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Tom Richardson: Andy James Solo Competition

Andy James Solo Competition - Tom Richardson
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Tom Richardson

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - God Gave Rock N Roll To You in a Radisson Blu

SAS Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Copenhagen (26th floor, the suite)

STEEL PANTHER SINGS GOD GAVE ROCK'N'ROLL TO YOU รก capella Copenhagen [March 14, 2012]

Joe Chawki: this cat is lining up an Indiegogo project - want a part of that legato paw action!

Indiegogo drops soon gentlemen... I will remind I'm a genuine "underdog" here...I don't have thousands of views, thousands of likes, I don't have any previous albums of my own, no current tours, endorsements...nadda...However I do believe I have something to offer and some others agree... So...when considering who to give to and why...consider some of those things. Indiegogo and Kickstarter should be less for people with an established following and presence and more for people beginning with zero...That's how I see it.

Rick Graham Jam Track

perpetual jam in my head

Jeff Kalmbach: This Is Not Here EP

Jeff Kalmbach: This Is Not Here EP

Music video (adj.) (n.) from This is Not Here. by Jeff Kalmbach. Features footage from the 1984 John Hurt film adaptation of George Orwell's 1984.

guitar - Jeff Kalmbach
bass - Marco Guzman
drums - Terry Branam
mixing - Juan Caipo
mastering - Ken Lee
available through these fine digital retailers:


(adj.) (n.) by Jeff Kalmbach

Will Wallner: Former White Wizzard Guitarist Announces New Wallner/Vain Album

Former White Wizzard Guitarist Will Wallner Announces New Wallner/Vain Album, New Track Posted Online

New 'Will Wallner & Vivien Vain' album to be released in May, New Track Posted Online - Monday Febuary 10th 2014

British blues-rock guitarist and 'Guitar World' columnist Will Wallner and Croatian singer Vivien Vain have completed work on a new album titled 'The Battle of Clyst Heath' set for release in May 2014.

Since his departure from traditional metal band 'White Wizzard' (Earache/Century Media) in October 2013 Will Wallner has been working on new music with former White Wizzard drummer Giovanni Durst for what would become the new 'Wallner/Vain' album. Swedish bass player Bjorn Englen (DIO Disciples / Yngwie Malmsteen) also contributed bass to several tracks. The title track from the album can be heard below. Will Wallner comments:

"When I left White Wizzard it was assumed it was because of the difficulties we encountered on our 2013 European tour. In actual fact I was going to leave the band regardless to pursue making music I could be proud of artistically. For that reason I'm very excited about the new album me and Vivien have just finished. I set out to make an honest hard rock record which would express who I am as a musician and guitar player. I feel very fortunate to be able to have such talented musicians record alongside myself and Vivien. Every musician performs superbly without the need for auto-tune or 'chop and paste'. Heres a taste of what you can expect from our new album."

Will Wallner & Vivien Vain: The Battle Of Clyst Heath

'The Battle Of Clyst Heath' was recorded in 2013 in Los Angeles, CA and Poland. The music draws heavily from British hard rock influences such as Rainbow, Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple. The majority of the album features a single line-up but once again features several legendary guest musicians. Full details will be announced shortly.

Formed in 2010 as a studio project in Los Angeles 'Will Wallner & Vivien Vain' have spent the past 3 years working with some of the most respected musicians in Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from bands including Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Rainbow. Their debut album (Will Wallner & Vivien Vain) was released on October 8th 2012 via Polish record label 'Metal Mind Productions' with guest musicians Derek Shernian, Carmine Appice, Jimmy Bain, Vinny Appice, Tony Franklin, Brian Tichy, Rudy Sarzo and Tony Carey.

For more information go to:

Keith Merrow,Wes Hauch: talk to dangerous guitar at NAMM 2014

Dangerous Guitar's roving shredder, Dave Reffet, was behind the scenes for this interview with Keith Merrow of Conquering Dystopia and Wes Hauch of The Faceless. DG caught up with them at the Seymour Duncan booth at NAMM 2014. Keith talks about his Schector signature guitar and Wes talks about what's next musically.

Keith Merrow and Wes Hauch at NAMM 2014

Paul Gilbert: demonstrating Ditto X2 Looper - this pedal changed my life!

In this video Paul Gilbert is demonstrating Ditto X2 Looper from TC Electronic.
Paul shows how to make creative use of the half tempo feature as well as the reverse effect.

Ditto X2 Looper product page:
StarJam Loops:

-Where you can download loops that you can load into the Ditto X2 Looper.

Paul Gilbert demonstrating Ditto X2 Looper

t-cophony: Solitary walk acoustic tapping guitar and Down spiral - electric tapping guitar

This is official music video of my new song from next album "Solitary walk".
It will be released in this spring. Please check my fan page of facebook.

Solitary walk - T-cophony (Official music video) 2014

Down spiral - T-cophony (Official music video) Remake

Chris Buck,Virgil Donati: new song from soon to be released "3 Crows" project...."Curse You Val Kilmer"

new song from soon to be released "3 Crows" project...."Curse You Val Kilmer"
Bass: Chris Buck
Drums: Virgil Donati
Guitar: Andy Kodiwein
Ambient Guitar and remix editing: Chris Taylor
Keyboards and Mix: George Whitty

Curse You Val Kilmer 12

Chris Duarte: Carlessness - improvisation to the max

Chris Duarte - Carlessness @ Dan Electros Guitar Bar Houston, Tx 2/9/14
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Texas Surfer
Chris Duarte - Carlessness @ Dan Electros Guitar Bar Houston improvisation to the max

Angel Vivaldi : second single from the upcoming Angel Vivaldi album, "Away With Words."

ANGEL VIVALDI // . . _ _ _ [HD]
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Angel Vivaldi
PRE-ORDERS NOW AVAILABLE: www.angelvivaldi.big­­way-with-words-part-1-pre-order

second single from the upcoming Angel Vivaldi album, "Away With Words."

Away With Words :: Coming 2014

Track Listing:
._ _ _ _ /one
.. _ _ _ /two
... _ _ /three
...._ /four
..... /five

Tracked at The Machine Shop in New Jersey
Produced by Will Putney, Co-Produced by Randy Lebouef

Simon Kinny-Lewis: new album being mixed by the one and only T J Hemerich

NEW Album Strat Attack - Cloud Run outro solo
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Simon Kinny-Lewis This is one of the outro guitar solo takes from a piece called "Cloud Run" coming out on my new Rock/Fusion instrumental album "Strat Attack" It features some amazing world class musicians - Violin Virtuoso Christian Howes, Michael Azzopardi on Keys, Goran Rista on Drums. It is currently being mixed by the one and only T J Hemerich ( S.Vai, Tribal Tech, Vital Tech Tones, Bret Garsed ) A big thanks to Sebastien Hue for all the art. I'm hoping to have it finished by April 2014 at the latest.

CLICK HERE!behind-the-blue-mask/c1slg to check out my Blues album " Behind the Blue Mask" released last year. It's a mixture of some of my favorite guitarist's/singers Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Robert Cray. It features Henry Rollins drummer Simeon Cain, Indonesian session greats Eko Wicaksono and Doddy Sambodo, Kenny Sorensen from Stringbean & the Stalkers, Australian session greats Michael Azzopardi, Rob Cornish and Rob Ewan...

Sergio Paganini: Smooth grove improvisation

Black Groove
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Sergio Paganini
Smooth grove improvisation by Sergio Paganini.

Facebook Page:­mental

Listen Sergio's Solo Album:

Thanks For Watching!

Wayne Gardner: Magellan's guitar player dies - rip

“Today, my brother Wayne Gardner, died from a self inflicted use of a firearm. Our family is devastated by his loss and in a state of shock. I prefer not to relay any further details until I know all the facts myself. I will always cherish our time as kids growing up and our life in pursuit of music. All the effort and joy of our unique experience is what I want to think about now. His young family is my immediate concern. Please say a prayer for his eternal soul and for his family. We all love you Wayne and hope peace in God are with you. Your loyal brother…”

thanks to

Dean Murphy: I have started a Kickstarter campaign

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Dean Murphy
ok so here is a very disturbing video i put up specifically for all you guys on youtube promoting my Kickstarter campaign to FINALLY get my entirely clean 8 string CD out and going. Below are the links to the kickstarter as well as my facebook etc. hope you enjoy and PLEASE SHARE

Drewsif Stalin: Dark Horse (Katy Perry Cover/Positive Grid Bias Demo)

Drewsif Stalin - Dark Horse (Katy Perry Cover/Positive Grid Bias Demo)
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Drewsif Stalin
A few weeks ago I was approached by Positive Grid asking if I wanted to demo their apps Bias and Jamup Pro! Big thanks to them, I love it! I've got to say, I'd prefer Bias+Jamup to quite a few other famous amp modelers! Great tone in a tiny package you can take anywhere with you! Check em out!

JamUp is a professional Guitar/Bass Multi-Effects Processor for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, praised by artists such as Periphery, Trivium, Ola Englund, Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow. BIAS is the most realistic Amp Designer, Modeler and Processor. Both apps can be integrated and work seamlessly.

► Get FREE JamUp app here:
► Get BIAS app here:
► Get JamUp Pro ap... (more)

Rob Chappers: Train your ears!

Rob Chapman
Do you want to improve your overall playing? Stuck in a rut? No matter what style/genre it's essential to understand the basic building blocks of music... and that's the "Key" to freeing yourself musically.

Otherwise you only get half the face to melt... (5th, octave etc) and that's not as cool as a whole face (b2, b5, 7 etc)

If you don't know basic theory, or maybe your teacher just teaches you licks/songs and doesn't go into theory - then I can help with my "train your ears" system.

It's fun, easy and basically gets the job done... you know me... it's not going to serious or boring.

RaWr \m/

*Disappears into the dark*

Anton Oparin,Harry Esson: Room 4 Official Music Video of 'Highlife' - web collaboration

Room 4 Official Music Video of 'Highlife' featuring Anton Oparin!
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Newbury Rock School
Room 4 are a kid band from the UK ranging in age from 11-15. Their collaboration with Russian guitarist Anton was conducted over the web with the following results!
Room 4 are George Maclean on lead vocals and bass, Harry Esson on guitar and Tom Thorne on drums.

Paul Gilbert: new web site, Ibanez FRM250MF and the G4 Experience

Paul Gilbert
My brand new official website is online! Check it out at
Lots of new photos, links, and news! Paul's brand new Ibanez signature guitar, the FRM250MF has been announced, and is available for pre-order from Ibanez dealers like Sam Ash:

Paul demonstrates the guitar and talks about its features on this video:

This year, Paul celebrates 25 years of signature guitars with Ibanez. The new Fireman is the culmination two and a half decades of this very successful pairing.

The Ibanez FRM250MF is great for playing big, resonant notes... and for waving in the air like a javelin!

More than a show, more than a seminar, more than a backstage pass, the G4 Experience will give you musical inspiration and guitar ideas that will keep you playing for years to come. Those who have attended Paul's "Great Guitar Escape" camp know that Paul puts everything into making these camps into unforgettable events. Paul will be performing, teaching, and offering everyone who attends a chance to jam with him. For the G4 Experience, Paul teams up with Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons, and Mike Kenneally. All of these amazing players will be sharing their guitar knowledge and musical insights with the campers, and doing unique, close-up performances. On August 11-15, the G4 Experience will be the center of the guitar universe. Be there!

NAMM 2014 - Paul Gilbert unveils Ibanez FRM250MF, discusses its design evolution

Ivan Chopik, Ola Strandberg: take a look at the Per Nilsson .strandberg* at NAMM 2014

Check out the detailed review at:

Ivan Chopik of Guitar Messenger chats with Ola Strandberg of Strandberg Guitarworks at NAMM 2014. Follow the link to view our picture gallery
NAMM 2014: Strandberg Guitarworks 2014

Jennifer Batten: evening of Jeff Beck music rescheduled date announced

The snowed out show of Jeff Beck music has been rescheduled for March 1 at Dantes-Portland!

Cameron Allen: sets up a Kickstarter project for the new album

The music is written! The production team is ready to go! Now we need your help to get Cameron Allen's new album recorded and released!

I'm thrilled to say that, after more than two years in the making, my new album is finally written and ready to be recorded! This album is a collection of original instrumental material that represents an exploration into new musical terrain for me.

Much of the sonic imagery painted by these compositions is inspired by events that happened in my life during a profoundly transformative, eye-opening, and life-changing period - a period of novelty, discovery, and growth, all of which served as powerful creative fuel. The artistic visions that arose in me from all this tremendous new experience couldn't be fully realized with the existing, familiar musical devices in my bag, so I set out to find brand new tools that could accurately depict my inner vision and deliver the desired effects. The result is a set of compositions that draw from elements of many genres of music: rock, jazz, Romantic-era classical music, progressive metal, Baroque-era classical music, funk, film music, and more. Furthermore, inspiration from literature, cinema, and other art forms also played a part in my approach to shaping certain aspects of the presentation of the music.

Yet, even with the variety of influences, the creative process was always guided by a definite inner vision, with each composition having its own distinct story to tell, and with the album as a whole having its own overarching narrative at work. I believe that this has given the music an episodic character that allows each track to be enjoyed purely on its own as a standalone work, while also having a cohesiveness and unity that allows the album to be taken as a whole with even deeper layers of meaning and substance emerging.

One of the most exciting parts about this project is the cast of highly skilled people that I've arranged to work with! From the musicians to the engineers to the graphic designers, the other people involved with this project at every step are total professionals, very talented, and wonderful people to work with! With their expertise and experience, the final product is sure to come out sounding and looking great!

With that said, if I am going to work with such capable and skilled folks, I need to be able to take care of them financially. In addition, the CD printing and replication costs aren't cheap, and when you add copyright, licensing, and related fees on top of all that, it comes out to a pretty hefty total! As an independent artist, funding a project like this on my own is simply not possible.

So I need your help! Please contribute if you can - every dollar counts! And remember that this is an all-or-nothing project - if the goal is not met, no money whatsoever will come from it, and I'll be back to square one! So please help in whatever way you can, and please share this page with others! Your help is appreciated more than you know! Thanks so much, and I look forward to sharing this new music with you!

-Cameron Allen

Eric Calderone: SportsCenter Fan Jam - 331Erock

SportsCenter wants to know your favorite new rendition of our iconic theme.Vote for your favorite Fan Jam artist NOW at

Full list of artists here:

SportsCenter Fan Jam - 331Erock

Fred Brum: GHS Strings NAMM 2014 NAMM

7 and 8 string guitar virtuoso, Fred Brum, sits down and talks about his beginnings on guitar, on theory, performance and making the switch to extended range instruments.

GHS Strings NAMM 2014 - Fred Brum Interview

Mike Orlando: GHS Strings NAMM 2014

A great interview with guitarist Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob, Tred, Sonic Stomp), talking about his earliest gig, and passion for the instrument and the fans. A definite must-see.

GHS Strings NAMM 2014 - Mike Orlando Interview

Martin Miller: Live Fusion Shred Improvisation Blue Note Dresden

Some recent live Fusion impro stuff with The Freakadelics. Loads of notes here, but hey, we play for little to no money so I'll squeeze as many in as I desire :P Thanks to Philipp Peter for filming. Surprisingly accurate sound from a Nokia phone!

Torsten Schubert - Bass
Stephan Salewski - Drums
Marcel Schrenk - Keys
Michal Skulski - Sax

Tune: "White Light Power" by Torsten Schubert.

Martin Miller - Live Fusion Shred Improvisation (08/02/22, Blue Note Dresden)