Saturday, 7 February 2015

Rabih Saad: Carvin DC600 custom shop USA in blue satin finish - ripping it up

E minor progression played on my Carvin custom shop DC600 in Blues mist metallic finish. Played thro the Legacy 3 amplifier with the Legacy vintage 30 celestion speakers. Plz subscribe to my channel if you like the video.
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Backing track is provided by Vito Astone's channel:

Carvin DC600 custom shop USA in blue satin finish. Legacy3 amplifier with a V30 Legacy cabinet.

Victoria Blanchard: Pretty Day Jamz - blues skies and cool tones - one to watch or sure!

Pretty day, guitar tone of bliss, car, and Batman. Need I say more?

Pretty Day Jamz

Tim Henson: Bittersweet - nearing 50,000 subscribers on YouTube

Tim's first single as a solo artist. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and support him below!

Guitar tab/tone:

Mixed and mastered by Scott LePage
Tim Henson | Bittersweet

Rob Garland: New Lesson For Coffee Break Grooves - Jazz Fusion 2-8

In this lesson TrueFire instructor Rob Garland talks about some improvisation suggestions for playing over the Coffee Break Grooves backing track "Jazz Fusion 2-8."

Read more about Rob at

Rob Garland Coffee Break Grooves Guitar Lesson Jazz Fusion 2-8 Backing Tracks Jam Tracks TrueFire

Adrian Belew: Presents Newest Music In An App - FLUX by belew

Nashville, TN - Guitar legend Adrian Belew has just released his newest music – and it’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. FLUX by belew™ is music that is never the same twice...think about that for a moment. This new revolution in music provides listeners with a mobile “listening experience” that blends music and art all in one accessible iOS application. Now you have access to hundreds of combinations of new Adrian Belew songs, snippets and sound bites that have been cut up, randomized and reassembled in a way that's surprising and unique. The app embodies the future of technology and taps into what we love most about the Internet and social media: it’s always changing and moving forward. Developed in Amsterdam by MOBGEN and recorded by Belew himself, the musical roulette engine within FLUX by belew randomly connects sounds and beautiful visuals together using different algorithms to produce endless variations.

“I wanted to involve art and nature in the recordings – not just songs and music but also the feeling of life itself, where things are different all the time,” says Belew. He intends to keep adding to FLUX to make it truly an ever-evolving experience.

Adrian’s newest music in the FLUX by belew app is currently available for iPhones and iPads through the iTunes store for $9.99.
For more information go to:

FLUX:FX is a multi-effect audio processor app for the iPad that lets you ‘play’ your effects. Innovative, intuitive and exciting, FLUX:FX lets you manipulate any audio signal into something entirely new, and redefines the possibilities of audio design and live performance in an app with an almost unlimited range of effect options. FLUX:FX is a truly authentic digital platform for designing your sound. Featuring more than 30 modular effects blocks, a master Performance view with 1-touch interaction, an advanced Edit view with multi-touch and full assignment possibilities, and an innovative Sequencer view to bring motion to the audio signal, this app allows the user to easily create previously unheard sounds. Fully compatible with Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and MIDI, FLUX:FX is made to connect seamlessly with existing live rigs and studio workflows.

Full details on the FLUX:FX application can be found at, and tutorial videos can be seen here.

Adrian Belew is the world’s greatest experimental whammy twang bar, czar rhino, stunt guitarist extraordinaire. With a resume that features some of the biggest names in music including David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Nine Inch Nails, King Crimson, Talking Heads, Paul Simon and Tori Amos, Adrian is famous for pushing the boundaries of the guitar in both technical and tonal exploration. Today, Adrian Belew lives in Nashville, TN, touring the world and focusing on music and visual art that expands into the digital world through his latest creations, FLUX by belew and FLUX:FX.

Adrian Belew's official website:

Mark Wingfield: Proof Of Light released on MoonJune Records... stunning fusion

Proof Of Light released on MoonJune Records.

For more info:
MoonJune Records
Mark Wingfield's website

Mark Wingfield plays an excerpt from "Way to Etretat" and announces Proof Of Light.

Jason Sadites: Amps & Axes Quick Lick #6

This week Jason shows you a fun A minor lick to get your fingers moving!

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Amps & Axes Quick Lick #6 with Jason Sadites

Panos Arvanitis: Ballad in D Minor Yngwie Malmsteen Inspired

Ballad in D Minor Yngwie Malmsteen Inspired.Just an improvisation,no editing,no correction.

Ballad in D Minor Yngwie Malmsteen Inspired

Renaud Louis-Servais, Virgil Donati: "Epic Circus" new album coming soon


1/26/15 shooting at MDM studios (Los Angeles)
Renaud Louis-Servais - guitars, composition
Virgil Donati - drums
Philippe Saisse - keyboards
Henri Dorina - bass

Listen to the full track on SoundCloud:

Renaud Louis-Servais is a french fusion guitarist/composer, endorsed by Tom Anderson Guitarworks and Two Notes Audio Engineering.

Check his website:

His first album ("Iluna, 2011) is an amazing journey between metal, jazz and fusion, and was acclaimed by international guitar reviews. Listen to it:

-on iTUNES:
-CD (USA) at Abstract Logix:
-CD (EUROPE) at GuitarEuroMedia:
-CD (JAPAN) at DiskUnion:

Renaud Louis-Servais - "Epic Circus" video clip session

Nita Strauss: Metal Life Magazine interview

Metal Life Magazine had the privilege of interviewing a variety of musicians during Monster Cable's press event for the release of the Hired Gun Documentary. Karila spoke to Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss about her participation in the film, her love for thrash metal, and how she learned to play funk music in a matter of days!

NAMM 2015: An Interview with Nita Strauss

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: European tour dates for the Iron Maidens!

Linda McDonald

Attention GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND!! The Iron Maidens are coming to get YOU, and YOU and YOUUUU in March!!! Please visit for more details!! Up the Irons, Europe! See you soon!! I can't even begin to tell you how EXCITED I am!!!!! smile emoticonARKCKGHGGHGH!!!!!!!!!! — with Courtney Cox,Wanda Ortiz, Nikki Stringfield and Kirsten Rosenberg.

Sam Coulson: time to walk through the pedal board

Sam Coulson: time to walk through the pedal board

Pedalboard Tour - Sam Coulson

Benjamin Ellis: Mera - "Re-walking Lines" Official guitar play through

I am proud to announce that I am the new guitarist for cyberpunk-inspired metal band, Mera! Here's a play through video for the song "Re-walking Lines" taken from our debut EP, "Nano". You get to see me play some riffs for a change here, with a sweet solo from Mera's other guitarist, LiamEngl!

I've been waiting a few months to be able to announce this and am very excited to be writing new music with the band for our next release, "Coalition". As well as Liam and myself, Mera features Kin Lin (ex- Silent Hell) on vocals, and the new material is shaping up to be pretty intense!

You can download and stream the "Nano" EP for free (or pay what you want) at our bandcamp site:

Come say hi and tell us what you think of the music on Facebook:

Thanks for watching! If you would like to keep up to date with my music, tour dates and more, check out my website and social media pages too:

In this video I am using my custom hand-made Carillion guitars "Raven" 7 string. Check out Carillion and their obscenely beautiful guitars here:

Mera - "Re-walking Lines" Official guitar play through - Benjamin Ellis

Henri Aalto: Stars In The Sky ( My Winter Song)

Improvised guitar solo section

Stars In The Sky ( My Winter Song)

Seth Rosenbloom: Doobie Vibe - classy soloing of a jam track BT

Doobie Vibe - Seth Rosenbloom
Seth Rosenbloom
Here's a solo over a really cool jamtrackcentral backing track! Quite a bit different from the normal blues videos I post. For all you gear nerds like me out there, I used my Suhr Classic Antique into my Port City Pearl head and 212 cab with WGS Et-65's and a Vemuram Jan Ray for the gain and Strymon Timeline for delay. Be sure to subscribe as I've got some BIG news coming soon you won't want to miss! Enjoy

Jeremy Krull: Behind (de)Tested: The Guitar Sounds Part 1

Jeremy Krull - Behind (de)Tested: The Guitar Sounds Part 1
Supreme rambling as well as pathetic attempts at humor ensue in this rousing tribute to all things guitar tone related. The first of (4) rousing tributes to all things guitar tone related from the (de)Tested record as we dissect tracks from the song “The Man With No Name”.

Order (de)Tested from or from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and most other online retailers.

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Joe Bonamassa: Tiger In Your Tank - Live at Red Rocks

Joe Bonamassa - Tiger In Your Tank - Live at Red Rocks
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“They always try to write off the blues; well we’ve proven tonight that at least 9,000 people like the blues,” said celebrated blues rock master Joe Bonamassa who will release his highly anticipated Joe Bonamassa – Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks on DVD, Blu-ray and CD set on March 24, 2015. The exclusive concert experience tributing blues legends Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf was filmed at Red Rocks Amphitheater over Labor Day weekend in 2014. Carved into the bedrock of Colorado’s majestic Rocky Mountains, the famed amphitheater sets the stage for Bonamassa’s fiery delivery of over 2.5 hours of bluesy guitar-wailing and horn-filled tunes honoring the two Blues greats. Playing to a sold-out crowd of 9,000 fans, this marks the biggest show of Bonamassa’s career, a major milestone for the bluesman. The Blu-ray and DVD contains over 1.5 hours

Joe Bonamassa - Tiger In Your Tank - Live at Red Rocks