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20 Progressive Metal Licks

All your progressive metal questions can now be answered with Al Joseph's new 20 licks package. Al has carefully put together 20 licks, each incorporating triads, sweep picking, tapping arpeggios, pentatonics, natural minor scales, legato and general fretboard wizardry. Each lick comes with slow and fast audio and video, which allows you to slow things down and analyse what Al is playing, so eventually you can master every lick and crown yourself a progressive metal master! Also accompanying this are notes from Al himself, talking you through each lick. Of course, JTC accurate TAB/Notation is ever present in PDF and powertab format.

Al's 20 Progressive Metal Licks package is available in two options:

Standard - 40 videos fast and slow, complete tab/notation, audio and track notes or

DELUXE - Includes everything in standard plus video instructional content, to help guide you through the techniques, theory and delivery of each lick.

Premium members get instant access to the DELUXE edition by selecting the +MyTracks button, visisble only to members.

Check out the preview video below of what to expect and then get ready to learn some seriously awesome licks!

FULL BREAKDOWN - Progressive Metal Lick 7 - Al Joseph