Friday, 4 July 2014

Francesco Cavataio: #Bicio #DVMARK Competition

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Francesco Cavataio with some cool tapping, sweeping for the #Bicio #DVMARK Competition

#Bicio #DVMARK Competition [Francesco Cavataio]

Norbert Madi: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Norbert Madi Jim Beam inspired solo for the #Bicio #DVMark Competition

"#Bicio #DVMark Competition Norbert Madi"

Per Cesar Angcos Westgård: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Per Cesar Angcos Westgård with a very tasty solo for the #Bicio #DVMark Competition

#Bicio #DVMark Competition [Per Cesar Angcos Westgård]

Marcin Duński: Dirty Loops - automatic - killer guitar solo

DIRTY LOOPS-automatic-MARCIN DUŃSKI-guitar solo
marcin dunski

Dave Brons: Star - Guitar Idol 4 entry Here is an abridged Live version of Star by Dave Brons for the Guitar Idol 4 (2014) competition.
I had a lot of fun goofing around on the video. You can get free tabs and video lessons for some of the faster bits of the song on my website.
If you like the track... its available in all the usual places!

Star by Dave Brons Guitar Idol 4 Competition entry

Guitar Idol 4

Luca Mantovanelli: Bluex - Guitar Idol 2014 Entry

Hey guys!
Follow the link to vote for me :)
Your Support is truly appreciated.
Hope you like it :)

Luca Mantovanelli - Bluex - (Original 2014) Guitar Idol 2014 Entry

Guitar Idol 4

Michael Medde: Affliction - Guitar Idol 4

Composed by Protonova
Recorded at R.M.R. studio (Reunion)

Michael Medde - Original composition "Affliction" (Guitar Idol 4)

Guitar Idol 4

Karl K Koch: Leningrad - The Road of Life - acoustic - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

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This is an instrumental piece inspired by the story of the Road of Life. The music I compose is dedicated in the memory of Slavonics, who were fighting and dying on various frontlines of the Second World War. That is one among many stories which I wanted to share with You.

Composed and played by Karl K. Koch:

Video made by Adam Aljović:

Guitar Idol 4 Entry - Karl K. Koch - Leningrad - The Road of Life

Guitar Idol 4

Angel Ruiz: Viendo mas allá - live - Guitar Idol 4 entry

You can hear the whole album, on my facebook page.

Guitar Idol 4 - Ángel Ruiz " Viendo mas allá "

Guitar Idol 4

Daniel Hunter: Baião de Oito - two handed tapping - Guitar Idol 4

Music : Baião de 8
Daniel Hunter

, This music would not address the technique itself, but rather focus on composition and rhythms, harmony and a very unconventional, giving depth to the music!

to tell the truth I had long wanted to get all my licks my notebook and drop the finger that touched vairios playbacks already mastered, but I felt I should write something that really was feeling, trying to get the maximum vanity of guitar hero side, and try to make the music from the minds of all of you! I was very happy with the result, surely she'll be in my allbum!

I am already a big victory in dispute with altissimo level guitarists worldwide!

I wish good luck to all!

Guitar Idol 4 - Daniel Hunter - Baião de Oito

Pietro Venza: London, baby! - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

This is my entry for Guitar Idol 4.
My composition is a funk-fusion sounding piece, I hope you like it, and if you not hesitate to share, like and generally appreciate the video!!

Pietro Venza - London, baby! (Guitar Idol 4 Entry)

Guitar Idol 4

Pritesh Walia: Finally - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Hey guys this is my song called " Finally " and this is a play through of the song For Guitar Idol 4 i would love to play in the finals of this awesome competition so please vote :) ...there are a lot of sections in the song that have been improvised and the entire song was played in 1 TAKE !!! PLEASE LIKE ,SHARE & SUBSCRIBE and VOTE !!! THANK YOU ! If you like me stuff then please vote for ITS VERY SIMPLE, you just have to register here: Once your email is verified, just vote "10" for my entry here: Thank you so much i would really appreciate your support ** :D

Composer/guitarist - Pritesh Walia
Production /bass-Vimal Ramesh

You would be able to find the song soon on .....stay tuned !!!

Guitar Idol 4 - Pritesh Walia - "Finally"

Guitar Idol 4

Víctor Santiago: Odio al Prejuicio - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Hi! This is my new original tune called "Odio al Prejuicio" (Hate to Prejudice).
Guitar Idol:

Odio al Prejuicio - Víctor Santiago [DEMO/ORIGINAL] [Guitar Idol 4] [HD]

Guitar Idol 4

Juninho Nakagawa: Apocalipse - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Nakagawa: Official Page space:

Juninho Nakagawa - Apocalipse (Guitar Idol 4

Guitar Idol 4

Hut Rati: The Electro-knight's Life - Guitar Idol 4 entry

High quality mp3 file + backing track are available (purchase via

เปิดสอนกีต้าร์ไฟฟ้า กีต้าร์โปร่ง ukulele สนใจติดต่อ
บทเรียนดีๆ + backing track + lick อีกมากมายที่
[Guitar Idol 4 entry] Hut Rati - The Electro-knight's Life (original) -

Guitar Idol 4

Eugene Berger: As Much As Anything - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Eugene Berger - guitars, bass
Nir Nakav - drums

Eugene Berger - As Much As Anything - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Guitar Idol 4

Fabian Ratsak: Shut Up & Play Guitar Competition 2014 and Moonlight - Guitar Idol 4

Here is my take:)
Guitarspot.Gr and Yiannis Papadopoulos are proud to present the international guitar competition SHUT UP & PLAY 2014! Take place in the competition in order to have a chance in winning one of our amazing prizes! Upload your Video until 20th of july 2014!!! SHUT UP & PLAY 2014 features Irene Ketikidi as guest judge and the legendary David Kilminster as the Head Judge!!!

Shut Up & Play Guitar Competition 2014-Fabian Ratsak

Irene Ketikidi - Shut and Play Competition

here i am playing over one of my newest songs most is just i am sorry for mistakes:)
please vote for me at Guitar Idol here :

thanks alot!

Guitar Idol 4-Moonlight-(Original Composition) Fabian Ratsak

Guitar Idol 4

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse - Live Guitar Solo - Fan filmed compilation

Fan filmed compilation of German virtuoso shredder and Guitarist of the Year 2013, Thorsten Koehne's live guitar solo spot from the May 2014 Eden's Curse 'Symphony Of Sin' UK Tour.

Eden's Curse - Thorsten Koehne Live Guitar Solo

Toby Knapp,Markus Johansson: Unborn Spirits Immortal - new album from Shred Guy Records

Toby Knapp,Markus Johansson: Unborn Spirits Immortal
Toby Knapp and Markus Johansson recently finished work on their first progressive/instrumental metal collaboration, Unborn Spirits Immortal. Each guitarist wrote and recorded four songs and contributed guest solos to all eight compositions.

Unborn Spirits Immortal 
  1. "The Chasm At The Southern Corner" 
  2. "Chronic Bionic" 
  3. "Magma Chamber"
  4. "Pyrogenic Effect" 
  5. "Patient Zero" 
  6. "Rotten Hell" 
  7. "Nocebo" 
  8. "Unborn Spirits Immortal"

Fidel De Jesus: The Traveller - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

My humble entry for this year's Guitar Idol 4. I wrote this back in 2011 as a token of my appreciation and gratitude to all the people who supported and inspired me in honing my craft through the years of my musical journey. Hope you enjoy!

A million thanks to my bandmate, Tope Domingo, for helping me shoot this video and creating the intro as well.

Don't forget to vote, like and share this video guys! Thank you!

[Guitar Idol 4 Entry] Fidel De Jesus - The Traveller

Guitar Idol 4

Dallton Santos: Freak Lines - Guitar Lick - 10 seconds of freak guitar

Freak Lines - Guitar Lick
Dallton Santos

Zach Householder, Larry DiMarzio: Whitechapel for DiMarzio

Whitechapel — Zach Householder for DiMarzio
Whitechapel Guitarist, Zach Householder, plays and talks about his DiMarzio D Activator 7™ Bridge and D Activator 7™ Neck pickups, his signature ESP guitar, and the new Whitechapel album, Our Endless War.

Frank Gambale: Soulmine Live at Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Frank Gambale Soulmine Live at Riviera Maya Jazz Festival
Frank Gambale Soulmine Live at Riviera Maya Jazz Festival Nov 2013. The song is "Live Your Dream" from the Frank Gambale "Soulmine" album. Album is available here;

Marco Sfogli: 20 Essential Metal Licks

20 Essential Metal Licks

Introducing Marco Sfogli's first 20 licks series. Now this is a product that you simply can't live without if you are serious about learning a vast amount of essential bite-sized metal licks!

Marco Says:

'For these licks I wrote a simple modern metal progression and played each example in order of difficulty. There’s enough food for intermediate to advanced players and a load of ideas to incorporate in your playing and eventually develop your playing even further. Have fun!'

Each lick comes in full speed audio and video, plus a slower speed so you can analyse every little detail! Also included is the backing track at different BPM's, giving you the backdrop to work on each lick at your own pace, as well as creating your own licks. As ever, accurate JTC TAB/Notation is included for each lick, plus Marco has written up some notes for each lick to help you further.

Throughout each lick you will learn a load of ideas and techniques, including: hybrid and alternate picking, string skipping, tapping, melodic bends and arpeggios (there are even some very tasty tapping arpeggios in the mix)......and that is just scratching the surface!

So, if you are serious about metal guitar then this is the perfect package to get stuck into learning. Watch the promo video below to get a little taster of what to expect!