Monday, 27 October 2014

Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford, Jimmy Vivino: Blues Jam - Notes for Notes benefit concert

From the Notes for Notes benefit concert at the Lobero Theater 10/24/14. The stars sign a Les Paul for auction before joining in a jam with the Average Cable Band. Please support this great charity.

Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford and Jimmy Vivino. Blues Jam

Notes for Notes Jam, Born Under a Bad Sign

Michael Lee Firkins: playing like a Runaway Train - Ramona Mainstage 2014

Michael Lee Firkins: live at the Ramona Mainstage 2014 - 626 Main st. Ramona Ca 92065

Michael Lee Firkins - Runaway Train ( 10-24-2014 )

Michael Lee Firkins - Big Red ( 10-24-2014 )

Michael Lee Firkins - Cheap Sun Glasses ( 10-24-2014 )

Robert Culbertson: Color Of Time - two handed touch style guitar

This song is a remake and improvisation of a piece on my CD "A Moment in time". I felt the music is gives a feeling of being in the past and was inspired by the movie Somewhere in time. This solo piece will be on my up coming CD Colors, a collection of live improvisational songs.

Thank You for listening and i appreciate everyones support over the years.


Color Of Time

Andy Wood: The Power T - X4 Delay pedal

In this video Andy Wood demo of his "The Power T" TonePrint for the Flashback X4 Delay pedal from TC Electronic

Andy Wood's "The Power T" TonePrint for the Flashback X4 Delay pedal

Karolina Sustova: Peter Gunn Theme, Kashmir and Perfect Strangers

Karolin-um performing live at Chapeau Rouge in October 2014.
Karolina Sustova - guitar/ Petr Susta - guitar/ Vladimir Knobloch - bass/ Vladimir Petak - keyboards/ Jan Chromovsky - drums.

Karolin-um - Peter Gunn Theme

Kashmir - Karolin-um, Chapeau rouge, 11.9. 2014

Perfect Strangers - Karolin-um, Chapeau rouge, 11.9. 2014

Isao Fujita: Spark7 new album coming out featuring Tony MacAlpine

Spark7 new album coming out on Nov 15!

Kiyomi Otaka(Org)
Philip Bynoe(B)
Thomas Lang(Dr)

Guest Musician
Tony MacAlpine(G)

11/1Spark7@吉祥寺Silver Elephantにて先行発売!
Spark7 new album coming out on Nov 15!
ISAO (G) Kiyomi Otaka (Org) Philip Bynoe (B) Thomas Lang (Dr) Guest Musician Tony MacAlpine (G) e-ZUKA (G) is finally released 11 / 15! 11 / 1Spark7 @ Kichijoji Temple Silver Elephant at the pre-sale

Upcoming Shows

Nov 1,2014 Spark7 @ Kichijoji Silver Elephant ISAO (G) mi-ya (G) Yabuki, Takashi (Key) Takayuki Sakamoto (B) Kamata Hiroshi輔(Dr)
Nov 13 10,2014 Toshimi Session @ Hey-Joe Toshimi Nagai (B ) ISAO (G) Kamata Hiroshi輔(Dr) Nov 14 10,2014 Nov 21,2014 Musical Fair demo Starring @ Tokyo Big Sight
Nov 22,2014 Musical Fair demo Starring @ Tokyo Big Sight
Nov 28,2014
Dec 3,2014 SESSION OF THE SIX PERSONALITY @ Hatsudai The DOORS Hiroshi Shibasaki (G) ISAO (G) Toshimi Nagai (B) IKUO (B) Kozo Suganuma (Dr) Koji Hasegawa (Dr)
Dec 12,2014 Toshimi Session @ Hachioji XYZ → A Toshimi Nagai (B ) ISAO (G) Tsutomu large (Dr)
Dec 15,2014 Dec 16,2014 The One Night Stand Jam @ Kawaguchi Shock On ISAO (G) Hiroshi Shibasaki (G) Kenjiro Murai (B) Saika Yasuyuki (Dr)
Dec 29, 2014 Hey-Joe10 anniversary Special IK Groovin '@ Hey-Joe ISAO (G) Kumamaru Hisanori (Dr) Shinichi Kobayashi (G) Sasaki Hidenao (G) EITA (G) YU-ICHI (G) Isamu Takita (B) Yabuki Zhuo (Key)
Dec 30,2014 Trimurti AttoSilver Elephant ISAO (G) Nagai Toshimi (B) Kozo Suganuma (Dr)
Jan 12,2015 Toshimi Session @ Hey Joe Toshimi Nagai (B) Koji Hasegawa (Dr) ISAO (G)
Jan 29,2015

Pedro Santos: Download free New CD #TheoryOfEquations

Pedro Santos: Theory Of Equations

Download free New CD #TheoryOfEquations
Makes me real illusion That Finally you are able to listen to my new job. Is the most staff, mature and musical I have done until the moment and I am really pleased with the final result. I just want to thank all the people who in one way or another I has helped make this possible. I hope that disfrutéis with him.

And you can hear it all online or you download it from here:

1. Theory of Equations 04:49
2. Dèjá Vu 04:22
3. NeuroSinapsys 04:19
4. Cronology from a Life 05:26
5. Human Genome 04:57
6. The Incognity 04:39
7. Mistery of Space 04:15
8. Complex Sphere 05:15
9. Solid Geomethry 05:33
10.Your Company 03:14

Promo y Descarga #TheoryOfEquations

Fidel De Jesus, Jim Karlo Li: Dary Crayola testing Nikon D7100 for live filming

A million thanks to Dino Royo and Pao Reyes of Clockwork Spiral for the awesome video and audio! Nikon D7100 is set to 35mm focal length and 1.8 aperture

Check them out at these pages!

Watch our live performace of Race With Destiny at Tower Sessions

Check out our old demo and lyric video of Ascent Of Aquarius
Fidel De Jesus - Guitars/Vocals
Jim Karlo Li - Guitars/Backing
Francis Lim - Bass
Christopher Domingo - Drums
More Dark Crayola goodies at these pages!

Nikon D7100 vs Zoom H4n (audio comparison)

Andy James: Extreme Metal Arpeggios Guitar Lessons

Extreme Metal Arpeggios Guitar Lessons | DIGITAL DOWNLOAD & STREAM ...
Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons­s Learn how to play Extreme Metal Arpeggios guitar lessons with Andy James now available as a Digital Download or to Stream Online! Download from:­s or find out more about Stream this DVD here:

Andy James shows you how to play metal licks for major, minor and diminished arpeggios along with sweep picking arpeggios, string skipping, combination sweep and skipping, and even 3 octave tapping arpeggios, from the basic mechanics to full shred!

Andy James gives overview of this DVD, available to buy from

For more info click the link -­s

Stéphan Forté: Masterclass tour in November

Masterclass tour in November

October is drawing to an end and that means one thing: The Masterclass Tour is about to begin! For those of you who didn't book their tickets be aware that Stéphan is offering a few deals for certain venues. Keep an eye open on facebook for that!

Nov 2/ Montpellier – Oliver Pub

Nov 3/ Nîmes – Guitar Academy

Nov 4/ Marseille – Noizless (private event)

Nov 4/ Marseille – MLC Academy

Nov 5/ Aix en Provence – Le Korigan

Nov 6/ Grenoble – Guitar Land

Nov 7/ Lyon – Rock n' Eat

Nov 8/ Strasbourg – Veitz Guitars

Nov 10/ Nancy – MAI

Nov 12/ Paris – Metal Guitar (free)

Nov 13/ Brest – Concertô

Nov 14/ Nantes – Michenaud

Nov 15/ Tours – Venue TBC

Nov 17/ Sarlat – Ace Music

Nov 18/ Toulouse – BE Acoustic

Jamie Glaser: Turn it up - special sale price till November 1st

Jamie Glaser

special sale price till November 1st
Turn it up is the first and only guide to HOW To read music and sight read like the pro's do.1 1/2 hour video and a 58 page workbook filled with tips, techniques and tricks to help you become one of the best music sight readers in the world.

Jamie Glaser has recorded on over 180 albums/CD's and has read music for most.From Disney to Bryan Adams and the no 1 comedy show ever ( seinfeld) Jamie has read music and is considered one of the best music readers on the planet.

To Download the video go to

For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages:

Turn It Up! ( become a sight reading expert)

Joanne Shaw Taylor, Bernie Marsden: starts her nationwide UK tour in November

Photo Credit: © Stephen Fourie

Joanne Shaw Taylor starts her nationwide UK tour with special guest Bernie Marsden on Saturday 1st November at the Norwich Epic. Joanne will perform songs from her critically acclaimed new album “The Dirty Truth”. Tickets can be ordered from the 24 hour box office: 0844 478 0898, or booked online from The Gig Cartel.

The Dirty Truth, released on 22nd September on Joanne’s own independent label, Axehouse Records, sees her reunited with Jim Gaines who produced her critically acclaimed 2008 debut album White Sugar. “The new album is a combination of rock and blues,” says Joanne. “It’s an exciting collaboration, and hopefully, my fans will love the rockier edge.”

November UK Tour Dates

Norwich Epic Saturday 1st November
Sheffield City Hall Ballroom Sunday 2nd November
Leeds Wardrobe Monday 3rd November
Manchester Royal Northern College of Music Concert Hall Tuesday 4th November
Aberdeen The Lemon Tree Thursday 6th November
Glasgow Arches Friday 7th Novembers
Stockton Arc Saturday 8th November
Exeter Corn Exchange Wednesday 12th November
Falmouth Princess Pavilion Thursday 13th November
Salisbury City Hall Friday 14th November
Birmingham Town Hall Saturday 15th November
Cardiff The Globe Tuesday 18th November
London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire Wednesday 19th November
Bury St Edmunds The Apex Thursday 20th November

Marco Sfogli: Scott Kahn interviews a Truly ReMarcoble Guitarist

MPc: Let’s turn our attention to your current solo album, ReMarcoble. It is an amazing collection of guitar-driven songs that span a variety of rock, prog, and fusion styles, much like the other work you do. What was your approach to writing and recording the solo album?

Marco Sfogli, ReMarcobleMS: Well, I came from the experience of my first solo record, which was titledThere’s Hope, which came out in 2008, and as much as I loved that record, I wasn’t really satisfied by the diversity of songs. I mean, to me it was great because it showed all my experience and influences over the years, but it wasn’t really what I wanted to do because it sounded a little bit fragmented, in a way. There was the prog moment, the rock moment, the fusion, the country… even the country moment. With ReMarcoble, I actually wanted to make a more straight-ahead record. So getting my influences back, but more in a modern key.

In terms of writing, I started soon after finishing the first record. Some songs just came out, you know, like always happens, out of the blue. Just, I had maybe melodies in mind, and I tried to build the core of the song around that melody. And some songs were just leftovers from James [LaBrie’s] records. Maybe some that weren’t, um, maybe modern enough to end up on James’s record and, particularly “Far From Me” and “Save Yourself,” those two songs were written for James, and didn’t end up on Static Impulse. So I used those for my solo record. And also, on that level I chose the musicians according to the songs. I just sent them files, scratch arrangements, early arrangements, and I just told them, “Do whatever you want with this song. Just make it shine. Just use your musicianship to make this song shine.” And this is pretty much it.

Full interview

Steve Lynch: Autograph - Turn Up The Radio - Firefest 2014

Steve Lynch: Autograph - Turn Up The Radio - Firefest 2014

Autograph - Turn Up The Radio, Firefest, Nottingham 26th Oct 2014

Andy Timmons: Danger Danger - Don't Stop Believin' Firefest 2014

The final fling a fitting way to depart, Keep the music alive.

Danger Danger - Don't Stop Believin' / Finale, Firefest, Nottingham 26-10-14

Marc Guillermont, Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Frans Vollink: Ruud 'n Dof - super fusion.

Live performance of Marc Guillermont's colourful piece "Ruud 'n Dof" at Bunga Tjadung Stichting Nijverdal Holland 19-06-2008

Marc Guillermont - Guitar
Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Drums
Frans Vollink - Bass

Guillermont/Cornelissen/Vollink - Ruud 'n Dof

Lorenzo Venza: So what - so what do you say?

Lorenzo Venza - So what(so what do you say? - jamtrackcentral)
Lorenzo Venza
Working on this Alex Hutchtins's backing track.

Apernit Singh: The Apernit Band - Lost In Time

The Apernit Band - Lost In Time [Official Video]

The Apernit Band releases their first YouTube music video. This is a original song "Lost In Time" which has been written, composed & sung by Apernit Singh. If you guys like this video then please don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

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The Apernit Band - Lost In Time [Official Video]

Wajra [Original Song] | The Apernit Band

Allan Hinds: The Cookies Ode to Billie Jo - in amazing form!

Monday night, at the Crescent Hotel and the cookies are grooving on this Bobby Gentry tune that takes your soul down to mississippi, and the tallahatchie bridge .. you can almost taste the biscuits as the band sets the mood in this classic southern gothic /

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Red Pepper Restaurant - Pike 88

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Red Pepper Restaurant 

1. Level 1 08:49
2. Level 2 08:42
3. Level 3 08:04
4. Level 4 07:43

Virgil Donati, André Nieri, Anthony Crawford, Isamu McGregor: Club Legend Milano, Italy 2014

Highlights from Milano, Italy, in the course of the 'In This Life European Tour', featuring Anthony Crawford on bass, André Nieri on guitar, and Isamu McGregor on keyboards/vocals. Also captured lurking around Il Duomo before heading to soundcheck...

Virgil Donati Band: Club Legend Milano, Italy 2014

Derryl Gabel: Memorizing notes on the guitar Here's an excerpt from my GPS DVD. To order your copy in its entirety just go to the Shop page of my website.

Derryl Gabel GPS DVD (Memorizing notes on the guitar)

How to Memorize the Notes on the Guitar Fretboard

Alex Hutchings: Fusionetta - Live performance in Thailand Filmed by Putthabut Cash Nuyung

Live performance in Thailand Filmed by Putthabut Cash Nuyung.
FEB 2014 Concert with Jack Thammarat and Pop Woravit.

*NEW SONG* FUSIONETTA by Alex Hutchings

Misha Mansoor: Bulb Attack Overdrive Versus The Bulb Overdrive Deluxe from Pro Tone Pedals

Misha Mansoor demo of the new protone pedals... I really like the Bulb logo. quick and dirty side by side of the Bulb Deluxe Overdrive pedal and the Attack Overdrive.
Misha Mansoor's Bulb Attack Overdrive Versus The Bulb Overdrive Deluxe from Pro Tone Pedals

Psychosocial riff with the Attack Overdrive

Bulb Attack Overdrive in front of a clean Mesa Boogie triple rec

Adrian Weiss: Awkward Silence - track from the album

'Awkward Silence' from Adrians 2. solo album 'Easy Game' -
Get the CD/mp3 at

Also available at iTunes or most other download and CD shops including CD Baby!

Song credits:
Lars Zehner - Drums
Marcel Willnat - Bass
Demian Heuke and
Adrian Weiss - Guitars
Production and engineering - Tim Schulte
Mastering - Eroc (EMR)

Artwork -


The video was produced by SBW entertainmet:

Special thanks to SkyMo for great additional camera work.

Adrian Weiss plays TS Customs guitars and ENGL-Amps.
Adrian Weiss - Awkward Silence (Video Clip/ Easy Game) [HD]