David Maxim Micic: David shows 'Epiphany' guest solo - at slow tempo

David Maxim Micic: https://www.facebook.com/davidmaximmicicmusic Intervals:https://www.facebook.com/intervalsmusic * I did this video for the lads from Intervals this summer, so they can easily TAB out my guest solo for the song 'Epiphany' (LISTEN HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ipv_l7KoSI at 4:23 ). Many people asked me about this solo before, so I thought I should share this video and help you learn it. Hopin to see some covers of it soon!! love!! :)


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David Maxim Micic: Bilo 3

1. Everything's Fine 03:11
2. Where is Now? 07:32
3. Smile 09:33
4. Nostalgia 07:23
5. Wrinkle Maze 04:57
6. Daydreamers 11:22

All music recorded/mixed/mastered at studio 'BILO' in Belgrade, Serbia by David Maxim Micic.

Guest artists:
-Everything's Fine: Mina Mladenovic (solo violin)
-Where is Now: Aleksandra Radosavljevic & Vladimir Lalic (vocals), Larissa Terescenko (solo violin), Jakub Zytecki (guitar)
-Smile: Aleksandra Djelmas & Vladimir Lalic (vocals), Jeff Loomis (guitar)
-Nostalgia: Vasil Hadzimanov (keyboard)
-Wrinkle Maze: Bilo Choir (Aleksandra Djelmas, Tanja Knezevic, Vladimir Lalic, Marko Pantelic, Ivan Propadovic, Marko Zivkovic), Larissa Terescenko (solo violin), Per Nilsson (guitar)
-Daydreamers: Aleksandra Radosavljevic, Vladimir Lalic, Dunja Markovic (vocals)

stay fab! <3
released 17 November 2013