Allan Holdsworth, Anthony Crawford, Virgil Donati: Live in Netherlands/ 2012

Gergo Borlai, Carl Mörner Ringström, Anthony Crawford: Wendell's World 2.0

Anthony Crawford: CHON Bass Solo

Hedras Ramos, Anthony Crawford, Andy Prado: Spain NAMM 2019

Anthony Crawford: plays the MB-R 6string with M2 Compression / Limiter

Kiko Loureiro, Anthony Crawford, Virgil Donati: live show Baked Potato in Studio City 12-20-2013

Anthony Crawford, Junior Braguinha, Hadrian Feraud: The Bass Experience - Hollywood 2016

Hadrien Feraud,Anthony Crawford: Bass Workout

Virgil Donati, André Nieri, Anthony Crawford: US and Canada September tour dates 2015

Virgil Donati, Andre Nieri, Anthony Crawford: Shenanigans - can it really go that far and at that angle?

Virgil Donati,Anthony Crawford, Andre Nieri: immense performance from Verviers, Belgium

Virgil Donati, André Nieri, Anthony Crawford, Isamu McGregor: Club Legend Milano, Italy 2014

Virgil Donati, André Nieri, Anthony Crawford,Isamu McGregor: Stunning highlights of three tracks from the US tour 2014 in Atlanta.

Andre Nieri, Virgil Donati, Anthony Crawford: The European tour dates

Virgil Donati, Andre Nieri, Anthony Crawford: In This Life - On The Road USA'

Virgil Donati,Anthony Crawford,Ruslan Sirota,Irwin Thomas: Improv Session promo

Virgil Donati,Anthony Crawford,Andre Nieri,Isamu McGregor: US tour dates

Irwin Thomas,Anthony Crawford,Virgil Donati: Nothing But The Truth

Kiko Loureiro, Virgil Donati, Anthony Crawford: Baked Potato, Los Angeles, December 20 2013

Allan Holdsworth,Virgil Donati, Anthony Crawford: thanks to fans!