Thursday, 3 July 2014

Stephen Ross: jamming over the Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" - super cool solo

A little jam over the great Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo backing track. I did about 3 takes over it and this was my favorite one. I am using a Sony high def camcorder and the Roland Eband or the sounds. I love the EBand because it is nice and easy to work with. Just load the backing track and you are off the races!!

Stephen Ross jamming over the Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014 track

The Michael Harris Tranz-Fusion - "Ocean Blues"

Live at Gilly's
Dayton OH

Brian Harris - drums
Michael Harris - guitar
Rikk Manning - bass
Cody Monk - guest rhythm guitar

Video shot by Scott Capozzi

The Michael Harris Tranz-Fusion - "Ocean Blues" (live at Gilly's - Dayton OH)

Alberto Rigoni: "Chron" rhythm and solo bass (progressive metal)

Alberto Rigoni performs "Chron" bass parts (rhythm and solo). "Chron" is the third track from Alberto's upocoming album "Overloaded" out on October 1st 2014 ( In this video Alberto uses his Alusonic Hybrid signature 5 string bass and Darkglass Electronics pedals Duality & Vintage Microtubes.
Song written and produced by Alberto Rigoni
Drums by Denis Novello
Keyboards, mix and mastering by Federico Solazzo

Alberto Rigoni playing "Chron" rhythm & solo bass (progressive metal)

Nick Johnston: Guitars - Making Of Album #3 - Part 1

Guitars - Making Of - Album # 3

Part 1 of the 'Making Of' series for album #3

Drums : Marco Minnemann
Bass: Bryan Beller
Guest solos : Guthrie Govan

Guitars - Making Of Album #3 - Part 1

Francesco Artusato: a quadrilogy of interviews from the Devil You Know tour.

DEVIL YOU KNOW FRANCESCO ARTUSATO INTERVIEW 2014 from Stage AE Pittsburgh on the Revolver Golden Gods Tour


DEVIL YOU KNOW (Interview) 06/03/14 @ Regency Ballroom on CAPITAL CHAOS TV

Devil You Know Interview: Soundwave TV 2014

Interview with FRANCESCO ARTUSATO of DEVIL YOU KNOW - The Shred Shack on MyWCWP

Nick Andrew: solo from Above All Noise by Zipper Tongue on Electric Banana custom Ibanez

A few people have requested a lesson on the solo from the Zipper Tongue song, Wrong.
This shows off my Jazz Fusion side and my Scott Henderson, Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul and Allan Holdsworth influences.
Thank you to all the kind fans for your support and comments.
And of course thank you for purchasing Above All Noise

Zipper Tongue's 'Above All Noise', which can be purchased on ITunes;

or CD Baby

I played it over the backing track, DI'ing into my Blackstar HT dual into my TC Electronic Nova system, straight into the desk.
My guitar is the infamous Electric Banana custom Ibanez.

Wrong Jazz Fusion Solo, Nick Andrew, from Above All Noise by Zipper Tongue

Mattias IA Eklundh: Tonalità e tapping - killing tapping from the master

Some great ideas from the master of tapping Mattias IA Eklundh

Tonalità e tapping - Mattias Eklundh Guitar Lesson

Brett Garsed, Chloe Barry-Murphy,Dave Hill: The Chicken

Me playing The Chicken by Jaco Pastorius on the spot, no practice, with Brett Garsed and Dave Hill.

The Chicken

Allan Holdsworth live at the San Jose Cabaret 1992 - but will he play Freebird?

Allan Holdsworth performs a late night performance at the Cabaret in San Francisco, CA on February 7, 1992 (when the clock strikes to midnight, it's ow February 8, 1992) Camera: Sony Handycam CCD-TR7.

Sorry for the bad quality...

Allan Holdsworth live at the San Jose Cabaret (02-08-1992)

Renaud Louis-Servais: All Minor Blues - tasty fusion guitar from new album featuring Virgil Donati

Renaud Louis-Servais is a french fusion guitarist/composer, endorsed by Tom Anderson Guitarworks and Two Notes Audio Engineering.
Check his website:
His first album ("Iluna, 2011) is an amazing journey between metal, jazz and fusion, and was acclaimed by international guitar reviews. Listen to it:
-on iTUNES:
-CD (USA) at Abstract Logix:
-CD (EUROPE) at GuitarEuroMedia:
-CD (JAPAN) at DiskUnion:

Renaud Louis-Servais - New album guitars recording extract ! ("All Minor Blues" track)

Ben Caffrey: Monks Blues - YouTube is so big it took me nearly two years to find this!

I don't know the exact number of videos on YouTube, must be billions by now... so it's no wonder you miss some videos, this one posted in September 2012, I just found today! So a big thanks to Ben Caffrey for his Monks Blues. Subscribe to Ben's channel and make his day too!

Ben Caffrey:
Saying hi to a great dude on youtube Laurie Monk. (link below)
Here is some blues......using the Aeolian Mode...on a 7string....just like Robert Johnson would have.......maybe.
Used: Ibanez 7321 customized, Eleven Rack and Protools 8.

Monks Blues

Michele Meloni: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Michele Meloni uses the modern Strat for his cool tapping solo for #Bicio #DVMark Competition

#Bicio #DVMark Competition - Michele Meloni

Kevin Serra: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Kevin Serra with some fluid ideas in his solo for #Bicio #DVMark Competition

#Bicio #DVMark Competition - Kevin Serra

Antoine Grasser: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Antoine Grasser with some interesting ideas in his solo for #Bicio #DVMark Competition

#Bicio #DVMark Competition - Antoine Grasser

Gustavo Assis-Brasil: The number one hybrid picking author demonstrates his astonishing technique

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George Marios: talks about Guitar Idol 4

Enter Online here:
George Marios entered Guitar Idol in 2009 and since making it through to the Finals his career as a guitarist has led him to working with Licklibrary, creating his own clinics and session work!
This could be your year to shine enter online by heading to:

George Marios | Guitar Idol 4 Promo

Guitar Idol 4

Joel Hoekstra: Conception to Death (for 8 guitars)

From the VHF cd 'Very High Frequency'. All sounds are made by Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger/Rock of Ages/Trans Siberian Orchestra) playing guitar

Joel Hoekstra - Conception to Death (for 8 guitars)

Gretchen Menn, Angeline Saris: Zepparella in a interview

Zepparella Interview and Towel Throwing Extravaganza. Video by Dogg Souljah.
Zepparella Interview and Towel Throwing Extravaganza

Tour dates

Irene Ketikidi: at the Gruv Gear Musikmesse 2014 booth

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Check out Gruv Gear Artist Endorser Irene Ketikidi performing at our booth at Musikmesse 2014! Irene is an avid fan of our FretWraps and Solo Lite cart for her guitar rig.

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Learn more about Irene:
Guitarist Irene Ketikidi LIVE at the Gruv Gear Musikmesse 2014 booth - Part 1

Guitarist Irene Ketikidi LIVE at the Gruv Gear Musikmesse 2014 booth - Part 2

Xander Demos: joins the Brian Moore Custom Guitars "Artist Ambassador Program."

Xander Demos is participating in the Brian Moore Custom Guitars "Artist Ambassador Program." The company will build a guitar, based on Xander's specifications.
July 2, 2014. -- PITTSBURGH, PA -- MTS Management Group and Xander Demos are happy to announce Xander's participation in the Brian Moore Custom Guitars "Artist Ambassador" Program. The company will build a custom guitar, based on Xander's specifications.  The guitar itself, is based on the C-90, one of Brian Moore's longest standing models. Xander's version will have additional features, including 24 stainless steel jumbo frets, custom switching, Luminay glowing side marker dots and other unique nuances. Xander Demos also endorses the David McNaught Signature XD Series models, built in 2012 and currently in production.

According to Xander, the specs for his artist model are as follows: "Brian Moore's patented comfort-contour top, Basswood body with quilted maple top (aka the "Holy Grail of tonewoods"), maple neck and birdseye maple fingerboard. 24 jumbo stainless steel frets on a 14" radius fretboard - yes, 24 frets.... Thin profile neck shape. Seymour Duncan Crazy 8 custom shop bridge pickup, Duncan Jazz neck pickup with black/blue zebra theme. Recessed Wilkinson tremolo with Graph Tech Guitar Labs piezo saddles (for those cool acoustic moments), mid/dark volume switch for the piezos. No tremolo is complete without the Tremol-No from my good buddy Kevan Geier to make sure this trem goes up, down, or not at all... Sperzel tuners with the "D-Thing" on the E-string, tuned a half-step down, .009 DR strings (thanks to Steve Bello and the fine folks at DR), genuine EBMM Petrucci three-way pickup selector switch, Luminlay 1/8" side marker glow-in-the-dark dots. Controls are laid out similar to a Petrucci model EBMM but a "little" different.  This model will be done in the "Chlorine Burst" with black back and sides. Very much looking forward to this Swiss Army knife of a guitar!"

Xander continues, "Keep in mind that Brian Moore will do this in various woods/finishes but some of the things that make it my model are the things like the Luminlays, the pickups, switching and 24 frets. Details will follow on their website when this is released officially..and just to be clear, the program with Brian Moore is an artist deal based on one of their existing models. My guitar with McNaught is a guitar he and I put together. That's why the McNaught is my "signature" model and the Brian Moore is an "artist" model. I am truly honored to work with both companies. Couldn't be happier..."

Tony MacAlpine: official confirmation of latest US tour dates

Hey friends,

I'm heading out on my first tour of the USA in over a decade. We'll be playing my classic album Maximum Security in full as part of the set, along with a preview of my upcoming solo album Concrete Gardens.

Aug 01, 2014: Studio City, CA - The Baked Potato (2 shows: 9:30 and 11:30)
Aug 02, 2014: Studio City, CA - The Baked Potato (2 shows: 9:30 and 11:30)
Aug 08, 2014: San Francisco, CA - Biscuits & Blues TICKETS
Aug 09, 2014: Lebanon, OR - Guitars Under The Stars Festival TICKETS
Aug 13, 2014: Hermosa Beach, CA - Saint Rocke TICKETS
Aug 14, 2014: San Juan Capistrano, CA - The Coach House TICKETS
Aug 15, 2014: Ramona, CA - Ramona Mainstage TICKETS
Oct 10, 2014: Chicago, IL - Reggies TICKETS
Oct 11, 2014: Westland, MI - Token Lounge TICKETS
Oct 14, 2014: Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar TICKETS
Oct 16, 2014: New York, NY - The Iridium (2 shows: 8:30 and 10:30) TICKETS
Oct 20, 2014: Raleigh, NC - The Pour House Music TICKETS

More tour dates will be announced soon. For the latest updates visit the Tour Dates page.

The band is: Aquiles Priester - Drums; Bjorn Englen - Bass*; Nili Brosh - Guitar.
*Pete Griffin will be playing bass at the Baked Potato shows on August 1 & 2.

I'm also playing this weekend - July 5th with CAB at Alvas Showroom in San Pedro, CA: Bunny Brunel - Bass; Sam Aliano - Drums; Doug Webb - Sax; Nick Smith - Keys.

Hope to see you on the road!


p.s. Don't forget to check out Facebook page and Twitter profile where I check in regularly and keep you up to date with what I'm up to.

Milan Polak: "I'm A Believer" (Giant/Dann Huff) solo

"I'm A Believer" (Giant/Dann Huff) solo
Milan Polak

My tribute to one of the greatest and most underrated guitarists.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG. The song belongs to their respected owners. No copyright infringement is intended. This is used for entertainment purposes.

Richard Daudé: Shut Up & Play Competition 2014

Shut Up & Play Competition 2014-Richard Daudé-
Richard Daudé
Here's my entry to the Shut Up & Play competition 2014 :)
Improvisation recorded @ Guitar Academy (Nîmes , France)

Joe Bonamassa: Happier Times - Tour de Force Live in London

Joe Bonamassa - Happier Times - Tour de Force Live in London
For more information visit -
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Joe Bonamassa performs "Happier Times" live at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's Tour de Force Royal Albert Hall DVD.

Samuli Federley: Metal Gurus (Gurus JamUp app demo)

Samuli Federley - Metal Gurus (Gurus JamUp app demo)
Samuli Federley
Hi folks!

I made this demo video for JamUp's Gurus Amp app. It's sounding great and check it out!, www.samulifederley.c­om

Tom Quayle: Rhodes Amplification Booth NAMM 2014

Rhodes Amplification Booth NAMM 2014 - 
Tom Quayle
Hey guys - just remembered about these videos that Kyle Rhodes, the tone genius behind the amazing Rhodes amplification amplifiers, shot at NAMM this year. Kyle's amps are really incredible and do the whole range from super slick, spanky cleans to insane overdriven madness. These are pure tone machines and are built like tanks with amazing, modern feature sets. You can check them out at http://www.rhodesamplificat­ I'm also using my Fibenare Roadmaster S-type Signature TQ guitar that I'd just recieved the day before at the show! There are a LOT of notes here so if you're after tasteful playing you're in the wrong place!

Martin Miller: 20 Must Know Rock Licks

Martin Miller - 20 Must KNow Rock Licks (@
Martin Miller
Buy here:

... aaaaaaaaand here it is! Three Months after my first instructional package, here' comes it's sequel "20 Must-Know Rock Licks".

This downloadable package is contains a collection of 20 rock licks, suitable especially to intermediate to slightly advanced players. All of them are demonstrated fast and slow on video and audio, notated/tabbed accurately and contain comprehensive notes and tips from yours truly. Also included are 3 completely diverse backing tracks, each of them in 2 different tempos. This package contains a great deal of content!

If you wanted to check out some of the concepts and techniques I use in soloing and improvising in the rock idiom, this is your chance. Thanks for your great support everyone. Please support me and the good people of with a like, a share or by buying one of their products.

Also here's a massive THANK YOU for everyone, who made "20 Fusion Licks".

Robbert Hanenberg: Impro over Home of the Brave - Toto

Impro over Home of the Brave - Toto
Robbert Hanenberg
Impro over the outro section.

Georgi Stanchev: Andy James Guitar Academy Dream Rig Competition

Andy James Guitar Academy Dream Rig Competition - Georgi Stanchev
Georgi Stanchev
Andy James Guitar Academy Dream Rig Competition - Georgi Stanchev

Rick Graham: Social media - my thoughts - posted with original description :)

Suhermanto Harsono: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Suhermanto Harsonouses showing the competition is hotting up with a very classy solo for the #Bicio #DVMark Competition. Well done Suhermanto Harsono

#Bicio #DVMark Competition - Suhermanto Harsono

Atanas Shishkov: "Fusion Blues-2"

Atanas Shishkov - "Fusion Blues-2"
Atanas Shishkov

Vincenzo Cavallo: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Vincenzo Cavallo uses his trusty Ibanez to great effect with a blend of smooth soloing, tapping sequences and shaping chords. Nice job!! for #Bicio #DVMark Competition

#Bicio #DVMark Competition - Vincenzo Cavallo

Kirk Fletcher: 2014 UK Tour - a chance to catch one of the great blues players

Kirk Fletcher 2014 UK Tour Promo
Dudley Ross
One of the most respected underground US blues icons of his generation, the incredible Kirk Fletcher, will be hitting UK shores this October for a lengthy tour with Gary Moore keyboardist Vic Martin playing for both sets.

Widely considered one of the best blues guitarists in the world, Kirk Fletcher has commanded the respect and acclaim of critics, peers and fans across the globe. He is a four-time Blues Music Award nominee and has played with a variety of popular artists, including a four-year role as lead guitarist of The Fabulous Thunderbirds. He is also the frontman of his own band, having released three studio albums. A live album and a fourth studio album are currently in the works.

The tour will also see Vigier guitar wizard Dudley Ross opening the shows in the wonderful Katie Bradley Blues Band (UK), and playing guitar for Kirk, so don't miss the chance to see two fantastic musicians in one night.

Kirk Fletcher Tour Dates

Oct 16: Folkestone Chambers
Oct 17: Maidstone Pizza Express
Oct 18: London Borderline
Oct 19: Cranleigh Arts Centre
Oct 20: Brighton Komedia
Oct 21: Banbury Mill Arts Centre
Oct 22: Norwich Waterfront
Oct 23: Bolton Railway 
Oct 24: Cumbria Bar Continental
Oct 25: Newcastle Forest Hall Club
Oct 26: Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms
Oct 27: Kendal Bootleggers Bar
Oct 28: Leicester Musician
Oct 29: Gloucester Convent Club
Nov 01: Devon South Devon Arts Centre
Nov 02: Southampton Talking Heads
Nov 03: Oxford Art Bar
Nov 04: Canterbury Christchurch University Clinic
Nov 05: Whitstable Dukes

Panos Arvanitis: Gibson Les Paul Custom USA test

Gibson Les Paul Custom USA test
Panos Arvanitis
Testing Dim VLG's Gibson Les Paul Custom with my Signature amp head ARV-100 by Kourbis Amps & DIM Vlg studios.
I hope you like it.
Gear used:Gibson Les Paul Custom USA
ARV-100 Signature Panos Arvanitis by Kourbis Amps
Mesa Boogie 4 X 12 V30 Celestion
Royer R-121 mic
MD-421 Sennheiser Mic
Shure SM-57
One take no mix
Addictive Drums,Cubase 5.

Bob Zabek: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Bob Zabek with some classy ideas, including slide and wah, for his solo for #Bicio #DVMark Competition

#Bicio #DVMark Competition - Bob Zabek