Allan Holdsworth: PledgeMusic Tales from the Vault (new album) - lets make it happen!

Tales from the Vault (new album) Allan's recording his record of never-released tracks and you can hear it first! Pre-order for exclusive access!

Hey everyone, it¹s Allan Holdsworth. Welcome to my PledgeMusic page.

It¹s been quite some time since I’ve released new material, which is why you’re here. Rather than going the traditional route, I’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic to engage you in the release of new material I’m calling, “Tales From The Vault”.

These previously unreleased tracks have been compiled over the last few years and feature many of the phenomenal musicians you’ve come to know from my tours and recordings including Jimmy Johnson, Chad Wackerman, Gary Husband, Virgil Donati, Jimmy Haslip to name a few and will only be available to you pledgers.

It starts with you pre-ordering any of the items and experiences below. You can get the digital download, a VIP pass to my upcoming gigs and signed unique AH gear and merchandise only available through this campaign.

The point to all this is that your pre-orders help MAKE and RELEASE this material.

But that¹s not all.

During the campaign, I¹ll be posting exclusive videos from tours and new recording sessions, mp3 excerpts, technical notes on all the recordings, photos and more right here in my Updates tab. ONLY PLEDGERS will be privy to these experiences that reveal behind the scenes access to the making of “Tales from the Vault”.

Plus much more to come over the next months as we roll out more levels to this.

For me, this is the most responsible way to empower and engage my fans in the release of these tracks.

Thanks for all the fantastic support over the years and I hope you will join me in this new exciting journey.

- Allan