Martin Miller: 20 Must Know Rock Licks

Martin Miller - 20 Must KNow Rock Licks (@
Martin Miller
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... aaaaaaaaand here it is! Three Months after my first instructional package, here' comes it's sequel "20 Must-Know Rock Licks".

This downloadable package is contains a collection of 20 rock licks, suitable especially to intermediate to slightly advanced players. All of them are demonstrated fast and slow on video and audio, notated/tabbed accurately and contain comprehensive notes and tips from yours truly. Also included are 3 completely diverse backing tracks, each of them in 2 different tempos. This package contains a great deal of content!

If you wanted to check out some of the concepts and techniques I use in soloing and improvising in the rock idiom, this is your chance. Thanks for your great support everyone. Please support me and the good people of with a like, a share or by buying one of their products.

Also here's a massive THANK YOU for everyone, who made "20 Fusion Licks".