Michael Angelo Batio,Tibi Galea, Corrado Sgandurra: Strings of Fire - the making of series filled with incendiary licks

Tibi Galea (19, guitarist, songwriter and founding member of Paradox ) can boast an unrivaled performance for someone his age: recorded his own composition with one of the greatest guitarists in the world, Michael Angelo Batio (MAB) .Who made ​​possible this collaboration is Corrado Sgandurra (a man dedicated to music, guitar teacher, and recording artist with numerous awards to his credit, organizer of the event "guitars Day").

Tibi Galea you can say that he began studying piano at age 4, but dropped out after three years because it was hard to progress, with no piano at home. He discovered guitar at 8 years old, "but I can not find teachers in this period, so while studying guitar for 10 years, my technique has improved considerably since 2010, when I met Corrado Sgandurra . I knew it was a very good guitarist, a graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, California  https://www.facebook.com/TibiGalea

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Michael Angelo Batio & Tibi Galea

Behind the scene: Strings of Fire - Tibi Galea feat. Michael Angelo Batio

Strings of Fire - Tibi Galea featuring Michael Angelo Batio