Saturday, 3 May 2014

Alex Hutchings: Laney Waghorn insane and audacious sweep picking

Alex Hutchings is one of the most amazing players to watch live... ever bone and fibre of his body is put into the music. This one is from a very early morning session on the first business day at NAMM 2014. You have to watch your volume to avoid trouble from the sound police

Alex Hutchings: Laney Waghorn Sweeper Madness NAMM 2014

Darius Wave: Taurus Stomp Head and Fretless Madness

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Gear used for this demo:
1. Hufschmid Helldunkel All Sapeli - electric guitar
2. Seymour Duncan Dimebag Darrell set (Dimebucker + SH '59) - pickups
3. Taurus Stomp Head 2 High Gain - guitar amplifier
4. David Laboga DL212FSPS - 2x12" cabinet ( second half of the demo)
5. Shure SM57 - dynamic microphone (second half of the demo)
6. Presonus 1394 - audio interface
TAURUS Stomp-Head 2.HG :: Demo, Soundcheck

My newest composition for electric guitar solo. Enjoy! :) Backing guitars - Fretless tuned to low F. A little blend of different styles - metal, funky, djent (?)...whatever.

Gear used:
1. Cheap, crap self-made fretless tuned like violin ( 5ths between strings, E1, A, D, G, C, F6 )
2. Squier Korea 96' moded Strat - tremolo and solos. OLP Silhouette used only for the video ( didn't have my Squier at home while making vid )
3. Hufschmid Headless guitar - clean funky tracks
4. Poulin LeCto + TS808 plug-ins (backing guitars)
5. TSE X50 + catharsis 1on-pres5 cab impulse..... for solo guitar
6. Behringer MIC100 tube preamp
7. Presonus Inspire 1394 firewire audio interface

Darek Wawrzyniak ( Darius Wave )

Darius Wave - Fretless Madness: LOW FLOW ( Fretless guitar )

Kostas Milonas,Alek Darson: LP Fusion Trio

This is an original song that we composed specially for our first gig at Berklee College of Music. Feel free to comment and share the video if you like it. Thank you!

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LP Fusion Trio - Razbiyachka - Live @ Berklee College of Music

LP Fusion Trio - Armageddon Blues [Cover] @ Berklee College of Music

LP Fusion Trio - Stratus

Alessandro Benvenuti: Master class announced

Masterclass intensive improvisation and technical rock / fusion ... Alessandro Benvenuti has collaborated with Frank Gambale and Prashant Aswani for the release of his solo album, Sonic Design, collaborating later with Milan Polak and Joel Rivard. Currently along with Lorenzo Feliciati and Armando Cross is part of the Sonic Flyer (Jazz / Fusion) and finalizing the debut of its group AlterEgo (prog / rock). Alessandro has shared the stage with many international artists such as Greg Howe, Andy Timmons, Mattias IA Eklundh and many others. collaborated for many years with the magazine for guitar AXE

MAGAZINE; currently an endorser for FENDER, MESA BOOGIE DiMarzio and performs educational clinics in Italy and abroad. Masterclass A not to be missed on improvisation and techniques used in rock / fusion by one of the leaders in Italy!See you there!


Saturday, May 31 -

Time: 17:00- 10

Limited seating - Reservations required -

Cost: € 15 - Reduced to students enrolled in courses: € 10
Total Shred Guitar: Corsi e docenti

Scott Jones: incredible improvisations over Krantz and Willis loops

Just working out some ideas over a looped backing track (for personal practice purposes and NOT for sale). Unedited footage archiving linear concepts. To find new ideas and reinforce existing ones, I often do "stream-of-consciousness", extended lines with little or no phrasing. Though at times, rhythmic groupings and choices of subdivisions are explored. The harmonic framework is Cm (Dorian), from which I extend, and stretch, and over which I superimpose tension through a balance of resolution within the inside framework, and altered, tense, outside concepts, based on a chromatic approach and manipulation of 1/2 step movement of simpler, inside structures like intervals and triads, diatonic modes and melodic minor modes, harmonic minor modes; and symmetrical scale structures like half-whole and whole-half diminished, and whole tone. Within those and other scale structures, half step movement is introduced between the whole step blocks that occur throughout. Half step movement is also used with triads and dyads in ascending and descending fashion, often between "like" shapes that occur within the chosen harmonic framework. Chord tones are often encircled above and below prior to resolution and can be linked by doing so to a series of chord tones. Not perfect, but an archive. ALL improvised. I tried to keep my ugly mug out of frame, but I apologize for the brief moments of my face in frame that you might encounter.

SJ D7 FUSION (Wayne Krantz loop)

SJ Cm Funk (Gary Willis loop)

This is the re-release on my own label of my C.D. "Freedom".

It is the ONLY legal and official version available for purchase.

ALL other media outlets must be avoided and are being sold WITHOUT my permission, and I have received no PAYMENT from the original release.

Scott Jones: Freedom
1. Convergence 01:57
2. Three From One 03:44
3. Mulder's Search 02:13
4. S'Corea 03:51
5. Give It Time 02:22
6. Beast of Burton 03:47
7. From Nothing 03:05
8. Remember 04:29
9. One 04:45
10. Tito's Time 02:42
11. Think About It 03:54
12. Heartland 05:50
13. Eek! A Mouse! 02:55
14. Every Time 03:53
15. Chaos Theory 02:39
16. Reflection of an Afterthought 02:08


Freedom Remastered

scottjonesmusic ©2014
released 16 April 2014
Re-mastered, AUTHORIZED re-release 16 April 2014

Scott Jones: composer, guitars, (programming/sequencing of keys, bass, drums); acoustic drums on Convergence and Chaos Theory.
Bill Elrod: sax

Produced by Scott Jones

Cover photo: Charlie Peterson

Tohpati Bertiga,Jimmy Haslip,Chad Wackerman: Tribal Dance new MoonJune fusion album available

Tohpati Bertiga,Jimmy Haslip,Chad Wackerman

MoonJune To Release New Studio Album By Indonesian Guitar Master TOHPATI Featuring JIMMY HASLIP and CHAD WACKERMAN

NYC - With Tohpati’s 3rd release (2nd as a trio) on MoonJune, recorded in Los Angeles in September 2013, we see the Beckian progressive metal riffing of 2012’s Tohpati Bertiga 'Riot' supplanted by a pairing of compositional dexterity along with the unique guitar voice that is the essence of Tohpati, one of Indonesia's most famous guitar players. Though there is no shortage of acrobatic axe-wielding on 'Tribal Dance', Tohpati’s democratic interplay with the formidable world class rhythm section of Jimmy Haslip and Chad Wackerman is the real star here – creating a powerful synergy that gives voice to the whole of the music over its parts and delivering a richly rewarding listening experience. Power chords, distorted spare note leads, chugging rhythmic grooves and nuanced jazz phrasings are all summoned up by Tohpati, as he locks in with Haslip’s dubmaster basslines and the rubber-limbed kitwork of Wackerman, creating tracks of infectious syncopation and of sufficient complexity to warrant a player recount. Aside from a few ambient vocal samples, 'Tribal Dance' is an instrumental album, though many of Tohpati’s melodic guitar lead lines feel “sung” in both song context and in the expressive way in which they are played. This diversity of guitar voicings and textures, along with the enthusiasm and chemistry between the players, will keep this disc in heavy rotation. Fans of Jeff Beck, Wayne Krantz, Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Oz Noy, and, of course, the Indonesian guitar icon Dewa Budjana, will surely want to pick this up.

“Tohpati's playing is extraordinarily fluent, effortlessly expressive and multi-textured.” - London Jazz News (UK)

“Indonesian guitarist Tohpati Bertiga spews lightning strikes across the studio, enamored by his slick-picking breakouts and shrewd use of space. He's a seasoned vet, noted by his prominent session duties and affiliation with the ultra-progressive jazz-rock band simakDialog, and his own Tohpati Bertiga power trio and Tohpati Ethnomission.” - All About Jazz (USA)

“One of the world's greatest and most versatile guitarists of the XXI Century.” - Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune

“Tohpati appears as a fantastically skilled guitarist here, displaying a wide range of techniques and styles, embracing Prog-Metal, Hard Rock, Space Fusion, blues, jazz and psychedelic, often delivered in a ‘guitar hero’ manner.” – Progressor (Russia/Uzbekistan)

“Tohpati has matured into a singular voice on his instrument as well as a composer of uncommon breadth and skill.” - Grande Rock (Greece)

“Tohpati plays a mean lead guitar, lightning fast but still with great feel and drama.” - Prog Planet (Denmark)

“Tohpati is at the forefront of modern magicians of electric guitar.” - WIld Thing Magazine (Greece)

“Tohpati's guitar is breathtaking ... from fluid Jazz passages to experimental sections and mystic moments ... just brilliant.” - ProgArchives (USA)

“Tohpati certainly knows his chops, but his playing shows a depth of feeling as well as heaps of technical ability.” – Astounded By Sound (USA)

“Tohpati is an outstanding guitarist and it's refreshing to hear a guitarist with his own voice - while he's often playing lines that are technically difficult, they never sound much like what we normally hear from a hot guitarist.” - Exposé Magazine (USA)

“Tohpati can be as fluid as Holdsworth when he wishes, playing with the mastery the progressive fusion in it's truest sense.” - Jazz Music Archive (USA)

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Jakub Żytecki: Disperse - Voodoo People and Dancing with Endless Love

Jakub Zytecki and his band playing Prodigy cover. Recorded using ZOOM Q3HD in Rzeszów on April 30th.
Disperse - "Voodoo People" (cover)

Disperse - "Dancing with Endless Love"


Hey Guys! Few days ago I post video where I experimented with synthesizers and found some interesting stuff which inspired me to compose this song.


Всем привет! Несколько дней назад я выложил видео, где я экперементировал с синтрезторами и так увлекся что написал это произведение.

Warlock's love (Любовь Колдуна)

Kirk Fletcher: UK tour... get to see this guy if you can!!

Kirk Fletcher UK tour... get to see this guy if you can... great player.

Vertex | Axis Wah: Kirk (tele)

Vertex | Axis Wah: Kirk (es-335)