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Steve Sjuggerud: In Your Eyes - As recommended by Jason Becker

As recommended by Jason Becker

Steve Sjuggerud performs a solo guitar arrangement of "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel at NAMM Show, 2015.

The Antares technology is onboard computer pitch-changes the strings in real-time. So, as you watch and listen, realize the physical strings are tuned standard yet transposed to an alternate tuning for this song. This technology allows the musician to instantly play diverse musical arrangements on the same guitar without modifying the guitar's tuning, set-up, or string action.

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Rick Toone | Luthier —

Antares Audio Technologies —

In Your Eyes | Peter Gabriel (Solo Guitar Arrangement)

Fidel De Jesus, Jim Karlo Li: Dark Crayola - Transcendence I: Sacred Unison

Fidel De Jesus - Guitars/Vocals 
Jim Karlo Li - Guitars/Backing 
Francis Lim - Bass 
Christopher Domingo - Drums


It's out! After a painstakingly long wait, we finally have done our first full band playthrough video! We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it for you. :)

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You can also download the track from:

A gazillion thanks to David Teo for helping us recording and editing the drums, Macoy Manuel and Tower Of Doom for helping us record and shoot vids for the vocal tracks and Nelldenmusic for the Gruvgear Fretwraps!

Shout-out to also Sam Lee of Life in Charcoal by Dana for the awesome background, Check out more of her works here!

*All instruments are recorded at home
*Vocal tracks are recorded at Tower For Doom
*Video produced by Tope Domingo
*Mixed and mastered by Fidel De Jesus

Neko Guitars -
Nelldenmusic -
Ibanez Philippines -

Watch our live performace of Race With Destiny at Tower Sessions

Check out our old demo and lyric video of Ascent Of Aquarius

Dark Crayola - Transcendence I: Sacred Unison (playthrough)

Emir Hot,Tina Hristova: Emir Hot - Synergy - Filmed in London 2014

Composed, arranged, produced and directed by Emir Hot

Guitars - Emir Hot
Drums - Atma Anur
Keyboards - Maestro Mistheria
Guest solo (1:31 - 1:44) - Tina Hristova

Recorded at home
Mixed by Boban Vasileski in Macedonia, Skopje
Mastered by Dado Marusic (Studio Deva - Split, Croatia)
Filmed by Vedad Ribic and Evgeni Jeliazkov with Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Video editing by Muris Halilovic (
Camera assistant - Jenni Nicolson
Support from Bihac on (3:48) - Nensi Hadzic

Special Thanks to Dragomir Herendic - Dragianni and Vladimir Ruzicic - Kebac for mastering the track

Very Special thanks to "Team Synergy Moon" and Nebojsa Stanojevic for sending this song to space

Filmed in London, October 2014.
Emir Hot - Synergy (Feat. Tina Hristova)

Irene Ketikidi: ripping it up on Martial Arts & Magic Tricks live

Live performance of the title track from "Martial Arts & Magic Tricks" album - available on CD and itunes:

Irene Ketikidi Band plays live *Stage 1: Martial A

Joanne Shaw Taylor: one of the best from the new wave of female blues gives a guitar masterclass

Joanne Shaw Taylor Masterclass recorded with Dime, more info here;

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Guitar Masterclass

Guthrie Govan: Chip Ellis Discuss Guthrie's Signature Charvel NAMM 2015

Watch as Fender Masterbuilder, Chip Ellis, talks with guitar virtuoso, Guthrie Govan, about his Charvel Signature guitar and the process of building it.

NAMM '15 Guthrie Govan and Chip Ellis Discuss Guthrie's Signature Charvel

Misha Mansoor: New Signature Jackson Guitar NAMM 2015

We were lucky enough to spend some time with Periphery's own Misha Mansoor backstage at NAMM 2015 to discuss all things related to his new signature Jackson USA models, including the Bulb. To say that we were excited to get this exclusive interview with Misha Mansoor would be a serious understatement, and it was a pleasure to speak with the guitarist from Periphery in a one-on-one setting. Watch the video below as Misha explains in great detail about what went into this amazing signature model (available in 6 and 7 string versions).

NAMM '15 Interview With Misha Mansoor and His New Signature Jackson Guitar

Jason Richardson: shredding up ESP NAMM 2015

We caught Jason's entire set at the Ernie Ball Music Man booth at NAMM 2015. Awesome player, awesome dude.

Jason Richardson NAMM 2015

Richie Kotzen: RK5 Interview Gold Rush Live from NAMM 2015

The Fly Rig 5 from Tech 21 is essentially an entire pedalboard in one compact unit. It's not so much a multi-effects pedal as it is a bunch of great pedals molded together. It has everything you need - rich and dynamic Plexi-style distortion, boost options, a 3-band EQ, delay, and reverb. This Richie Kotzen signature version of the Fly Rig adds the renowned OMG overdrive to the mix. It's the perfect everything-in-one-box kind of tool. Tech 21's infamous SansAmp tube amp emulator is pre-voiced for clean tones and makes it easy to run straight to a PA or mixer. The on-board reverb is lush and dynamic, and the delay is modeled after a vintage tape echo. Richie Kotzen's OMG overdrive pedal has been invited to the party as well. Voiced to emulate the natural, vibrant way that class A tube amps break up, this is some of the best sounding pedal distortion you'll hear. There's also a boost function that offers up to 28dB of kick. It's great for when you need to step out and solo, but it can also work on its own with the clean sound. Everything is 100% analog, so the sound is always organic and responsive. This is one of those "sell the rest of your collection" types of pedals.

Specs: Tech 21 RK5 Richie Kotzen Signature Fly Rig All Analog Multi Effects Unit SansAmp Section: Vintage Tube Amp Emulator w/ 3 Band EQ, Reverb, Level, Drive OMG Overdrive Section: Level, Tone, Drive, Boost Boost Switch on OMG for up to +28dB DLA Section: Delay w/ Level, Repeats, Drift and Time Controls Tap Tempo Power Supply Included: 12V DC Power Supply Auto-Adjusts to 100V-240V (can be used anywhere in the world with the proper plug/travel adapter for the host country)


Richie Kotzen RK5 Interview Gold Rush Live from NAMM 2015

NAMM: New Schecter Guitars for NAMM 2015

For more info on new Schecter Guitars visit:

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New Schecter Guitars for NAMM 2015

Dave Weiner: Awesome & simple Tapping Lesson

Here's the tab for this lesson:

1/13/15 - Awesome & simple Tapping Lesson

Focus was on using diads, short sweeps, chromatic sequences and a new "4:8" sequence.

1/11/15 - Sunday morning improv in E Minor

1/9/15 - Fun with the Electro-Harmonix Micro POG this afternoon...

Rick Graham: Legato Gains

Hi guys, this is a clip from a brand new lesson I have just released. Learn it y'all! Get the full download here:

Rick Graham: Legato Gains

Richard Daudé: Random Shred - legato style

What it says on the side of the can - random shred :)

Testing new camera (Canon EOS 700D )

Francesco Fareri: GHS Strings - Virtual Mind - NAMM 2015

Francesco Fareri: GHS Strings - Virtual Mind - NAMM 2015

NAMM 2015 Anaheim CA USA Januay 24th

Francesco Fareri performing solo songs for GHS Strings.

Guitar Lessons in Rome or by Skype

NAMM 2015 GHS Strings / Francesco Fareri - Virtual Mind

Chris Poland: OHM playing at eminence booth at NAMM 2015

chris Poland from ohm shredding on the guitar

OHM playing at eminence booth at NAMM 2015

Allan Marcus: Frying out KSR Amplification NAMM 2015

Kudos Alex Chapman - Allan Marcus checking out the KSR Ares 50 at the 2015 NAMM show in Anaheim.

Allan Marcus @ KSR Amplification NAMM '15

Ola Strandberg: New Strandberg Boden OS Line NAMM 2015

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