the Andy Timmons - Resolution album, Ghost Of You.

Santiago Pagura - Ghost Of You (Andy Timmons Cover)

Michael Angelo Batio: Intermezzo in the last phase - Michael thanks you for supporting his music!

Michael Angelo Batio: I am incredibly happy and to announce that the wait for my new "Intermezzo" album is almost over. We are in the final mixing stages. My engineer Chris Wisco is doing an incredible job, creating a world class mix of the music! The finished disc will be sent to the manufacturer within the next few days keeping, on schedule, the official release date of Thursday November 14th. I have worked on this record for 2 years. I first began writing the songs for "Intermezzo" in November 2011. Since that time, I have performed approximately 200 shows around the world, had a major, costly flood that almost destroyed my recording studio and have dealt with several serious family issues, all of which jeopardized and delayed the release date of the album. I have reacted to these obstacles in the only way that I know how - that is to never quit, do the absolute best work I can and "just finish it!" What I can say is that this is the best record I have ever done and the extra time it took actually became a blessing in disguise. With the help of the incredible guitarist and friend Dave Reffett, last month we were able to add an extra song to the album featuring some additional amazing guest guitar players. The final list of special guests now include - George Lynch, Guthrie Govan (2 solos on the album,) Michael Romeo, Jeff Loomis, Craig Goldy, Dave Reffett, Chris Poland, Rusty Cooley, Mike Lepond, Elliott Dean Rubinson, Joe Stump, Andrea Martongelli, Alex Stornello, Bill Peck, Max Carlisle, Florent Atem, Annie Grunwald, Tobias Hurwitz and the amazing guitar solos from our Kickstarter brothers. I would also like to thank "Hellion" guitarist Max Carlisle for his great contribution to "Intermezzo." I will be posting the list of names and how they will appear on the CD booklet on my Facebook pages, MAB Forum and here at Kickstarter within the next few days. When this is posted please check and make sure your name is spelled correctly, you are mentioned and in the right place. I don't want to miss anyone. Contact me right away to correct an errors that might occur. Also, the digital download of "Intermezzo"will be available as promised in the very beginning of November. All other pledge items such as posters, pedals, etc... will be sent in November as well. I will honor 100% of my commitment to you as you have honored me by supporting my music. I can't thank you enough. I hope you love the new record. Kindest regards and gratitude, Michael Angelo Batio

Jordi Furas: 4monkeys - Fun Kit!

Hi to everyone, this is 4 Monkeys band, introducing our very first video!

This time we had the pleasure to play with two excellent musicians: Eduard Gili and David Gonzalez, bassist and drummer from TAO, respectively.

The song's called FUN KIT! so we hope everybody enjoys it!

4monkeys (2 monkeys and 2 other funny guys) - FUN KIT!

Vanny Tonon: Laney & Mattias Eklundh Competition 2013

Laney & Mattias Eklundh Competition 2013 - Vanny Tonon

Luca Mantovanelli: jamming over John McLaughlin BT

Hey guys! Here's an impro over John McLaughlin backing track from fb ''Fusion Guitar'' group.. check it on facebook!:https://www.facebook.com/groups/18582...
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jamming over John McLaughlin BT

Rob Martino: Phideaux - Dormouse - Chapman stick


A short arrangement of a song by one of my favorite art rock artists, Phideaux. This is the concluding piece of the fantastic album Number Seven.

For more of Phideaux:

Signal chain:
Chapman Stick - StepABout preamp - Line 6 POD HD500 - Apogee Duet interface - Mac Pro (Logic Pro X, Wave Arts plug-ins)

Video recorded with a Conan VIXIA M50, edited with Final Cut Pro X

For more information on the Chapman Stick:


Phideaux - Dormouse (Rob Martino - Chapman Stick)

Mike Keneally: learn from one of the best on JamPlay!

In this lesson, Mr. Keneally teaches a piece of his tune "Dee 'N' A" as a way to get warmed up for the crazy mind and finger twisting material to come. Join Mike on JamPlay for his "Career Retrospective" series where he teaches passages from some of his most challenging and popular tunes. New lessons are being added regularly. Don't miss a single one!

Brought to you by Brought to you byhttp://www.jamplay.com/youtube7

Check out bass lessons from one of Keneally's band members, Bryan Beller:

Other great artists are also on JamPlay. Check out this series from Brent Mason:

Take lessons with this "Made for YouTube" series:

Mike Keneally on JamPlay!

Dmitry Andrianov: Micro POG

Dmitry Andrianov with a quick POG session

"Micro POG" (fusion - funk guitar solo)

Allan Marcus: Boden8 stolen from Lakewood, Ohio - your help required!

Astral EXR Systems

Stolen Guitar Alert! - One of Allan's personal Boden8's was stolen from Lakewood, Ohio last night. Please message us if you see or hear anything about this guitar. Thank you.

Pete Pachio
Please help my good buddy Allan Marcus recover his stolen Boden 8 .. Keep ur eyes n ears open

Please contact Allan if you hear anything about this guitar.

Mamoru Morishita, Mike Varney: yes, Mike really is the number one maven of guitar

Ever since meeting Mike Varney after NAMM last year I've known that Mike is the number one guitar fan. His recall of musicians, labels, session players, album covers for the same release was just phenomenal. My flabber was well and truly gasted! His insight into the players on albums uncanny... only Mike Blackburn was able to hold his own against the staggering memory of Mike Varney. When I was asked the big question by Mike Varney "OK, tell me a player I don't know about?"... I paused, I struggled to recall any name... then any name I recall... just anyone, is someone Mike already knows! (Oh for Internet access, google and Truth In Shredding) 

Just to prove my theory right, I thought Mike would not know Mamoru Morishita! But true to form, Mike Varney is pictured with Mamoru Morishita -Lyrical Symphony! That, my friends, means I have to go back to the woodshed and spend more time learning what real guitar knowledge is all about... Kudos to Mamoru Morishita and reigning world guitar maven... Mike Varney!
Mike Varney with Mamoru Morishita's Lyrical Symphony!