John Irvine: The John Irvine Band: 'Next Stop' and 'Wait and See' - classy progressive fusion albums

John Irvine: Next Stop

John Irvine: Wait and See

The John Irvine Band

John Irvine: Guitars & keys
Alan Emslie: Drms & Percussion
Doug Kemp: Bass

The John Irvine Band formed in the summer of 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland by the composer and guitarist John Irvine. The line-up was completed in July 2011 with the addition of Alan Emslie on drums and percussion, and Doug Kemp on electric bass. 2011 saw not only the start of The John Irvine Band, but a debut album ‘Wait and See’ which received overwhelmingly positive reviews and considerable airplay on terra firma and online radio stations around the globe. The John Irvine Band’s second album ’Next Stop’ was released in September 2013, once again to unanimous critical acclaim:

"Intelligently written progressive fusion: 14.5/16"
Warren Barker (Progression Magazine)

"A group that, ultimately, can become one of the most high-profile acts of this kind worldwide: 9/10"
Alfredo Tapia-Carreto (

“The progressive rock album that Allan Holdsworth never made.”
René Yedema (Radio Xymphonia)

"One of the best albums of 2013, across the board.”
DJ Markuss (Prog Rock Palace - KDVS 90.3 FM)

The John Irvine Band: 'Next Stop' (Jazz-Rock, Prog, Fusion, Holdsworth)

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