Benjamin Ellis: Mera - "Re-walking Lines" Official guitar play through

I am proud to announce that I am the new guitarist for cyberpunk-inspired metal band, Mera! Here's a play through video for the song "Re-walking Lines" taken from our debut EP, "Nano". You get to see me play some riffs for a change here, with a sweet solo from Mera's other guitarist, LiamEngl!

I've been waiting a few months to be able to announce this and am very excited to be writing new music with the band for our next release, "Coalition". As well as Liam and myself, Mera features Kin Lin (ex- Silent Hell) on vocals, and the new material is shaping up to be pretty intense!

You can download and stream the "Nano" EP for free (or pay what you want) at our bandcamp site:

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In this video I am using my custom hand-made Carillion guitars "Raven" 7 string. Check out Carillion and their obscenely beautiful guitars here:

Mera - "Re-walking Lines" Official guitar play through - Benjamin Ellis