Marc Guillermont, Gary Husband: USONiC - KiNSEY REPORT + FLUiD + EVOLUTiON

Marc Guillermont: Nicolas VICCARO Tribute To Tony Williams "Fred"

Marc Guillermont, Josh Meader, Matteo Mancuso, Hadrien Feraud, Lalle Larsson: The Holdsworth Reinterpretations

Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Marc Guillermont, Frans Vollink: Ourselves Alone - Bevel Around The Edges

Marc Guillermont: For my brother Alex..

Marc Guillermont: with Ranjit Barot live and recording sessions

Marc Guillermont: Some Fat Noizz with Seb Cornelissen on Drums

Marc Guillermont: Soloing on "PUD WUD" (Allan Holdsworth)

Marc Guillermont: Kinsey Report from Evolution by USONiC

Marc Guillermont: featured on Megalodon a tribute to Holdsworth on the new album Rock the Motion by Sebastiaan Cornelissen

Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Marc Guillermont, Anton Davidyants, Ray Russell: Recorderman new album available

Marc Guillermont: Working on solo parts for Seb Cornelissen's "Rain Again" Track - fabulous fusion

Olivier Contat, Marc Guillermont, Frans Vollink: Meet Itself Along The Way - Olivier Contat Project - top notch fusion

Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Marc Guillermont: Recorderman - new album pre order

Marc Guillermont, Bill Evans: Live at the FROG 2012

Marc Guillermont, Frans Vollink, Sebastiaan Cornelissen: Marc Guillermont Trio promo

Marc Guillermont: with some guitar work for a rock tune

Marc Guillermont: Recording sessions for the Now Loading project featuring sparkling fusion guitar

Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Richard Hallebeek, Marc Guillermont: Not This Time - not this time featuring a host of fusion stars

Marc Guillermont: A Pop-Rock album with singer-songwriter Carol D