Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bruno Monello: MMI shred guitar improvisation

Bruno Monello impro
suhr modern satin
Modern Music Institute

Bruno Monello shred guitar improvisation

Bruno Monello rock improvisation - Suhr Modern Satin

Bruno Monello improvisation over Martin Miller's backing track

Marcel Coenen: Moyra - special guitar lesson DVD available now!

Marcel Coenen


The DVD covers Marcel's song "Moyra" in it's entirely. You can expect his guides through crucial techniques like muted picking, string skipping & tapping, sweeping and melodic phrasing filmed with three cameras!

You can order the DVD easy via PayPal here:

Marcel Coenen - Moyra Lesson Video (Teaser)

Mike Chlasciak, Michael Angelo Batio, Joe Stump: Shred Guitar Masters Show announced for Mexico 2014

Sábado 31 de Mayo 20:00 hrs. México D.F.

*Boletos a la venta a partir del 21 de Marzo*
SHRED GUITAR MASTERS - MEXICO 2014 Saturday May 31 20:00 hrs. Mexico D.F.

* Tickets on sale starting March 21 *

David Locke: Battlefield Main Theme - Rock Guitar Version

I'm quite proud of this one, it's a step away from my usual playing but I've still hopefully put my own stamp on it.  I've used a Kemper Profiling Amp for the electric guitars, using Marshall JCM 800 profiles from The Amp Factory. I'm playing my Fret-King Stvdio Corona 60 through out and Takamine Acoustic for the outro. I played Bass guitar on a Vintage 1000B and Sansamp DI

And Finally... Words from pl511...

Definitely a track outside of my usual comfort zone in terms of genre and source, this cover has been seriously enjoyable to work on and watch come together. For the few orchestral elements, I'm using mainly Big Fish's Ambient Strings, and for the piano I'm using Pianoteq 4 STAGE as usual. While there hasn't been a huge amount of original writing on my part in relation to the overall mix, I'm incredibly happy with my contribution and - overall - very pleased with the result.

Pl511's Facebook -

Battlefield Main Theme - Rock Guitar Version

Just making some video clips of recording sessions of my album using Kemper Profiling Amp and Fret-King guitars.

Colour Concepts - David Locke

Bruno Palma: delighted to become a Laney Artist in Brazil

Bruno Palma


I'm the new Artist Laney Brazil.

I am very happy with the new partner! A trusted brand and quality. Used by names like Tony Iomi, Kiko Loureiro and Alex Hutchings.

Soon many novelties with Laney Amplification thanks all of Laney, Equipo!

Thanks to Mr. Ian Wright for the support!!

#LANEY #2014comtudo #JUSTPLAYIT

André Nieri: Brazilian Fusion

Original song by Andre Nieri, featuring Two Notes Torpedo CAB + Bogner Red pedal).
Guitars, bass and mixing - Andre Nieri
Drums - Vini Baschera

André Nieri - Brazilian Fusion [HD]

Simon Goldsmith: Transition - Fusion Funk Jazz Improvisation

Developing my playing style into something more interesting. My normal playing was boring. This is a transition between the two I think. Still needs work but at least I'm enjoying playing guitar again!

Backing track is here:

Transition: Fusion Funk Jazz Improvisation

Nick Johnston: Seymour Duncan - Hot Rails - NAMM

Hot Rails - Demo By Nick Johnston
Seymour Duncan Pickups
Nick Johnston plays one of his songs with the Hot Rails/Vintage Rails/Cool Rails combo that provides scorching output, expanded midrange and increased harmonics and sustain with plenty of versatility. More info here:

Devin Townsend: EMG 57/66 on EMGtv playing an exclusive instrumental

You won't hear or see this medley of classic Devin Townsend tunes anywhere but here on EMGtv. In this exclusive performance, Devin plays the EMG 57 and EMG 66 pickups. In partnership with Fractal Audio and D'Addario.
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Exclusive Devin Townsend instrumental "Willy Wanka" EMG 57/66 on EMGtv

John Browne: Monuments Performs "Doxa" for EMGtv

Monuments guitarist John Browne, gives EMGtv another exclusive instrumental 7 string guitar performance. This time, John puts his EMG 81-7 through its paces with "Doxa".
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John Browne of Monuments Performs "Doxa" for EMGtv

Sasaki,Onuma Ai,Shoko Nagasaki: Zonk-Monk - flow of time - live

played by Sasaki show yet (gt) Onuma thou Kei (key) Nagasaki Shoko (key) Iwanaga Chennai (ba) Star Hill Tetsuya ( dr)
music by Onuma thou Kei 2014.1.7 @ silver elephant\

flow of time

Isao Fujita: makaidensyo live

This is a ISAO's guitar cover performance of the group "MAKAISYOHYOKEN" theme "MAKAIDENSYO".

「makaidensyo」original video clip

Please this channnel add your favorite.

Thank you!


ISAOさんが「魔界伝承」を演奏してみたvol.1〜魔界流麗編〜(ISAO guitar cover "makai densyo"

Andy James: ESP guitars Musikmesse 2014

Andy James: ESP guitars Musikmesse 2014


Mattias IA Eklundh, Conrado Pesinato: anto Angelo booth at Musikmesse 2013

Jamming with the incridible guitar player Matiias Ia Eklundh, at Santo Angelo booth at Musikmesse 2013 in Frankfurt Germany.

Musikmesse 2013 - Conrado Pesinato jamming w/ Mattias Ia Eklund at Santo Angelo's booth