Monday, 26 May 2014

Shred Sean: Hell Of A Night - pop session play through

Another pop session play through. This one was a lot of fun getting to play some country style licks. For inquires on my day rates, availability for session work, or guest solos inbox me here, on Facebook or email me at thanks.

"Hell Of A Night" Solo

Hedras Ramos: liveshow in HoChiMinh City, Viet Nam, 2014

Hedras Ramos, a short clip from his mini liveshow in HoChiMinh City, Viet Nam, 26 May 2014

Hedras Ramos
I loved the sound of the concert in Vietnam, great hosting and incredible audience, see you next time Vietnam, now to China 5 gigs without breaks and flights everyday. BTW pics of the Philippines will be posted soon

Hedras Ramos - Live in Viet Nam

Hedras Ramos - Soundcheck b4 the show in Viet Nam

Rick Graham: Fusion style Improvisation - guitar up for sale

Fusion style Improvisation - Rick Graham
Rick Graham

Jeff Beck: super guitar solo from Utrecht 2014

Mind blowing gig, and a wonderful encore performance by Jeff Beck and band, when they played the fantastic Ronda hall (amazing sound and light systems, exploited to the limit by Jeff) at the Tivoli Vredenburg venue, in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on Sunday, May 25th, 2014.

Jeff Beck -- guitar
Rhonda Smith -- bass,
Jonathan Joseph -- drums
Nicholas Meier -- Guitar.


Extract from Jeff's website bio: Jeff Beck isn't your typical guitar legend. His goal, in fact, is to make you forget that he plays guitar. "I don't understand why some people will only accept a guitar if it has an instantly recognizable guitar sound," says Beck. "Finding ways to use the same guitar people have been using for 50 years to make sounds that no one has heard before is truly what gets me off. I love it when people hear my music but can't figure out what instrument I'm playing. What a cool compliment."

Beck started his career by exploring the heavier side of rock before switching gears in 1975 with the groundbreaking instrumental jazz-fusion albums, "Blow By Blow" and "Wired ." Produced by Sir George Martin, famed producer of The Beatles, the two albums shattered people's preconceptions of what a rock guitarist was supposed to sound like. By fusing the complexity of progressive rock and improvisatory freedom of jazz with intergalactic guitar tones and a sense of humor, Beck opened up the horizon for future guitar instrumentalists like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

Inspired by the music he heard, it wasn't long before Beck picked up a guitar and began playing around London. He briefly attended Wimbledon's Art College before leaving to devote all of his time to music. Beck worked as a session player, with Screaming Lord Sutch—the British equivalent to Screaming Jay Hawkins—and the Tridents before he replaced Eric Clapton as the Yardbirds' lead guitarist in 1965. Beck left the band in 1967 and formed The Jeff Beck Group.... in late September 2013, Beck put together his new band for the Tour, comprising UK born Lizzie Ball -- Violin, Former band member Rhonda Smith -- Bass, Miami born Jonathan Joseph -- Drums and Swiss born Nicholas Meier -- Guitar.


Tom Hess: The Only Way To Succeed As A Guitar Teacher

The Only Way To Succeed As A Guitar Teacher
By Tom Hess
Any guitar teacher who achieves great success fully understands how they share a lot in common with anyone who has ever climbed to the top of Mt. Everest. Not sure what I mean?
Here are the similarities:

1. Only a tiny percentage of people have ever achieved massive success teaching guitar or the feat of climbing to the peak of Everest.

2. Climbing to the peak of Mt. Everest is a truly unforgettable, life-changing experience that that few people will ever know. Similarly, growing a massively successful guitar teaching business will give you a sense of satisfaction in terms of personal fulfillment and freedom that very few people ever experience... It’s a very special accomplishment to run the best guitar teaching business in your area and transform the musical lives of 100’s of students each year.

3. NO ONE has ever accomplished either one of these tasks without the expert guidance and coaching of an experienced trainer. Many guitar teachers have tried to become successful on their own and failed, while many mountaineers have tried to climb Everest without a trainer and failed (or died).

How Does This Relate To You As A Guitar Teacher?
From this day forward, think of achieving your guitar teaching goals like climbing to the peak of Mt. Everest. At the summit, there is a shining chest. After this chest is opened, the person who opens it is granted the power to achieve his highest guitar teaching goals. For example, he would make over a hundred thousand dollars annually through teaching alone, transform all of his guitar students from average players into awesome players or gain the type of freedom that only comes from running a successful business.

If you were aware that the only thing you needed to do to get these things was climb to the top of the mountain and open the chest, would you do it? Assuming you WOULD, you must do everything within your power to reach the summit in as little time as possible.

Of course, no one would attempt to climb to the top of Mt. Everest without the guidance of an experienced trainer and expect to succeed (or survive). Likewise, trying to develop a successful guitar teaching business with zero training will lead you down the exact same path of failure.

Why Do Guitar Teachers Fail When They Don’t Work With A Trainer?
Creating your own successful guitar teaching business requires a lot more than just knowing how to ‘teach music’. Fact is, the most successful guitar teachers focus intensely on consistent improvement in the following seven areas of their business:
  • Retaining guitar students for years at a time because your teaching consistently gets big results for them
  • Understanding how to take care of everyday guitar teaching tasks so you can have more time for yourself and your students
  • Getting much bigger and better RESULTS for your students than anyone else by expanding your guitar teaching effectiveness
  • Getting contacted by countless people every month of the year who are looking for guitar lessons
  • Helping potential students understand why they MUST take lessons with you (and only you) if they want to become great players
  • Building your guitar teaching business using referrals and word of mouth marketing
  • Being able to easily attract ‘former’ students to get them to take lessons with you again
All of these aspects of your guitar teaching business require acquiring a unique set of skills in order to become successful, much like climbing Everest requires many new skills to be developed before one can make it to the summit. That said, most guitar teachers try to build their businesses on their own and set themselves up to fail for these reasons:

1. They were never even aware of the 7 categories of business growth listed above.

2. They don’t understand ‘what’ they must do to grow in these areas or ‘how’ to do it.
My intention is not to scare you with this information. Instead, I’m simply letting you know the reality of what it takes to become a successful guitar teacher (from my years of experience mentoring guitar teachers just like you).

The truth is, it’s fairly easy to learn the steps for becoming highly successful in the 7 areas mentioned above (anyone can do it). Additionally, all the challenges that guitar teachers come up against can be overcome with proper coaching, training and mentoring.

Claim your treasure at the top of the mountain, teach guitar for a living by working with an experienced guitar teacher trainer.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a professional guitar teacher trainer, songwriter, and guitarist. He helps guitar teachers learn how to become successful with his guitar teacher teaching program. Visit his website to receive free guitar teacher training tips.

Timo Somers: two solos that made Six String Theory semi final
Aristides 010 - Matt White - Four Seasons Pickups

Timo Somers is a young Dutch guitar player, songwriter, producer and singer. He is known as the founder of Tri-Head and member of symphonic metal band Delain, legendary rock band Vengeance and Zylver.
Aristides 010 - Timo Somers - Gazette - Electric Guitar Solo

Aristides 010 - Timo Somers - Tri-Head - Electric Guitar Solo

Pablo Romeu: No Way and Soul's Voice - two rock solos for Six String Theory

Here I'm playing the end part of one of my songs called "No Way".

I hope you like!



Pablo Romeu - No Way (Ending Part)

Pablo Romeu - Soul's Voice (rehearsal)

Masahiro Aoki: Godspeed Vivix from Kawasaki, Japan makes it to the semi finals Six String Theory!

I am so stoked for Masahiro Aoki, aka Godspeed Vivix... Masahiro is from Kawasaki, Japan, but we were lucky enough to meet in Anaheim, California at the NAMM show 2014. His G5 projects have been gaining critical success and are well worth getting a copy.

Godspeed Vivix: G5 Project 4th album "G5 2013"
Godspeed - Cloudia (from NEXT)

G5 Project - Journey (from G5 2013)

Damir Puh: Six String Theory semi finalist

Damir Puh: Six String Theory semi finalist

Damir Puh - "Flathead"

Damir Puh - "Streetwise" (Jamtrackcentral)

Brandon Brown: grabs a spot in the semis of Six String Theory competition

Kudos to our very own Rowan J Parker for posting these, good enough to win a spot on the Rock Guitar section of Six String Theory competition.

Jazz Club! - Misty Featuring Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown - Epic Aeolian Improvisation

Neo Classical Shred! - Brandon Brown Plays Mount Olympus

Yoav Eshed: Charlie Parker Solo On Kim

Charlie Parker Solo On Kim (Played By Yoav)
Charlie Parker Solo On Kim, Guitar Version

Roman Nochevnyy: Between Two Realities - classy rock fusion

Roman Nochevnyy - Between Two Realities

Roman Nochevnyy - RR Blues

Andrew Riezebeek: Modern Electronic Cinematic guitar

Hey there!

Here's the second installment of my Modern Electronic Series on Youtube. For this one I decided to go with some Bonobo. I'm a huge fan of this dude and really dig the way hey constructs his beats. Love his music! What I love even more is that I get to shed over his beats whenever I want :D Hope you like it!

All the best,

Modern Electronic Series #2 - Bonobo - Jets (Shed)

Cinematic Orchestra - Awakening Of A Woman (Guitar Shed)

Maneli Jamal, Damir Puh,Timo Somers: amongst the 2014 Six String Theory Competition Semi-Finalists announced today

2014 Six String Theory Competition Semi-Finalists:

*Semi-Finalists are listed in alphabetical order by first name. Also listed are 2 videos of each semi-finalist. The Grand Prize Winners & winners in each division will be announced June 1st and selected from the below Semi-Finalists.

Full list of Semi finalists

Truth In Shredding: 200 posts... check out the last one.

Instagram 200 posts and 200 followers:

The channel is a mix of art like photos and guitar orientated imagery from Truth In Shredding guitar expeditions.

The last one I posted looks interesting

Marty Friedman: Inferno - new guitar competition coming soon

Marty Friedman
My guitar playing friends: over the next few weeks Prosthetic will be running a contest to see who can play the song, "INFERNO" the best over a back track that will be provided...why not get a head start before everyone else! BTW-it needn`t be an exact copy of how I play can do it your way-


Michael Angelo Batio,Tibi Galea, Corrado Sgandurra: Strings of Fire - the making of series filled with incendiary licks

Tibi Galea (19, guitarist, songwriter and founding member of Paradox ) can boast an unrivaled performance for someone his age: recorded his own composition with one of the greatest guitarists in the world, Michael Angelo Batio (MAB) .Who made ​​possible this collaboration is Corrado Sgandurra (a man dedicated to music, guitar teacher, and recording artist with numerous awards to his credit, organizer of the event "guitars Day").

Tibi Galea you can say that he began studying piano at age 4, but dropped out after three years because it was hard to progress, with no piano at home. He discovered guitar at 8 years old, "but I can not find teachers in this period, so while studying guitar for 10 years, my technique has improved considerably since 2010, when I met Corrado Sgandurra . I knew it was a very good guitarist, a graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, California

Full article

Michael Angelo Batio & Tibi Galea

Behind the scene: Strings of Fire - Tibi Galea feat. Michael Angelo Batio

Strings of Fire - Tibi Galea featuring Michael Angelo Batio

Joe Chawki: Forever Infinite - ripping it up

I am pleased to announce my partnership with Producer and Dear friend, Haxhi Gjonbalaj of Perfekt Blue for release of a full length Album this fall. We've got some really talented guest soloists lined up!

Stay tuned for updates!!

Joe Chawki

Guitar lessons:

Forever Infinite

George Marios Afreen messing around

Simone Dow,Scott Kay: Voyager - Hyperventilating - track from upcoming album - brilliant, get this album!

Taken from Voyager - V (IAV Records 2014)

Written and performed by Canion, Doodkorte, Dow, Estrin and Kay
Lyrics by Estrin

All rights reserved VOYAGER 2014

A Storyhorse Production

Producer: Natalie Lewis
Director: Ben Berkhout
1st Assistant Director: Martin Lundmark
Director of Photography: David Le May
Editor / Colourist / BTS: Dominic Pearce

1st Assistant Camera: Eamon Dimmitt
2nd Assistant Camera: Meredith Lindsay
Lighting / Visual Effects Technician: Dean Gratwick
Grip: Clint Lawrence
Grip / Lighting Assist: Lincoln Russell
Visual graphics Assistant: Robert O'Brien
Graphics created by: Steve Langton
Make Up: Katelyn Rykken-Rapp?
Unit Manager / Catering: Chloe Olman
Production Assistant: Cody Cameron-Brown

With special thanks to:
Frontier Lighting
Blue Forest Media
Dingbat Digital
Location Equipment
AJ Coultier

Voyager - Hyperventilating (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Simone & Scott spend some quality time together playing riffs. How cute.

Featuring tracks from Voyager's new album, 'V', which is now available at BandCamp for pre-order:
Riffing with Simone & Scott

Riffing with Simone & Scott

Jack Gardiner: Gospel Style Guitar Improvisation - in the groove

Gospel Style Guitar Improvisation
Jack Gardiner
Here was a little something I came up with earlier on today. I've really tried to focus on making my backing tracks sound more alive. With this one I played guitar and bass (hence why the slap isn't very authentic haha) and I programmed everything else!

This was the first take, blasting over the top so a few obvious mistakes can be seen throughout! I guess I was trying to think as melodically as possible when I was playing over this. It's a style I have a huge interest in and respect for but I do apologise if it's not very authentic!

If the video hits 200 likes I'll share the backing track!

For lessons with me please visit my website:

Chris Gordon: Outside Groove #12 and Shreddy Warmup

Outside Groove #12
Chris Gordon
Stretching on some outside concepts at the home studio last July

Shreddy Warmup
Chris Gordon
Warming up on the old electric twanger before a session

Vincenzo Grieco: Amedeo Cupido "In the End" - Jan Cyrka's Cover

Vincenzo Grieco: Amedeo Cupido "In the End" - Jan Cyrka's Cover

Amedeo Cupido "In the End" (Allievi di V.Grieco)

Robin Burrows: jamming with his live band

Robin Burrows jamming through some of his tracks with a couple of talented young musicians up north. It was rather large rehearsal space!

Robin Burrows jamming

Robin Burrows - Standing By

Lyle Watt: Low Winter Sun - sparkling new EP available

Lyle Watt: Low Winter Sun
Laurie Monk: "Lyle Watt is a very special talent, original playing... this album is a treat"

Low Winter Sun
1. Low Winter Sun 05:28
2. The Number Six Dance 03:43
3. A To B 05:35
4. We'll Never Know 06:15

released 22 May 2014
Lyle Watt - Guitars
Adam Reilly - Bass
Lewis Orr - Drums

Engineered by Martin Oswald and Lyle Watt
Mixed by Martin Oswald and Lyle Watt
Mastered by Dave Hollingworth
Artwork by Corey Hendrey

Thanks to Martin Oswald, Dave Hollingworth, Corey Hendrey, Danny Robinson, Adam Reilly and Lewis Orr for all of their help with this!

All songs copyright Lyle Watt 2014