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Angelo Comincini: Allan Holdsworth - Hard hat area

Allan Holdsworth - Hard hat area - Cover by Angelo Comincini
Angelo Comincini plays Allan Holdsworth "Hard hat area" (from "Hard hat area")

Leonardo Guzman,Alex Argento: announces the imminent release of upcoming EP

Alex Argento 

Hey friends, keep an eye over this crazy guitarist from Colombia, Leonardo Guzman. He will release his first EP in January entitled "Now", produced by Kris Claerhout (jellybeard records) and mixed by yours truly. I'm pretty sure you will hear about him a lot in the next future.  Very soon! est. release date January 20, 2014

Marco Ferro: Exivious Entrust Guitar solo contest

Here's my improv on the Entrust solo section... a lot of fun playing on this progression!

If you guys don't know this amazing Fusion/metal band, go check them out! they're amazing!!! Exivious

Exivious Entrust Guitar solo contest - Marco Ferro

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious and The Circle Pit guitar solo contest

Lee Cassidy: Exivious - Entrust Solo Contest

I've never put an entry in to one of these contests, as I've never heard of them in time. Funnily, I've not really taken too long putting this together. Looks like I like working quickly these days!

It's a great chord sequence to play over, and the timing is kind of out there a little, so gives lots of space for free-time playing.

Not a perfect take, and I slid to the wrong note in my favourite phrase I came up with, so a little irritated, but this was the best of 5 takes, after which my hand was cramping up. I'm a weakling!

Exivious - Entrust Solo Contest

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious and The Circle Pit guitar solo contest

Mike Salow: Exivious "Entrust" Solo Contest

I remixed the lead so that it would stand out on all devices.

I originally added a stereo delay in post but it didn't cut at all on some devices because of the panning, so I changed it to a mono delay and problem solved. :)

This is same exact solo and entry for the Exivious Solo Contest.

Here's a link to my original post:

My entry for the Exivious solo contest.

Did a few improv takes over the past few days and this one turned out the best.

Good luck to all! :)
Mike Salow - (mix 2) Exivious "Entrust" Solo Contest

Mike Salow - Exivious "Entrust" Solo Contest

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious and The Circle Pit guitar solo contest

Vladimir Shevyakov: Exivious Guitar Solo Contest

Hi friends!!!
This is my take of "Exivious Guitar Solo Contest".
Song by Exivious called Entrust.
Hope you like it.

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Exivious Guitar Solo Contest - Vladimir Shevyakov

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious and The Circle Pit guitar solo contest

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen maestro headed for Glasgow and a Wishaw clinic date early 2014

Freak Kitchen

Glasgow clinic confirmed 8th of March! Hope to see you Scottish freaks there!

Achilleas Diamantis: talks in detail about his new album Loaded

Fans of Achilleas Diamantis will be aware of his work with the fusion orientated band Confusion. I the latest release Achilleas Diamantis goes for a more melodic rock metal approach, highlighting his rock influences Gary Moore, Jeff Beck , Joe Satriani.

Achilleas Diamantis: Loaded

Achilleas Diamantis: " Loaded" is more rock sounded than my previous ones with Confusion.
If you like rock guitar sound, you will find it very interesting.

Achilleas Diamantis: Loaded
1. Fake Face 4:34
2. Give Me a Sign 6:12
3. Heavy Weapon 3:18
4. Big Hearted Love 5:00
5. It Hurts to Want You 5:10
6. Blue Stone 5:09
7. Just for You 5:29
8. Leave Me Alone 4:35
9. Diastims 4:15

How did you know when you had finished the album? 

I had all the songs as a demo first and then when I chose the songs that I want to include on the album. At that point I started the recording process.  

Collecting songs for the album took a while because I wanted to have songs with strong melodies.

How do you know when a track is finished? 

To know if a track is finished is easy.The difficulty is to making the mix sound big and to have a sound that you are happy with.

I love to spend time to get a great tone not only in the guitars but in bass and drums also.

How do you decide what is going into a track and how do you name it?

I am writing music every day .I don't care if this going to be a guitar song or a vocal song.  I just care that whatever I write is melodic. A lot of the songs on this CD started life as vocal songs, but when I played the melody lines on the guitar,  then  I thought these are great songs for guitar in their own right!!

I think that if the melody is good, then it will be good with guitar or vocals.  When I compose a song I have no idea about the title of the piece. After I am done and I am sitting on my couch listening to each song I then I name it.

What equipment did you use in the studio?
I have a lot of toys in the studio.

For the riffs I mostly use the good old Mesa Rectifier 100 head (two channels) with a 4x12 Mesa Recto Cab.
For my Themes and melodies I use my Lee Jackson Perfect connection preamp with my recto 2 100 power amp in two 2 -12 rectifier cabinets.

My lead sound is a Carvin X series amp through my custom load box and then into my mixer and at the end into my stereo power amp.

For all the sounds I have the TC Electronics G Force for all the effects,delays chorus etc .

I use the Rc booster before my amps for the lead parts .I also use the Whammy, Moogerfooger (Ring Modulator), Budda Wah
The guitars I use currently are the Jackson Sl 2 with Suhr pickups and my Steinberger.
For the acoustic parts I use my Martin
How did you record the drums for the album?

When I composed the songs I used midi drums and at that point I decide what beats I want for each song. I do midi programming for all parts! So my drummer will not hate me !!!
When I have my ideas down, I have the real drummer in the studio who then listens my demo and then puts in his own ideas.
I use 12 mics for the drum set and 2 for the room .

On this CD Takis Intas played the drum parts. He knows exactly what I want, because we played many years together in my fusion band Confusion.

Do you approach an album as though it is you meister work?

I believe that each project must be the best I can do at that time.

If you work a lot on a project then the only way to make it sound the best for you and the best for your listeners too is to approach it in that wa.

When the album is done how do you feel about it?

When the album was finished I was tired but at the same time felt very happy and proud.

Did you have a budget for the album? 

Since I own the recording studio, I invest the money on the equipment for the recordings process. So mics , monitors etc. The guitar gear is exactly the same I used with my band Confusion. So I did not have any new money for new guitars and amps.
How did you go about your promotion strategy? 

As part of the launch I created a video clip for the "Fake Face" song. I think creating a video is very important because most people I know will listen to music on Youtube .

Achilleas Diamantis - Fake Face from the album Loaded (2013)

What were your musical influences on this album? 

If you listen the themes of the songs you will hear my rock influences.  Gary Moore, Jeff Beck , Joe Satriani.
But in the soloing parts you will hear my fusion side of playing with influences by Scott Henderson , Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale mixed with the Rock power of the other guys I have mentioned before.

How did you decide what the album title and design would be?

Since this CD is more rock, metal, rather than the fusion sound of Confusion, I thought that "Loaded " would be a fitting title, with power and strength. 

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Those looking for Confusion featuring Achilleas Diamantis

Paul Kiss: KB Labs - From Father to Son - new CD - great fusion album

Paul Kiss (electric & acoustic guitars, synth & SpFx);
Laurent Bochetti (drums);
Frederic Vinquant (bass)

Composed and produced by Paul Kiss and Laurent Bochetti (June 2013-September 2013). Recorded and mixed at Kiss Recording Studio (F-57170) by Paul.
Paul Kiss: KB Labs - From Father to Son

Track 1 Bad Contact (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Kangourou (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 Full of Hidden Meaning (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 L-Dream (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Kerala (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Low-High (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 On the Floor Below (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 8 From Father to Son (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 9 Landscape (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 10 Saturn Labs (LISTEN TO AUDIO)

James Norbert Ivanyi, Francesco Artusato: Aphasia - 'Resolute Enmity'

Aphasia - 'Resolute Enmity' - James Norbert Ivanyi feat: Francesco Artusato.
'Resolute Enmity' from the instrumental album 'Aphasia' by James Norbert Ivanyi.
Released October 20th 2013. Feat: Guest solo by Francesco Artusato of All Shall Perish and Devil You Know. Drums by David Horgan.
'Aphasia' is available now at:

Aphasia is the debut solo instrumental record by James Norbert Ivanyi.
Featuring special guest performances by Roxana Mallous Neisseman, Beau Golden, David Horgan, Danny Tunker, Christian Muenzner and Francesco Artusato. It was recorded by James Norbert Ivanyi at his private studio in Sydney, Australia during 2013. All music written, arranged mixed and mastered by James Norbert Ivanyi w/ David Horgan.

 James Norbert Ivanyi: Aphasia
Track Listing:
Buy Now $15 AUD or more
1. Olivia (Feat: Roxana Mallous Neisemann) 07:20 
2. Reawakened 04:52
3. Apperception Prism 06:01
4. Proprium | Assent (Feat: Christian Muenzner) 04:51 
5. Ubuntu (Feat: Beau Golden & Danny Tunker) 08:05 
6. Resolute Enmity (Feat: Francesco Artusato) 06:14 

Andrea Maccianti: Improvisation Invasion - Melodic Solo

Andrea Maccianti works on some ideas for the track Improvisation Invasion.

Andrea Maccianti - "Improvisation Invasion" - (Melodic Solo)

Jeffrey Christian,Nick Rossi: City In The Sea - The Purge - performance playthrough
 Jeffrey Christian,Nick Rossi: City In the Sea - Below the Noise 

This exclusive video, City In The Sea guitarists Jeffrey Christian and Nick Rossi show you how to play "The Purge," a track from their debut Sumerian Records release, Below The Noise.

This is part one of a four-part series, so stay tuned for the next instructional lesson, which will be posted exclusively on in the coming weeks.

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CITY IN THE SEA - The Purge (Play-Through)

Annie Grunwald: Seymour Duncan - Dirty Deed Pedal - get Skype lesson too!

Annie Grunwald: This distortion pedal is badass! This video is a demo of the brand new distortion pedal "Dirty Deed" by Seymour Duncan, and also previews some guitar riffs off the new Formless album "Eon."

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Seymour Duncan - Dirty Deed Pedal Demo - Annie Grunwald

Eric Calderone: The X-Files Meets Metal

The X-Files Meets Metal
Hey guys,

First, there is still a Christmas video on the way, so dont worry :) A couple things haha. I LOVE this show. My parents got me hooked on it when it was on and when I went back a re-watched it, mind was blown. Thank you guys so much for everything! It means the world. Big ups for all the suggestions, messages, subs, comments, donations, fan art, and support. I couldn't do it without you. And as always, you absolutely ROCK my casbah!

Best to ya



Stelios Arnaoutoglou: Acid Jazz Wonderwall - Oasis Cover

Kept the original vocals and arranged stuff around them, hope u like.

Yiannis Papadopoulos: L & L Series - December 2013: Intervallic Fusion Lick

L & L Series - December 2013: Intervallic Fusion Lick
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Ignazio Di Salvo: snippet of new rock-fusion videos that are on their way!

A little snippet of what is going to happen right now.

Joe Bonamassa: Ballad of John Henry - Official Music Video

Joe Bonamassa performs "Ballad of John Henry" while recording for The Ballad of John Henry album.
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