Emir Hot,Tina Hristova: Emir Hot - Synergy - Filmed in London 2014

Composed, arranged, produced and directed by Emir Hot

Guitars - Emir Hot
Drums - Atma Anur
Keyboards - Maestro Mistheria
Guest solo (1:31 - 1:44) - Tina Hristova

Recorded at home
Mixed by Boban Vasileski in Macedonia, Skopje
Mastered by Dado Marusic (Studio Deva - Split, Croatia)
Filmed by Vedad Ribic and Evgeni Jeliazkov with Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Video editing by Muris Halilovic (murisfiction@gmail.com)
Camera assistant - Jenni Nicolson
Support from Bihac on (3:48) - Nensi Hadzic

Special Thanks to Dragomir Herendic - Dragianni and Vladimir Ruzicic - Kebac for mastering the track

Very Special thanks to "Team Synergy Moon" and Nebojsa Stanojevic for sending this song to space

Filmed in London, October 2014.
Emir Hot - Synergy (Feat. Tina Hristova)