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Pascal Corriu: Organik : An Epic Story - very tasty tones

Organik : An Epic Story
Pascal Corriu

Stephane Beuvelet drums Emmanuel Beer Hammond Organ Pascal Corriu guitar and composition .Recorded by Alain Pype .Mixed by Reynald Evrard .Filmed by Olivier Gaches and Sebastien Tuffery .Sound mastering by John Davis at Metropolis

Organik : An Epic Story( made loud to be played loud )

Organik release concert

Samuli Federley: studio gig clip from Peking

Samuli Federley - studio gig clip from Peking
Samuli Federley
I did a tour in China during the summer in 2014. One show was held at the local record label studio in Peking. Check out also www.samulifederley.c­om

Steve Howe: Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart - Songs From Tsongas

YES - Owner of a Lonely Heart (Songs From Tsongas – The 35th Annive...
Eagle Rock
“Songs From Tsongas” contains the concert from Yes’ 35th Anniversary Tour in 2004, the last tour by the band to feature the classic line-up of Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman and Alan White. DVD: Blu-ray: CD: iTunes: the whole of the concert from the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts. This epic show features a brand new stage set by legendary designer and Yes collaborator Roger Dean and the setlist features tracks from across the band’s career including an extensive acoustic section (tracks 11 – 18) and some tracks that have rarely been performed live.

Available Sept 22rd 2014

Songs From Tsongas – 1) Intro/Firebird Suite 2) Going For The One 3) Sweet Dreams 4) Your Move / All Good People 5) Mind Drive Parts 1 & 2 6) South Side Of The Sky 7) Turn Of The Century 8) My Eyes 9) Mind Drive ... (more)

Drewsif Stalin: Turn Down For What (Metal Cover/Jamup Pro Demo)

Drewsif Stalin - Turn Down For What (Metal Cover/Jamup Pro Demo)
Drewsif Stalin
JamUp is a professional Guitar/Bass Multi-Effects Processor for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, praised by artists such as Periphery, Trivium, Ola Englund, Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow. BIAS is the most realistic Amp Designer, Modeler and Processor. Both apps can be integrated and work seamlessly.

► Get FREE JamUp app here:
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I used a Legator Ninja 300 Pro 8 string with stock pickups tuned to Drop A with a dropped E right into the Apple iPad, into Positive grid Jamup!

Neil Zaza: Introducing the Carvin NZ624

Here is Neil taking you through all the details of his Carvin NZ624 signature guitar.

For all the details, visit the Carvin site at:

Introducing the Carvin NZ624 Neil Zaza Signature Guitar

Scott Mishoe: Kick Ass

Track posted with background visuals.

By Scott Mishoe Kick Ass

Fred Brum: Eclipse - Halo Merus 7 Evertune demo and review

My new album Transcendence is out now! :) Do consider getting it at:

Many thanks to the great Kevin Talley for the drums you hear on this track. Much love, man!

The guys at Halo guitars wanted me not to just demo but review this instrument, and suggest improvements to them, and here it is! In spite of a couple things that needed work, it's actually a very different thing than the horrors the old management put out under this brand and a very pleasant instrument to play that does sound quite nice (not to mention it won't go out of tune, courtesy of the Evertune bridge). Most definitely, a cool guitar.

Tracks are left raw, with only standard mastering applied, as to not mask the guitar's tone through my rig. This track was recorded using my Randall RD45 and Laney Ironheart Studio amps, delays added in post-production. For the tapping bits, a SND Redemptionist was used as the distortion driving the RD45's clean channel. Cab is a Zilla 2x12" with a off axis SM57 in front. Cables are HESU and the interface was a PreSonus 22VSL. "Thing on headstock" is, as usual, a GruvGear FretWrap and I used Hufschmid / Sik Pik picks and GHS strings (as always).

Thanks for watching! :)

Eclipse - Halo Merus 7 Evertune demo and review

Brian Maillard: "Another Life" Preview from his upcoming solo album "Reincarnation"

Available as digital download on Feb 01st and Feb 05th Available on physical Digipack CD ! Order on

Brian Maillard - "Another Life" Preview from his upcoming solo album "Reincarnation"
Guitar Brian Maillard - Bass Bryan Beller - Drums Yan Maillard.
all music by B.Maillard

Neal Morse: To Release Eagerly Anticipated New Solo Album 'Songs From November'

Cross Plains, TN – Much to the excitement of Prog fans worldwide, Neal Morse will be releasing his eagerly anticipated new solo album 'Songs From November' on Aug. 19, 2014! Even a style as broad and accepting as Progressive Rock has its boundaries. Prog icon Neal Morse decided to break that mold and create a challenging new album. 'Songs From November' may be his bravest outing to date. Musically, creatively, and production-wise, it’s like nothing he’s ever done. Can you handle it?! It’s an album of “normal” songs! Songs even your friends might like!

Says Neal, “I listen to a lot of different kinds of music for various occasions…prog albums when I really want to focus on intricate music…sometimes jazz and classical. But many times I find myself attracted to 'feel good' singer-songwriter albums like a Jackson Browne or Graham Nash record. So one day I thought to myself…I'd like to make an album like that! 'Songs From November' is that album.”

Morse wrote most of the songs during a flood of ideas in November, 2013. He recalls, “They just kept pouring out that month…I don't really know why…but it was great!” After the epic Transatlantic world tour was completed in March 2014, Morse set out to make 'November' a reality. And he would craft it differently than anything before.

Says Neal, “I could've gotten together with a bunch of studio musicians in Nashville and banged this thing out, but I felt like the thing to do was to get together with this young drummer named Gabe Klein and work on it as a team. He is only 18 years old and amazing! We had a great time recording these songs and many more. We actually recorded twice as many songs as we needed and picked the best ones. It was the first time I've ever done that and it was very fruitful. I sent out 21 songs to a bunch of different people that I trust and chose from their lists. So that was also a totally new approach for me.”

The final 11 songs are among the best that Neal has ever composed – and the most surprising you will hear. In reinventing himself, he was ready to explore uncharted territory. Are you?

'Songs From November' is Produced by Neal Morse and Engineered and Mastered by Rich Mouser.

To purchase:

For more information:

Jason Becker: Carvin Guitars is now offering the optional Jason Becker Seymour Duncan Perpetual Burn

Jason Becker
Big News! Carvin Guitars is now offering the optional Jason Becker Seymour Duncan Perpetual Burn bridge pickup as a factory installed option on the Jason Becker signature models.

Tracii Guns: League of Gentleman gets a Shrapnel Records release

Tracii Guns League of Gentleman
The Second Record
Shrapnel Records
19 August 2014

Tracii Guns releases the new album League of Gentleman "The Second Record" on Shrapnel Records
August 19th, 2014
Tracii Guns, co-founder of LA GUNS and the original Guns N’ Roses, and his group, “Tracii Guns’ League of Gentleman”, are back with a strong follow up to last years “First Record”. This sophomore release reveals more of their strong psychedelic rock influences and features inspired covers of tunes originally recorded by acts like The Sonics, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Big Star, The Frost and others.

Tracii Guns emerged on the LA Metal scene in the early 80’s and was a founding member of the legendary rock band, Guns N’ Roses. Prior to G N’ R getting signed to Geffen records, Guns struck out on his own and formed L.A. Guns who got their start on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip. The band was formed in 1986 and signed with Polygram in 1987, recording their first album that summer. The self-titled L.A. Guns went on to sell 750,000 copies and earned the band it’s first gold record. Tours with AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and Def Leppard followed. A video compilation from the first album also earned the band a gold video award. L.A. Guns went into the studio to record their second album “Cocked and Loaded” in the Spring of 1989. The single and video “Rip and Tear” were a hit right away followed by “Never Enough” and “Ballad Of Jayne” earning the band a platinum record. The video compilation for “Cocked and Loaded” earned the band it’s second gold video award. A successful World tour followed. The band’s third album “Hollywood Vampires” (1990) went on to sell 700,000 copies and earned a third gold album. In addition to his work with L.A. Guns, Tracii is also known for his work in the supergroup, Contraband with Michael Schenker, as well Brides of Destruction, a band which he co-founded with Motley Crue bassist, Nikki Sixx.

On The Second Record, Tracii Guns’ League Of Gentlemen reveal their 60’s psychedelic roots in this incredible collection of songs, faithfully reproduced with vintage sounds and stellar instrumental and vocal performances. The band’s charismatic young frontman, Scott Foster Harris, hails from Texas and delivers soulful performances with deep inspiration from a time before he was born. Rock fans have seen Doni Gray play Drums for Burning Tree which also included Marc “Muddy” Dutton of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Marc Ford who also played with Chris, while a member of The Black Crowes. Doni also played drums on Izzy Stradlin’s Ju Ju Hounds record as well as Marc Ford’s solo record. Craig “Patches” McCloskey comes from Philly and, while a great guitar player, he plays bass in The League Of Gentlemen. John Bird, also from L.A., is the musician that every band wishes they had: a multi-instrumentalist who knows the in’s and out’s of music and plays an important role in the song writing process. Together they combine for an impressive musical alliance that has created a captivating piece of music.





Allan Holdsworth: and made by Carvin for the Legendary guitarist Allan Holdsworth is up for sale!

Used Carvin Fatboy$1,599.99
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Color: Ash
Neck Type: Set Neck
Body Wood: Ash
Tail: Stoptail
Neck Wood: Maple
Fretboard Wood: Ebony
Inlays: Abalony Dots
Bound Neck: No
Hardware: Chrome
Pickups: 2
Electronics(Controls): Piezo, MIDI, Active
Case: None
Documentation: Certificate Of Authenticity

This is a one of a kind guitar! This was hand made by Carvin for the Legendary guitarist Allan Holdsworth! This guitar is made with 3 pieces of Ash wood (top, side, back) making it hollow and very light with amazing natural tone! It also features 3 different types of outputs: Midi (a Roland GI-20 IS included with the guitar!), Piezo (located under the bridge), and an active output as well. There are so many features to this guitar it's insane! There are 3 concentric pots which allow you to blend the output and tones of all three outputs! Also, you have an overall tone and volume pot and a toggle switch to chose between your usual rhythm and lead tones. The pick ups in this guitar were custom made for Allan. This guitar sounds so beautiful! The bonus of the Midi is you can make it sound like anything you want! All of Allan's previous settings are still on the Roland! There's more to this guitar but no room on here! For more info call (714) 899-2122 and ask for Cody!

This Item is currently on display in our Westminster, CA location.

Interested in this item?
Call (714) 899-2122 and refer to item number UC3706129
or click here to contact us by email.

Steve Lukather: Ultimate Classic Rock interview

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Steve Lukather is set to kick off his new tour tonight (Aug. 2) with Toto tonight alongside co-headliner and five-time Grammy winner Michael McDonald. Just before the curtain rises however, he took a bit of time to shed some light on what fans can expect to see at the show.

In an interview with ABC News Radio, Lukather revealed that his band intends to collaborate on a nightly basis with their golden-throated tour mate. “He’s gonna come out and play with us and we’re gonna come out and play with him,” Lukather explained. “And both of us are gonna do our sets as well.”
For fans of Toto and McDonald, the urge to work together shouldn’t come as a surprise given their intertwined histories. “Michael was in Steely Dan with [late founding Toto drummer] Jeff Porcaro when we were still in high school,” Lukather noted. He also added that the singer “was at one point approached to be in our band, but he had just joined the Doobie Brothers like a week before.”
Read More:

Michael Dolce: Music Custard interview series

Michael Dolce talks about what it's like to play guitar on T.V program 'The Voice'. He goes over his mental preparations before and during the performances. This is presented to you by Music Custard:

Michael Dolce on Playing on live T.V (The Voice)

Michael Dolce on Guitar and Influences

Michael Dolce on his Musical Journey

Chris Brooks: Music Custard's Kristina sat down for a chat

Kristina sat down with Chris brooks to chat about his career, guitar and music.
Interview with Chris Brooks

Sam Bell: Ibanez RG9-BK demonstration

Sam Bell takes us through the features of the Ibanez RG9-BK. Many thanks to Mark Latham for the video. Filmed at Ibanez UK HQ.

Neck type: Wizard-9 5pc Maple/Bubinga neck
Body: Basswood body
Fretboard: Rosewood fretboard w/White dot inlay
Fret: Jumbo frets
Bridge: Gibraltar Standard-9 bridge
Neck PU: QM-9 (H) neck pu (Passive/Ceramic)
Bridge PU: QM-9 (H) bridge pu (Passive/Ceramic)
Hardware Colour: Cosmo black

To find out more, follow the links below:
Ibanez RG9-BK demonstration with Sam Bell

Easel Kandola-Mcnicholas,George Nicol: Acoasm's debut album on bandcamp

Easel Kandola-Mcnicholas,George Nicol: Acoasm
Acoasm's debut, self-titled full length release of Summer 2012. Contains a specially re-recorded selection of songs written between 2009 and 2012.
released 18 September 2012 

All songs written and recorded by George Nicol and Easel Kandola-Mcnicholas.

1. Prologue 03:01
2. Meta 05:16
3. Asymptote 05:03
4. Threshold 05:57
5. Labyrinth 05:16
6. Would You Kindly 04:01
7. Ambient 03:40
8. Sanskrit (Ft. Robin Lave Ohlausson)04:37
9. Flourish 06:58
10. Augment 10:31
11. Epilogue 03:59

Guitar Idol 4 entry - Easel Kandola-McNicholas - Far from custard