Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Jakub Żytecki: Wishful Lotus Proof - new album teaser posted

My debut album "Wishful Lotus Proof" is coming out on March 26th!
If you're interested in getting a physical copy, PRE-ORDERING links are available in a few days!

Artworks are done by my brother Michał Żytecki
(this painting is one of 13 super sick paintings that my bro is preparing for me yaay!)

Photo credits:
Rasta - Tom Couture
Piotr Gibner - Aga Fortuniak
Misha - Simon Di Luca
David - (couldn't find it,if you know the author please let me know)
Plini - (Plini's sister :) )

My FB page:
My SoundCloud page:
My band's page:

Much love to you all people, can't wait to drop the whole album here finally!

Hope you enjoy


Jakub Zytecki - Debut Album Teaser #2

Atanas Shishkov: Yamaha RGX421DM Test Drive

Atanas Shishkov: Yamaha RGX421DM Test Drive in his own inimitable two handed style

Atanas Shishkov - Yamaha Test Drive (Yamaha RGX421DM )

Manu Livertout: New CD "That's The Way It Is" Teaser #2

Cover from the Beatles : I Am The Walrus
from the album That's The Way It Is
Manu Livertout Band
available in march 2015

Featuring :

Guests :
Guillaume BIDEAU
Jeremy BARES
Pierrick VALENCE

Manu Livertout Band CD "That's The Way It Is" Teaser #2

Steffen Kummerer: RAN Guitars Feature

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OBSCURA's Steffen Kummerer showcases his signature model RAN guitar. Stay tuned for more info on OBSCURA's new album - out late 2015 on Relapse Records!

Official links:

OBSCURA - Steffen Kummerer's RAN Guitars Feature

Damian Salazar: Schecter guitar Arpegios At the Speed of Light

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Damian Salazar is a virtuoso street guitar player in Buenos Aires Argentina. He can be seen performing in calle Florida. He is amazing, with similar playing technique es Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, John Petrucci...incredible and undiscovered, until now. Roger Waters even invited him to perform with him live. A future legend. Check him out, share and subscribe.


"Arpegios At the Speed of Light" 19/02/2015

Paul Gilbert: Guitar Solo - Mr.Big Live 2015 Beverly Hills USA

What's up guys!
I went to Saban Theater in Beverly Hills California on FEB 22nd 2015 to see Mr.Big's Live performance.
It was great show. It took me so long time to see their live in person.
They are great band.
Hope you guys enjoy this video from the night!

Paul's Guitar Solo - Mr.Big Live 2015 Beverly Hills USA

Addicted To That Rush - Mr.Big Live 2015 Beverly Hills CA

Stephen Ross: new album Jabberwhacky completed... album details inside

Stephen's New CD Jabberwhacky is completed. Check back for preorder dates!

Stephen's new CD is finished and a release date will be set in the next few weeks. The CD features a set of instrumental tracks rich in guitar playing, melody and virtuoso musicianship. Joe Nevolo is on Drums, John DeServio on bass and special guest bass solo from Bunny Brunel.

Track Listing (samples)

1. Adie's Song
2. Hamster Dance
3. March of the Wingnuts
4. Algorhythms
5. Distress Signal
6. Papercut
7. Jabberwhacky
8. Razzle Dazzle (Guitar Solo)
9. Shredi
10. Creepy Crawlies
11. Luke
12. Time & Space (Drum Solo)
13. Hypermanic
- See more at: http://stephenross.com/

Prashant Aswani: Bogner Helios - The Grind

SUBSCRIBE for more videos! Ripping guitarist Prashant Aswani burns through our HELIOS amp in his new song "The Grind". Listen to the raw Plexi tones plus the singing high-gain modified Plexi meltdown he dials in.

Bogner Helios - The Grind by Prashant Aswani

Sarah Longfield: announces new EP with the Fine Constant - Woven In Light

Sarah Jane Longfield

Hey guys, here's a demo I made for BIAS Desktop. Every tone you hear was made using Bias Desktop, aside from some delay/reverb added to the cleans. Check it out!


New EP "Woven In Light" will be out April 10th with pre-orders soon!:D yay! I have been working on this album for so long..I can't wait for it to be finished so we can play it live! — with

Alexandra Zerner: Cryin' (Joe Satriani)

A guitar cover of one of my favourite tracks of the amazing Joe Satriani!
Enjoy, subscribe and share! :)
Cryin' (Joe Satriani) - cover by Alexandra Zerner

Check out the Shreddelicious interview

Alexandra Zerner: 9 Stories - Shreddelicious talk to Alexandra about the new album

Millisa Henderson: John Petrucci's "Glasgow Kiss" - nice cover

02-21-15 - Saturday Night Spotlight and Infant Supply Closet fundraiser, Historical Roxy Theater, Muskogee, OK (This video is a scholarship submission for Berklee's 2015 Five-Week Performance Program.)

MIllisa Henderson--John Petrucci's "Glasgow Kiss"

Allan Holdsworth: PledgeMusic Tales from the Vault (new album) - lets make it happen!

Tales from the Vault (new album) Allan's recording his record of never-released tracks and you can hear it first! Pre-order for exclusive access!

Hey everyone, it¹s Allan Holdsworth. Welcome to my PledgeMusic page.

It¹s been quite some time since I’ve released new material, which is why you’re here. Rather than going the traditional route, I’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic to engage you in the release of new material I’m calling, “Tales From The Vault”.

These previously unreleased tracks have been compiled over the last few years and feature many of the phenomenal musicians you’ve come to know from my tours and recordings including Jimmy Johnson, Chad Wackerman, Gary Husband, Virgil Donati, Jimmy Haslip to name a few and will only be available to you pledgers.

It starts with you pre-ordering any of the items and experiences below. You can get the digital download, a VIP pass to my upcoming gigs and signed unique AH gear and merchandise only available through this campaign.

The point to all this is that your pre-orders help MAKE and RELEASE this material.

But that¹s not all.

During the campaign, I¹ll be posting exclusive videos from tours and new recording sessions, mp3 excerpts, technical notes on all the recordings, photos and more right here in my Updates tab. ONLY PLEDGERS will be privy to these experiences that reveal behind the scenes access to the making of “Tales from the Vault”.

Plus much more to come over the next months as we roll out more levels to this.

For me, this is the most responsible way to empower and engage my fans in the release of these tracks.

Thanks for all the fantastic support over the years and I hope you will join me in this new exciting journey.

- Allan

News: Doppler Labs and Golden Voice launch Dubs Earplugs


DUBS Earplugs to Be Included in Every Coachella Welcome Box,

Coachella 2015 Attendees Will Get Exclusive First Use of Doppler Labs’ New Product;

Sleek, Soft Molded Earplugs Offer 17 NRR Rating to Protect Hearing

New York, NY, February 24, 2015 – Following the overwhelming success of the launch of DUBS Acoustic Filters™, Doppler Labs, the New York City-based technology company, and Goldenvoice have partnered to make advanced hearing protection available to all attendees of the 2015 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Together, they will launch DUBS™ Earplugs, the second hearing protection product from Doppler Labs. DUBS Earplugs are stylish concert earplugs created specifically for music listening.

A pair of DUBS Earplugs will be distributed in all Coachella welcome boxes giving Coachella attendees the first opportunity to experience the newest DUBS product. The DUBS Earplugs are optimized for music and use a simplified version of the advanced acoustical physics found in DUBS Acoustic Filters. DUBS Earplugs are soft molded for ultimate comfort and designed for a fashionable aesthetic. They offer a 17 NRR rating to reduce volume to comfortable levels.

“We simply could not ask for a better platform than Coachella to launch DUBS Earplugs,” said Noah Kraft, CEO and Co-Founder, Doppler Labs. “Coachella has set the standard for live music and curation. We are proud to be a partner and provide hearing protection that allows all attendees to be immersed in the festival and optimize their music listening experience.”

In addition to launching DUBS Earplugs, DUBS Acoustic Filters - Doppler Labs’ inaugural product released in September 2014 - will be available for sale on site at Coachella. These highly acclaimed, advanced tech earplugs use a proprietary mechanical process to optimize the listening experience, lowering sound by an average of 12 dB while preserving audio clarity.

Doppler Labs is driven by the understanding that aesthetics and technological innovation are both critical to creating great products. As such, The DUBS products are tuned, sleek and stylish unlike most earplugs that are straightforward foam inserts, available at drug stores and in airports.

Both DUBS Earplugs and DUBS Acoustic Filters were designed for discerning, style-conscious consumers. Musicians and concertgoers in particular have embraced DUBS Acoustic Filters leading to rave reviews and several design awards.

DUBS Acoustic Filters are currently available at Best Buy, Guitar Center, Amazon, select boutique retailers nationwide and at www.getdubs.com. DUBS Earplugs launch exclusively at Coachella and will be available for sale later this year.

About Doppler Labs

Doppler Labs is a technology company with a primary focus on "hearables": wearable technology for the ears. Founded in 2013 by industry leaders in the creative, tech and business worlds, Doppler Labs' mission is to optimize the way you hear the world.

John Irvine: The John Irvine Band: 'Next Stop' and 'Wait and See' - classy progressive fusion albums

John Irvine: Next Stop

John Irvine: Wait and See

The John Irvine Band


John Irvine: Guitars & keys
Alan Emslie: Drms & Percussion
Doug Kemp: Bass

The John Irvine Band formed in the summer of 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland by the composer and guitarist John Irvine. The line-up was completed in July 2011 with the addition of Alan Emslie on drums and percussion, and Doug Kemp on electric bass. 2011 saw not only the start of The John Irvine Band, but a debut album ‘Wait and See’ which received overwhelmingly positive reviews and considerable airplay on terra firma and online radio stations around the globe. The John Irvine Band’s second album ’Next Stop’ was released in September 2013, once again to unanimous critical acclaim:

"Intelligently written progressive fusion: 14.5/16"
Warren Barker (Progression Magazine)

"A group that, ultimately, can become one of the most high-profile acts of this kind worldwide: 9/10"
Alfredo Tapia-Carreto (Manticornio.com)

“The progressive rock album that Allan Holdsworth never made.”
René Yedema (Radio Xymphonia)

"One of the best albums of 2013, across the board.”
DJ Markuss (Prog Rock Palace - KDVS 90.3 FM)

The John Irvine Band: 'Next Stop' (Jazz-Rock, Prog, Fusion, Holdsworth)

The John Irvine Band: 'A Means To An End' (Jazz-Rock, Prog, Fusion, Metheny)

The John Irvine Band: 'Frazzled' (Jazz-Rock, Prog, Fusion, Metheny)

The John Irvine Band: 'Hubbub' (Jazz-Rock, Prog, Fusion, Holdsworth)