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Alex Hutchings' Secrets in Twenty Licks

Alex Hutchings has never opened up and taught any of his biggest playing secrets (infact he has never done any video teaching content at all!!)....UNTIL NOW! In this world exclusive package Alex will teach you his deepest secrets....and not just by playing....but also talking you through in lesson format. All you need to do is choose Deluxe!

Alex Hutchings Secrets...In 20 Licks (Vol.1 The Major 7th Chord) is the first in a series of licks packages where Alex has meticulously created a concept of 4 different keys to practice over in sequence within a 4-bar backing track. Alex has created 20 licks, 5 of each focusing on a different key. Each lick then has its own idea's which Alex has improvised around. In the breakdown videos that are available only in the deluxe option, Alex talks you through the main idea of each lick so that you can master it. The main goal is to get you using these incredible ideas in your own improvisations.

This essential package is available in two options:

Standard - 40 videos fast and slow, complete tab/notation, audio and track notes or

DELUXE - Includes everything in standard plus 45 minutes of video lesson content, to help guide you through the techniques, theory and delivery of each lick, plus it includes a bonus lick and 3 bonus performances!

Premium members get instant access to the DELUXE edition by selecting the +MyTracks button, visible only to members.

This is an absolutely essential collection for serious players that want to learn from one of the most sought after players in the world today. This is Alex opening up and sharing his innermost secrets.....

Check out the preview video below of what to expect and then get ready to learn from the best!!