Nick Andrew: solo from Above All Noise by Zipper Tongue on Electric Banana custom Ibanez

A few people have requested a lesson on the solo from the Zipper Tongue song, Wrong.
This shows off my Jazz Fusion side and my Scott Henderson, Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul and Allan Holdsworth influences.
Thank you to all the kind fans for your support and comments.
And of course thank you for purchasing Above All Noise

Zipper Tongue's 'Above All Noise', which can be purchased on ITunes;

or CD Baby

I played it over the backing track, DI'ing into my Blackstar HT dual into my TC Electronic Nova system, straight into the desk.
My guitar is the infamous Electric Banana custom Ibanez.

Wrong Jazz Fusion Solo, Nick Andrew, from Above All Noise by Zipper Tongue