Pritesh Walia: Finally - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Hey guys this is my song called " Finally " and this is a play through of the song For Guitar Idol 4 i would love to play in the finals of this awesome competition so please vote :) ...there are a lot of sections in the song that have been improvised and the entire song was played in 1 TAKE !!! PLEASE LIKE ,SHARE & SUBSCRIBE and VOTE !!! THANK YOU ! If you like me stuff then please vote for ITS VERY SIMPLE, you just have to register here: Once your email is verified, just vote "10" for my entry here: Thank you so much i would really appreciate your support ** :D

Composer/guitarist - Pritesh Walia
Production /bass-Vimal Ramesh

You would be able to find the song soon on .....stay tuned !!!

Guitar Idol 4 - Pritesh Walia - "Finally"

Guitar Idol 4