Thursday, 28 November 2013

Nita Strauss: Thanksgiving special - time to relax after the Turkey blow out!

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Nita Strauss
Frighteningly accurate.

Nita Strauss from The Iron Maidens stops by Norman's Rare Guitars

Nita Strauss on the red carpet at Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare

Maxxxwell Carlisle featuring Nita Strauss - "The Power of Metal Compels Me" from the "Full Metal Thunder" EP!

Michael Yancy on lead vocals!

Maxxxwell Carlisle feat. Nita Strauss - "The Power of Metal Compels Me"

E3Expo 2012 Gameplay - Bandfuse: Rock Legends

News: Halo Guitars add a custom configurator

Halo Guitars add a custom configurator to enable you to design and price your own custom guitar. I had a go, seems really easy to use and is very fully feature... you can add your own custom logo for example. Try it out here:

Halo Custom Guitars - Customization Tool
www.haloguitars.comWith our new guitar customization tool you can choose from a wide range of settings, including shape design, woods, colors, finish, hardware, construction methods and even your own artwork. Once you are done, you can purchase your own unique guitar.
This is the Truth In Shredding Custom... you know you want one! iN sHRED wE tRusT

Kiko Loureiro: Ibanez - "...fact my first professional guitar"

Kiko Loureiro
Today I was writing about Ibanez Guitars for my Young Guitar blog and Brazilian Guitar Player magazine and mentioned my new relation with Ibanez and the fact my first professional guitar was an Ibanez. So I found the guitar here among some other ones and took some pics. Check it out

Pictured here with his new model Ibanez

Jack Gardiner: Man Flu Smooth Jazz

Here's just a quick video of me practicing utter cheese! After being bed-bound for the past few days, this is the first thing i've played over in a while. I hope you guys enjoy it. I've tried to keep it as cheesy, and as full of cliché's as I possibly can!


Smooth Jazz Practice (with the flu...)

Kermheat: Ibanez add the inventive toaster and pony wielding Frenchman to their artists roster!

Congrats to Kermheat... inventive toaster and pony wielding Frenchman goes all Ibanez on me!

Kermheat Ibanez Elixir

I'm proud to say I'm an official Ibanez Artist !!!!

Kermheat - Planck's Toaster [Official Music Video]

Lyle Watt: Seymour Duncan "Hot For Tele" pickups

The lovely people at Seymour Duncan sent me these awesome pickups to demo. They're the "Hot For Tele" pickups - they're like normal vintage sounding telecaster pickups, but with a more powerful sound - great for high gain. I decided to just stick with one amp sound, and use the guitar's controls for different tonal variations, which is how I always run my setup, so all of the differences in gain and tone you hear come from the controls on the guitar. I used my Cornford Roadhouse 30 for this - the reverb was added afterwards.

Thanks to Scott at Seymour Duncan!

Find out more about the pickups here:
Seymour Duncan "Hot For Tele" pickups - Lyle Watt

Dave Martone: LAMA Online Guitar Lesson Excerpt from "Modes the Martone Way"

To learn more or enroll in this course, visit

In this clip taken from one of the weekly lessons from the LAMA Online guitar course "Modes the Martone Way," Dave discusses displaced 7th arpeggios in G major.
Dave Martone - LAMA Online Guitar Lesson Excerpt from "Modes the Martone Way"

Eric Calderone: Ghostbusters Meets Metal

Ghostbusters Meets Metal
Hey guys, So I've been seeing this one for a long long time. I put it in the first Halloween medley but being a die hard GB fan, it TOTALLY deserves its' own concentration. Thank you guys so much for everything, it means the entire world. Big ups for all the suggestions, messages, subs, comments, donations, fan art, and support. You guys are the absolute greatest and ALWAYS rock my casbah! Best to ya E Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Cdbaby: MP3 and Tab Books:

Al Di Meola: World Sinfonia featuring Rhani Krija

Al Di Meola World Sinfonia featuring Rhani Krija
Al Di Meola World Sinfonia plays "Beatles and More" featuring Rhani Krija in Hildesheim, Germany. Fausto Beccalossi - accordion, Kevin Seddiki - 2nd guitar; Rhani Krija - percussion.

David Maxim Micic: David shows 'Epiphany' guest solo - at slow tempo

David Maxim Micic: Intervals: * I did this video for the lads from Intervals this summer, so they can easily TAB out my guest solo for the song 'Epiphany' (LISTEN HERE: at 4:23 ). Many people asked me about this solo before, so I thought I should share this video and help you learn it. Hopin to see some covers of it soon!! love!! :)


Get the latest David Maxim Micic: Bilo 3.0

David Maxim Micic: Bilo 3

1. Everything's Fine 03:11
2. Where is Now? 07:32
3. Smile 09:33
4. Nostalgia 07:23
5. Wrinkle Maze 04:57
6. Daydreamers 11:22

All music recorded/mixed/mastered at studio 'BILO' in Belgrade, Serbia by David Maxim Micic.

Guest artists:
-Everything's Fine: Mina Mladenovic (solo violin)
-Where is Now: Aleksandra Radosavljevic & Vladimir Lalic (vocals), Larissa Terescenko (solo violin), Jakub Zytecki (guitar)
-Smile: Aleksandra Djelmas & Vladimir Lalic (vocals), Jeff Loomis (guitar)
-Nostalgia: Vasil Hadzimanov (keyboard)
-Wrinkle Maze: Bilo Choir (Aleksandra Djelmas, Tanja Knezevic, Vladimir Lalic, Marko Pantelic, Ivan Propadovic, Marko Zivkovic), Larissa Terescenko (solo violin), Per Nilsson (guitar)
-Daydreamers: Aleksandra Radosavljevic, Vladimir Lalic, Dunja Markovic (vocals)

stay fab! <3
released 17 November 2013

Andy James: Two Handed Tapping Guitar Solo Performance Tapping guitar solo performance by Andy James featured on the Tapping Techniques DVD available from Licklibrary. Expand and develop your two handed technique with Andy James One of the most frequently asked questions in the field of guitar education is What do I practice? This excellent DVD series provides lessons and pieces of music exclusively written for practicing essential guitar techniques. Check out more from the Essential Guitar Practice Routines series here:

Rick Graham: Bareknuckle Juggernaut Misha Mansoor demo

Bareknuckle Juggernaut Misha Mansoor demo - Rick Graham
Pickups: Bareknuckle Juggernauts + Guitar: Ibanez RG721RW = TONE Bareknuckle pickups website: Get HD lessons with me: Like my Facebook Fan page:

Neal Morse,Mike Portnoy: Transatlantic - are back with their new studio album Kaleidoscope - special limited edition Deluxe Artbook version

Transatlantic, the progressive supergroup featuring Neal Morse (ex-Spock's Beard), Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater), Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) and Pete Trewavas (Marillion), are back with their new studio album Kaleidoscope.

Featuring five epic tracks that combine Classic (Yes, early Genesis) and Neo Prog elements, Kaleidoscope is another Transatlantic milestone.

The bonus cd includes covers of pieces by the likes of King Crimson, Focus and Procol Harum, while the dvd features a promotional video, and a making of documentary.

This is the limited edition Deluxe Artbook - 2CDs, DVD and Bonus 5.1 Mix DVD-Video in an LP-sized book with loads of pictures and lenticular card cover.

The first 500 pre-orders will receive an exclusive lenticular postcard.

Pre-order now for 27th January 2014 release.


1. Into The Blue (25:13)
I. Overture (Instrumental)
II. The Dreamer And The Healer
III. A New Beginning
IV. Written In Your Heart
V. The Dreamer And The Healer (Reprise)
2. Shine (7:28)
3. Black As the Sky (6:45)
4. Beyond The Sun (4:31)
5. Kaleidoscope (31:53)
I. Overture (Instrumental)
II. Ride The Lightning
III. Black Gold
IV. Walking The Road
V. Desolation Days
VI. Lemon Looking Glass (Instrumental)
VII. Feel The Lightning (Reprise)

CD2 (Bonus CD):

1. And You And I (Yes cover) (10:45)
2. Can't Get It Out Of My Head (ELO cover) (4:46)
3. Conquistador (Procol Harum cover) (4:13)
4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John) (3:20)
5. Tin Soldier (Small Faces cover) (3:22)
6. Sylvia (Focus cover) (3:49)
7. Indiscipline (King Crimson cover) (4:45)
8. Nights In White Satin (The Moody Blues cover) (6:13)

DVD 1:

1. Making Of (1:27:43)
2. "Shine" Promo Video (7:28)
3. Prog Awards Footage (5:57)

DVD 2:

5.1 mix of the whole Kaleidoscope album.

Region Code DVD: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Screen format DVD: 16:9 NTSC (PAL compatible)
Sound format DVD: Dolby Digital 2.0
Sound format Bonus DVD: Dolby Digital 5.1 mix

Martin Goulding: free lick taken from the “Dragon’s Fury” solo study

Here we have a free lick taken from the “Dragon’s Fury” solo study, based around the neo-classical rock/metal style. This style gained popularity from the groundbreaking release of Yngwie Malmsteen’s 1984 debut album Rising Force, born from Yngwie’s unique blend of influences, combining classical harmonies and melodies with violin virtuoso Nicolo Paganini and composer J.S Bach cited as influences, alongside the high energy presentation of seventies rock legends like Jimi Hendrix, Uli Jon Roth and Ritchie Blackmore.

From the mid 1980’s, the technical demands of this fast melodic style were almost a rite of passage for up and coming rock virtuosos, and prominent players would include Vinnie Moore, Tony Macalpine, Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker and Marty Friedman. Characterised by heavy driving rhythm sections and harmonically rich, classically influenced progressions, this style showcases techniques including alternate picking and sweeping along with an emphasis on accurate bending and vibrato. To get an authentic tone, set the gain on your amp to maximum, with the bass and treble set slightly boosted (1 o’clock), and the mid-range either cut (10 o’clock) for rhythm or boosted (1-2 o’clock) for lead.

If you liked this free lick you can also check out my full Dragon's Fury lesson available on Live4guitar Marketplace.

If you have any questions please leave a comment.


News: Let's Rock - Start Playing Now another one for the budding guitar player.

Christmas is coming... need to start playing guitar... here's a new series


Let's Rock is your starting point for Guitar, Bass and Drums. Learn the essentials so you can get seriously good, seriously fast. Each book will take you through the basics of guitar, bass and drums, so you can master the essentials even before you've had your first lesson.

Book Features:

* Over 1 hour of downloadable video and audio content
* Instrument quick guide - how it works, and everything in-between!
* 12x lessons in 6 different styles -- each lesson includes audio and video tuition
* 6 pieces, 6 varying styles -- put your skills to the test with 6 kick ass pieces
* 120 audio tracks -- supporting audio for every musical example and piece
* Video lessons -- on getting started and key exercises
* Quiz -- put your skills to the test with the free quiz
* Dropcard -- instantly download the accompanying audio and video hassle free!

Let's Rock - Start Playing Now! (OUT 9th DEC)

Damon Marks: Tony MacAlpine - Porcelain Doll

One of my all time favorite guitarist is definitely Tony MacAlpine.. An all around great musician. I listened to his Maximum Security album daily when I was younger.. I decided to cover one of my favorite tracks from that album called Porcelain Doll.. Its the most enchanting melody written by Chopin..

Using a Schecter Hellraiser Extreme C-1 FR with EMG's 81 and 89R pickups..

Tony MacAlpine - Porcelain Doll covered by Damon Marks

Xander Demos: taping an episode of the Real Radio Show in NYC

Xander Demos will be taping an episode of the Real Radio Show, this Tuesday, December 3rd. The show will be broadcast on Saturday, December 7th on 970AM in New York City.

MTS Management Group and Xander Demos are happy to announce Xander’s upcoming guest appearance on The Real Radio Show. Xander will tape an episode of New York City’s most irreverent radio program on Tuesday, December 3rd. The taping will be streamed live and unedited on Tuesday night at 7pm ET, at!hear-and-see-live/c4hb. The edited broadcast will air on Saturday, December 7th at 11pm ET, on 970 AM The Answer, in New York City. Listeners may tune in via the web at

This will be Xander’s fourth appearance on The Real Radio Show. He is promoting the release of his new single, "Dancing Through Daggers," as well as his upcoming performance at NAMM Metal Jam in January. Xander previously performed songs from his Guitarcadia album and "Satch Boogie" with AJ Pero from Twisted Sister.

After a stint on WRCN FM in Long Island, NY, The Real Radio Show has joined shows hosted by Dennis Miller, Mike Gallagher, Curtis Sliwa and others on AM970, The Answer. Now broadcasting to New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey on Saturday nights, TRRS has hosted celebrity guests including Lita Ford, Peter Criss (Kiss) Eddie Money, X-Pac (WWF), Elvira, the original members of Twisted Sister, The Misfits, The Sugar Hill Gang, The Monkees, Anthrax, Grandmaster Flash, Kip Winger, Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk), LL Cool J, Richard Dreyfuss, and many more.

Xander Demos is a metal guitarist, based in Pittsburgh. He has performed with Sabbath Judas Sabbath, as well as in James Rivera's solo band, as well as fronting his own band, XDB (Xander Demos Band.) XDB recently performed at Skull Fest, Wolf Fest and Rock Harvest II. They are already slated to perform at Rock 'n' Skull 2014. Xander has his own signature guitar model with McNaught Guitars. For more information, visit

Jake E Lee, Ethan Brosh, Nili Brosh, Jon Reshard: Ethan and Nili to Support the Red Dragon Cartel!

Ethan Brosh
Alright! Now focusing my attention on December 15th in San Diego!! Can't wait to open for the incredible Jake e Lee as he makes his return to the music business after over 20 years!! Everyone from southern California who keep asking me about a show down there, Well here it is! and it can't be a better one! I will be playing with my instrumental band along with my sister Nili Brosh, John Anthony and Jon Reshard If you know anyone in the area please let them know!! Thanks!!