Fred Brum: Eclipse - Halo Merus 7 Evertune demo and review

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Many thanks to the great Kevin Talley for the drums you hear on this track. Much love, man!

The guys at Halo guitars wanted me not to just demo but review this instrument, and suggest improvements to them, and here it is! In spite of a couple things that needed work, it's actually a very different thing than the horrors the old management put out under this brand and a very pleasant instrument to play that does sound quite nice (not to mention it won't go out of tune, courtesy of the Evertune bridge). Most definitely, a cool guitar.

Tracks are left raw, with only standard mastering applied, as to not mask the guitar's tone through my rig. This track was recorded using my Randall RD45 and Laney Ironheart Studio amps, delays added in post-production. For the tapping bits, a SND Redemptionist was used as the distortion driving the RD45's clean channel. Cab is a Zilla 2x12" with a off axis SM57 in front. Cables are HESU and the interface was a PreSonus 22VSL. "Thing on headstock" is, as usual, a GruvGear FretWrap and I used Hufschmid / Sik Pik picks and GHS strings (as always).

Thanks for watching! :)

Eclipse - Halo Merus 7 Evertune demo and review