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Darek Wawrzyniak: Hufschmid H6 18th Anniversary guitar

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Song You hear in the demo is nothing too original, but It's also not a cover - it was prepared for this particular demo. Based on 90s rock/metal style
Hufschmid H6 18th Anniversary guitar :: Demo

E-Da claus , Dr. Caribou, Jesus Hiro: The Excentric Fancy Bomb - Merry Christmas!

Live movie of hybrid-rock by The Excentric Fancy Bomb.
#1 「戦場のメリークリスマス~ててご橋」
2014.12.13 Ahead of Xmas, The Night of Hybrid-Rock at Souldyna in Gifu, Japan.

Dr. Caribou : Bs & Vo.
E-Da claus : Gt.
Jesus Hiro : Ds.

1 戦場のメリークリスマス~ててご橋 by EBF

Adrian Weiss: Instant Relief (live in Düsseldorf)

'Instant Relief' from Adrians 2. solo album 'Easy Game' -
Get the CD/mp3 at

Also available at iTunes or most other download and CD shops including CD Baby!

Song credits:
Lars Zehner - Drums
Marcel Willnat - Bass
Adrian Weiss - Guitars

Video shot at The Pitcher, Düsseldorf (Germany).


Adrian Weiss plays TS Customs guitars and ENGL-Amps.
Adrian Weiss Band - Instant Relief (live in Düsseldorf)

Glenn Proudfoot: Monster Licks 'Unleashed' No: 5

Monster Licks 'Unleashed' No: 5. Diminished 7 Scale. Please visit for your transcription. Thanks and I hope you enjoy! :) GP.

Glenn Proudfoot - Monster Licks 'Unleashed' No: 5

Yuri Isobe: working on a performance of Angra's So Near So Far

('-`) .. OO (did not have the ability to concentrate until the end. Laughs
Angra (Aurora Consurgens) So Near So Far Guitar Instrumental
orchestra own. last high file, self delay .. lol

Angra So Near So Far by Yuri Isobe

David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: Preston Glasgow Lowe - Silvertide - classy fusion

David Preston - Guitar / Composition
Kevin Glasgow - Bass
Laurie Lowe - Drums

Recorded by Adam Peters at TVU Studios
Filmed and edited by Matthew Robinson
Mixed by Paul Stacey at Strangeways Studios

Please visit for tour dates and other info
and get in touch so we can give you updates!

Preston Glasgow Lowe - Silvertide

Sam Coulson,Rick Graham: the online interview - 45 minutes of guitar talk

Sam Coulson: It was a real pleasure and an honor to interview one of my favourite guitarists.

Sam Coulson interviews Rick Graham

Andy James: 'Diary Of Hells Guitar' - new Killer package from the shred master

Andy James - 'Diary Of Hells Guitar' OFFICIAL VIDEO

Welcome to the new package for the song the 'Diary of Hells Guitar'. This track actually started off as a collaboration between myself and Jeff Loomis, but as schedules didnt allow I needed a new track to perform on EMGtv at the beginning of 2014. So that is the very first version of it. After sitting with the track a while I started to cement a lot more of how I wanted the track to sound. I booked into the studio with Scott Atkins and recorded the finished version you will hear on this downloadable version. The rest of the track was performed and mixed by Alan Sacha Laskow with the full arrangement written by me. The reason he re-performed my version was so he could do a better mix as in my current home set up I'm not recording dry DI signal. So it all came together to be solidified into this official version of the song and I hope you enjoy it.

BUY the track Nów for just $1



BUY the ;KILLER PACK' and get:

- DOHG track (MP3, WAV, Flac)
- DOHG backing track
- DOHG Demo version
- DOHG Official Video Playthrough
- Transcription in 3 parts (lead, harmony, rhythm)
- PDF and Guitar Pro files of TAB and Notation
- 70 minute 9-part DOHG HD video lesson with AJ
- PDF Booklet with DOHG Photo Library
- STEMS from the Pro Tools sessions
- Behind The Scenes In The Studio 'Spy-Cam' footage (over 5 hours!!!)



Track Written by Andy James

Lead Guitar Recorded by Andy James with Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studios

Track Produced and Mixed by Alan Sacha Laskow at Perfect Fifth Studio

Video Filmed at Slaley Hall
Whiskey Snug, Slaley, Northumberland
Filmed by James Sebright

Edited by Neil Jackson

Photography by Wiesia Bojko

Lesson Filmed at Omega Studios

Additional Editing and Booklet Design by Nick Able

Andy would like to thank ESP Guitars, EMG Pickups, DV Mark, Jim Dunlop Guitar Products, Gruv Gear, Arobas Music/Guitar Pro and Toontrack

© 2014

Andy James - 'Diary Of Hells Guitar' OFFICIAL VIDEO

Gianluca Ferro, Isao Fujita: headed to Tokyo, Japan in April 2015

Gianluca Ferro

In April I'm performing in Japan with Killer guitarist Isao Fujita ! We'll film a live DVD, show and clinic ! Such a huge honour !

Isao Fujita


An Italian monster 8 string guitar wizard Gianluca Ferro will come to Japan in April 2015 and we ,8 stringers, will perform together in Tokyo on April 16.

He has been featured on Young Guitar Nov issue.

This guy is INCREDIBLE. never miss it!






Nick Pierce(この人も半端ない笑)とのコラボ演奏をどうぞ!


Gianluca Ferro feat. Nick Pierce - Parallels

Gustavo Assis-Brasil: insane - Atonal Lines, Inside/Outside, 12 tone rows, Hybrid Picking, and String-Skipping


transcription available at

This etude has some Atonal Lines, Inside/Outside, 12 tone rows, Hybrid Picking, and String-Skipping. Have fun!

Chromatic Extravaganza # 2 - GUSTAVO ASSIS-BRASIL

Alexandra Zerner: 9 Stories - Shreddelicious talk to Alexandra about the new album

Alexandra Zerner

How do you know when a track is finished?

The writing of about half of the tracks went pretty smoothly and they usually needed only some technical work and polishing, but the rest were hard, some of them were even nightmares, which caused me a lot of sleepless nights and sometimes anger. Some of them were left for months, with missing parts, solos and so forth. Luckily, everyone of them was finished in time, in the best way, according to my ideas, so maybe they just had to be left for a while to ripen.

Full review and interview

Alexandra Zerner - The Seducer's Diary (Guitar Playthrough)

Steph Goyer: B Minor Improvisation - tapping and free BT

A little bit of improv over my B minor Backing track! My guitar is in Bb standard so C minor to me.

Jam to the backing track here!

Download the backing track here

B Minor Improvisation

Emily Hastings: For the Love of God - performance play through

For the Love of God by Steve Vai played by Emily Hastings
Emily Hastings
Emily Hastings plays Steve Vai. If you like, check me out on facebook, big hugs!

Fredrik Thordendal: Unbelievable package of goodies - stop the spread of HIV fundraiser

Now all metalheads, it's time to stop head banging and growling and move focus to this sick heavy Meshuggah package that gets many metal fans to feel a deep desire and drool uncontrollably. For now you have the opportunity to become the owner of a collection of exclusive Meshuggah gadgets that you can not lay hands on someone else. 

Many of the gadgets that are included are signed by everyone in the band.

The package includes: 
1st autographed 8-string Ibanez Guitar. 
2st signed cymbals use by Tomas Haake on tour and in the studio. 
1st Special Edition Pitch Black LP disc. 
1st Limited Edition Blu-ray + 2 CD digipack "The Orphidian Trek 'Live Video. 
1st limited edition + 2 CD digipack live DVD. 
1st limited edition 10th anniversary CD. 
2st The Ophidian Trek North America tour VIP passes. 2st Colossians promo postcard. 
1st 25th anniversary tour t-shirt. 

Help us stop the spread of HIV! Musikhjälpen is a fundraising event organized in collaboration between P3 Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Radio Help where a hidden humanitarian catastrophe attention. 2014 To Musikhjälpen your help to stop the spread of the virus HIV. Every 15 seconds someone with HIV worldwide, and a large proportion of them are children and teenagers. Without medication, the virus becomes life threatening. Help us in the fight to stop the spread of HIV! Thank you bid on Musikhjälpens auctions. Jetpak supports Musikhjälpen 2014, and transporting your gadget to your home. Note: Remember that your bid is binding.

Kirill Koniaev: Tribute to Kee Marcello - Padalka Enigma custom guitar

Kirill Koniaev - Tribute to Kee Marcello
Kirill Koniaev
Me playing one of my favourite solos :)
Gear used:
-Padalka Enigma custom guitar
-Humble-Bee's calbes 3 meter custom cable
-Axe Fx Ultra

Al Joseph: Progressive Metal Lick 7 - 30% OFF This pack with voucher code

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20 Progressive Metal Licks

All your progressive metal questions can now be answered with Al Joseph's new 20 licks package. Al has carefully put together 20 licks, each incorporating triads, sweep picking, tapping arpeggios, pentatonics, natural minor scales, legato and general fretboard wizardry. Each lick comes with slow and fast audio and video, which allows you to slow things down and analyse what Al is playing, so eventually you can master every lick and crown yourself a progressive metal master! Also accompanying this are notes from Al himself, talking you through each lick. Of course, JTC accurate TAB/Notation is ever present in PDF and powertab format.

Al's 20 Progressive Metal Licks package is available in two options:

Standard - 40 videos fast and slow, complete tab/notation, audio and track notes or

DELUXE - Includes everything in standard plus video instructional content, to help guide you through the techniques, theory and delivery of each lick.

Premium members get instant access to the DELUXE edition by selecting the +MyTracks button, visisble only to members.

Check out the preview video below of what to expect and then get ready to learn some seriously awesome licks!

FULL BREAKDOWN - Progressive Metal Lick 7 - Al Joseph

Mikael Carnevali: 1st Place Sibelius Fest Venezuela 2014

Band support: - Manuel Ruíz (Guitar) - Ysmael Rodriguez (Bass) - Javier Hernandez (drums) Recording: - Engineer Cruzmer Dominguez - Engineer Andrés Castro Mix: - Engineer Ruben Blasco Master: - Sales Karolay Flores Square Alfredo Sadel - Caracas

Mikael Carnevali - 1er Lugar Sibelius Fest Venezuela 2014