Friday, 21 February 2014

Mark Edwards: gets Morely pedals endorsement

Hello everyone. NAMM 2014 was great this year. It's always cool to try out new gear, catch up with friends and endorsers, and make new memories. Especially when it means leaving the snowy east coast for sunny Anaheim. My pictures are up at my Facebook music profile.

Also, it brings me great pleasure to announce I am now an official member of the Morley family. I purchased my first Morley wah in 1980 and have been an avid user ever since. So it is great to be one of their featured artists! My thanks to Bill and Randy at Morley.

And finally, if anyone is in the Atlantic Highlands, NJ area this Sunday Feb 23rd, stop by the VINTAGE VARIETY SHOP where there will be free food, friends, and some jamming by yours truly....

Sam Bell: now officially part of the Laney Amplification artist roster!

Sam Bell
I am VERY proud to announce I am officially part of the Laney Amplification artist roster!

I am super honored to be part of the same amplifier company that has shaped the sound of todays metal and rock music.

A massive thank you to Chris Taylor and the awesome team atHeadstock Distribution for making this dream possible

GRAVITY by Sam Bell (8 string funky shred guitar)

Derryl Gabel: Fusion solos - CD-ROM transcriptions of all guest solos from the Dweezilla 2013 project

Derryl  Gabel: Fusion solos

Contained in this CD-ROM are transcriptions of all my guest solos from the Dweezilla 2013 project. This includes the entire transcription of my tune "Breath of Life" (excluding the other guest soloists on that tune). 

This is some of my best soloing ever recorded so I'm very pleased to share it with you and reveal how it was played. 
I worked very hard on meticulously capturing what was recorded so every pick stroke, hammer, pull-off, tap, and finger pluck is notated. Each transcription is beautifully done in the Guitar Pro 6 and PDF formats. Guitar Pro 6 allows you to loop and slow down individual licks and or sections to practice with. If you don't have Guitar Pro 6 software I have included all the parts in the PDF format as well. Each GP6 and PDF file contains the transcription of the guitar solo, the rhythm guitar, and bass parts in guitar tab and standard notation. I have also included liner notes and gear setup as well. Over 100 pages in all! Not only that but you will have mp3s of my guest solos, my new tune "Breath of Life" in it's entirety, and even some outtake mp3s! My tune "Breath of Life" features AMAZING playing by Chad Wackerman on drums, Jimmy Johnson on bass (yes, I transcribed his entire bass track), Chanan Hanspal on keys and synth, guest guitar solos by Tom Quayle, Oz Noy, Dweezil Zappa, Chanan Hanspal, James Santiago, and Chris Buono. Go to my website home page, to the media player for some audio clips.

The Solos
1. Forty Year Journey
2. Cinco Seis
3. Dinosaur
4. Funkzilla
5. Metric Overlap
6. No I Don't Know
7. Breath of Life

When purchasing the CD-ROM version you will also get the download version. The download link will be sent once your order is processed. The download will include all the transcription files, mp3s, and liner notes. This will also be located on the CD-ROM as well. Click on a link below to order.

Click here to order the CD-ROM for $19.95
Click here to order the Download Version for $15.95

Paul Wardingham: 'Orbital Decay' at jamtrackcentral com

Get the official album backings and TAB here:

We have been huge fans of Paul Wardingham's since JTC artist Andy James sent us a link to Paul's 'Ghost In The Machine' YouTube video. Paul is our kind of player......incredible talented, skillful and precise. Paul can blow you away with technique and licks and then pull you back in with incredible metallic melody!

His debut solo album Assimilate Regenerate is an hour full of futuristic synths and heavy death metal riffs rotating between jaw-dropping leads/solos and varying levels of aggression, harmony and chaos. It is meticulously created and is of the highest production. If you love your riffs in the heaviest of ways, then this is for you!

This jam track package includes the live solo track, official album backing track, live video performance and TAB/Notation in PDF and Powertab formats of the album track Orbital Decay.

If you like your metal brutal.....and need a new challenge, then look no further!
*NEW* Paul Wardingham 'Orbital Decay' at jamtrackcentral com

Jimmy Pitts,Tom Geldschläger,Marco Minnemann: Official first video teaser for the upcoming 2014 album "Pitts/Minnemann 2"

Official first video teaser for the upcoming 2014 album "Pitts/Minnemann 2".
- Jimmy Pitts (The Fractured Dimension, Spastik Ink, Christian Münzner, Hannes Grossmann) on keyboards
- Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, Paul Gilbert, Rudess/Minnemann/Levin) on drums
- Fountainhead (Xell, The Living, Ray Riendeau) on fretted & fretless guitars
- Jerry Twyford (The Fractured Dimension, Scholomance) on electric bass.

Pitts/Minnemann Project 2 Teaser

Kip Winger,Reb Beach: Winger will release a new album titled Better Days Comin’

Winger will release a new album titled Better Days Comin’ in April, and the band has just released a brief teaser of what we can expect: an almost Iron Maiden-meets-Queen mashup of hard rockin’ riffs and big vocal harmonies.

You can check out 30 seconds of the song “Rat Race” for yourself

The album comes out on April 18 in Europe and April 22 in North America via Frontiers Records (and there’s a countdown clock

News: UK Tech-Metal Fest announce 3 all day shows in the UK

UK Tech-Metal Fest

ANNOUNCEMENT: We give you the Tech-Fest 2014 ALL DAYERS! In the build up to the main event taking place at the Newark Showground this July 10-14th we are bringing Tech Fest All Dayers to Manchester, Bristol and London!

Manchester: Chimp Spanner, Aliases, The Sun Explodes, Exist Immortal, Orion, Houston We Have A Problem and Empires!

Bristol: Main Stage - Xerath, Nexilva, From Sorrow To Serenity,...See more — with ALIASES, Chimp Spanner, From Sorrow To Serenity, Exist Immortal,Xerath, Nexilva, Red Seas Fire, Deadly Circus Fire,Aeolist and Carcer City.

Jacky Vincent: interview talking about Star X Speed Story

Q: Meanwhile, Shrapnel Records released your first solo album “Star X Speed Story” in full glory. Who was in charge for the production, mixing, mastering,… feel free to name me the most important guys that made this fabulous shred effort possible.

A: I had the whole album written and recorded in demos on my laptop before going into the studio to re record it and have it engineered, mixed and mastered by my good friend Jason Constantine in Las Vegas. Drums by FIR drummer Ryan Seaman and Bass by FIR bassist Ron Ficarro.

Q: Where’s the title based on Jacky?

A: Star crossed (x) speed story is my story told through guitar music. Hence the ‘speed story’. Star crossed refers to the idea that everything that’s happened to me was maybe supposed to. Mostly it just sounded really cool.

Denis Shvarts: with Denis Shvarts - Obscura Vortex Omnivium

+DENIS shvarts 26 y.o. Denis Shvarts from the city of Yelets (Russian Federation) has got musical background on drums, but his main musical influences are guitar players: Yngwie Malmsteen, Greg Howe, Christian Muenzner and other titans of shred.


Obscura Vortex Omnivium Guitar cover Covered By Obscurophagist (Denis Shvarts)

Misha Ryazhenka: The Opposites of My Mind! new album

Misha Ryazhenka: The Opposites of My Mind
Misha Ryazhenka
 My 3rd solo album is ready to release! It's called The Opposites of My Mind! I'd be thankful to all of You for reviews and reposts! Hope You'll enjoy!

Misha Ryazhenka - guitars, keys, composition, synths, mixing, production

Valery - vocal, composition, lyrics (Hey Guy)
Anton Davidyants - bass
Sebastian Lanser - drums

Mastering made by

Official Misha Ryazhenka web-site project web-page:

Misha Ryazhenka / The Opposites Of My Mind 2014 / Teaser

Gus Drax: Advanced Technique Lessons (Lick 6)

Gus Drax - Advanced Technique Lessons (Lick 6)
Gus Drax

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Hello guitarfellas.
Here is one more lesson for all of you. This time i have a section from a new Black Fate song called "Call Of The Wind". The song is from the new Black Fate album which is going to be released in 2014.

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Video Edit by Steve Drax

David Gilmour: The Pink Floyd Exhibition - Their Mortal Remains

The Pink Floyd Exhibition - Their Mortal Remains
Pink Floyd

  The Pink Floyd Exhibition is the first international retrospective of one of the world’s most pioneering and influential bands. more to come?

Kurt James: Radio Interview Guitar Hero Tour Japan Purple Express Narumo Dr. Seigel

Live interview and in studio performance broadcast from Japan during the Guitar Hero's tour 1988. Kurt James is one of the great guitarists from the era of shred.

Kurt James Radio Interview Guitar Hero Tour Japan Purple Express Narumo Dr. Seigel

Kurt James: the eg interview