Friday, 10 October 2014

Andy Alt: Kickstarter For a Revolutionary New Guitar Pickup!

A Little Thunder™ shown without it's pickup cover.
The top pickup is a single-coil sized humbucker
(no hum, 8K ohm DC resistance)

A Little Thunder - Revolutionary New Guitar Pickup

Revolutionary Humbucker Pickup adds Bass to Electric Guitars. No routing, 9V, MIDI etc. Seeks to Shake Up Game for All Genres of Music.

Featuring: Jonny Two Bags, Kirk Douglas, Jeff Kollman, Adam Levy, Brad Oberhofer, Barry Zweig, and More

Gus Drax: Shredding Arpeggios - and now up to speed

Shredding Arpeggios
Gus Drax
A new idea I'm working on.
Getting it cleaner and faster as we speak.
Hope you like it guys!
Watch in HD

Greg Howe: DV Mark European Clinic Tour 2014

GREG HOWE - DV Mark European Clinic Tour 2014
DV Mark
In October DV Mark top-artist Greg Howe will have a DV Mark European Clinic Tour, starting from Italy and continuing into Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France and UK!
If you're close to one of these events, don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the most respected guitarist in the world jamm out to some of his classic tunes, discuss his playing, take part in a Q&A session and much, much more….and you will find out all about his new signature amp Maragold!

Steve Morse, Dave LaRue, Mike Portnoy: Flying Colors - A Place in Your World - Official Music Video

Flying Colors - A Place in Your World - Official Music Video
Flying Colors - "A Place In Your World" Official Music Video from the album, "Second Nature" out now on Mascot Label Group. Order at­m
All orders come with a FREE POSTER & DVD!

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180-gram double-vinyl:


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Jack Thammarat: The JB (SH-4) - Seymour Duncan Pickups

The JB (SH-4)
Seymour Duncan Pickups
The world's most sought after humbucker. Provides slammin' output while retaining singing highs, aggressive harmonics, and just the right blend of sustain and distortion. Goes from sweet warm tones to raw rock 'n' roll. More info here:­m/products/electric/humbucker/high-output/sh4_jb_model/

Alex Hutchings: Secrets in Twenty Licks - Jam Track Central

Alex Hutchings' Secrets in Twenty Licks

Alex Hutchings has never opened up and taught any of his biggest playing secrets (infact he has never done any video teaching content at all!!)....UNTIL NOW! In this world exclusive package Alex will teach you his deepest secrets....and not just by playing....but also talking you through in lesson format. All you need to do is choose Deluxe!

Alex Hutchings Secrets...In 20 Licks (Vol.1 The Major 7th Chord) is the first in a series of licks packages where Alex has meticulously created a concept of 4 different keys to practice over in sequence within a 4-bar backing track. Alex has created 20 licks, 5 of each focusing on a different key. Each lick then has its own idea's which Alex has improvised around. In the breakdown videos that are available only in the deluxe option, Alex talks you through the main idea of each lick so that you can master it. The main goal is to get you using these incredible ideas in your own improvisations.

This essential package is available in two options:

Standard - 40 videos fast and slow, complete tab/notation, audio and track notes or

DELUXE - Includes everything in standard plus 45 minutes of video lesson content, to help guide you through the techniques, theory and delivery of each lick, plus it includes a bonus lick and 3 bonus performances!

Premium members get instant access to the DELUXE edition by selecting the +MyTracks button, visible only to members.

This is an absolutely essential collection for serious players that want to learn from one of the most sought after players in the world today. This is Alex opening up and sharing his innermost secrets.....

Check out the preview video below of what to expect and then get ready to learn from the best!!

Ben Sharp: Cloudkicker "Live With Intronaut" to be released on November 24

Cloudkicker "Live With Intronaut" to be released on 11/24 Subsume Part 1 streamed online Preorders available now

In early 2014 it was announced that Cloudkicker, one of prog's most enigmatic and mysterious artists, would tour North America with post prog metallers, Intronaut, as his backing band. Message boards and the blogsphere went crazy over this announcement, as Cloudkicker, aka, Ben Sharp, had vowed the band would never play live. The two bands piled into a van and every night played to an overzealous fanbase who knew they were experiencing a perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity.

For those unfortunate ones who missed a show, the band stopped off at Texas recording studio, The Fathom Tree, and played the set start to finish live and captured it all on tape. Century Media is proud to release Cloudkicker - Live With Intronaut, from this recording session.

The tracklisting is below.

1. Subsume Part 1
2. Subsume Part 2
3. We are going to invert.../Here, wait a minute, damn it!
4. We're goin' in, we're going down.
5. Seriosity
6. You and yours
7. Dysphoria
8. Subsume Part 8
9. Push it way up!

The album will be in stores on November 24th. The CD version is available as a digipack and the vinyl comes in 4 colors and is limited to 1500 copies worldwide, the colors and quantities are as follows:

500 Black vinyl
450 Piss Yellow vinyl (US retail exclusive color)
350 Royal Blue with Sliver & Black Splatter
200 Coke Bottle Clear and Bone split

The album in all its formats along with a Cloudkicker t-shirt, can be preordered here.

Video footage from the band's show in Cleveland, OH was overdubbed with the official audio from the album. Subsume Part 1 can be seen here:

Cloudkicker is:
Ben Sharp - all guitars, bass, drum programming, recording and engineering

Intronaut is:
Sacha Dunable - guitar, vocals
Joe Lester - bass
Dave Timnick - guitar, vocals, percussion
Danny Walker - drums

Jamie Kime, Lee Wertman: Gryphon Labs at the Baked Potato - Instrumental Rock Fusion band from Los Angeles.

Gryphon Labs: The Red Room

Instrumental Rock Fusion band from Los Angeles.

Gryphon Labs began as the creation of bassist/composer Pete Griffin.

Pete Griffin: Bass
Andy Sanesi: Drums
Jamie Kime: Guitar
Lee Wertman: Guitar
Chris Norton: Keys
Playing on the album: Pete Griffin, Jamie Kime, Joe Travers, Paul Barrere, Richie Hayward, Fred Tackett, Glen Sobel, Ed Kanon, Tommy Hardisty, Kenny Pierce, Roger Cole

Featuring a new song by Chris Norton - supposedly very complicated to play!

Performed at the Baked Potato in Studio City, CA on October 8, 2014.

Gryphon Labs at the Baked Potato

Harry Kapeliaris: Changing Time - a little summer holiday fusion for an unsuspecting pop crowd

A new idea I ve Played on the Poros Beach Bar in the Summer
"Changing Time" a new idea that was playing in Poros Seaside Beach Bar that I was in the summer, to see people's reactions !!

Changing Time - Harry Kapeliaris (demo)

Hatsune Miku: melt -Melt guitar instrumental

Hatsune Miku: melt -Melt guitar instrumental

[Hatsune Miku] melt -Melt- [guitar instrumental]

Yashikitakajin: Tokyo for Young Guitar

(November 2014 Young guitar Http://Youngguitar.Jp/yg/yg-201411 GIT SUMMIT WORKSHOP of) posts, MI JAPAN Osaka School five land protect by (Goriku protect) teacher "Tokyo (Yashikitakajin)" cover It is linked videos.

November issue of 2014 Young Guitar "Tokyo" in conjunction videos