Friday, 29 May 2015

Jen Majura: ENGL TV - Powerball 2 - crunching tones

ENGL endorser Jen Majura is going through different sounds of the ENGL Powerball 2 in this video. It sounds really great! Enjoy! Here you can download Jen Majura's new album ! Also like here official page !

ENGL TV - Powerball 2 demo by Jen Majura

Andre Nieri: Suhr - The Strat Song - fusion jam

Andre Nieri: Suhr - The Strat Song - light fusion jam with the backing Track by Douglas Padial

Andre Nieri - The Strat Song

Sam Bell: Euphoric Guitar Improvisation - Ibanez RG721 Test

Ibanez UK recently were kind enough to lend me this amazing RG721 for some filming with LickLibrary on an upcoming project. I couldn't pass up the chance to really get some awesome shots with this guitar, I hope you enjoy this improvisation!

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Euphoric Guitar Improvisation - Ibanez RG721 Test

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse - German & Dutch Tour Diary - March 2015

Video tour diary from the band Eden's Curse on their March 2015 German & Dutch tour with Freedom Call and Rebellious Spirit.

Eden's Curse - German & Dutch Tour Diary - March 2015

Jennifer Batten: Self Empowerment For The Modern Musician

Teaser for Jennifer Batten's 2015 summer tour across the USA. Content includes millennial income opportunities, self confidence building, practical tools for modern musicians, absorbing the optimal way to learn, demos, slides, videos, live performance, Jennifer's real world experience stories

Jennifer Batten's Self Empowerment For The Modern Musician

Rabih Saad: Carvin Jason Becker Signature guitar-Laney Studio IronHeart amplifier

E metal progression on the Custom shop Carvin Jason Becker signature guitar JB200SC. Laney Studio Ironheart amplifier.
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Backing track provided by Metal guitar stuff

E metal progression on the Carvin Jason Becker Signature guitar-Laney Studio IronHeart amplifier.

Giacomo Castellano: plays "Flares" feat. Ibanez RG 3550

Giacomo plays his song called "Flares" with an Ibanez RG 3550 Prestige
Music and video by G.Castellano ©2015 all rights reserved


Neck PU:
DiMarzio Air Norton
Mid PU:
DiMarzio True Velvet
Bridge PU:
DiMarzio Tone Zone

http://www.mogarmusic.comGiacomo Castellano plays "Flares" feat. Ibanez RG 3550

Per Nilsson: demos the Cycfi XR 8-string pickups on .strandberg* Boden 8 headless guitar

We fitted a couple of the amazingly lightweight, cool looking and well sounding Cycfi XR (eXtended Response) quad coil pickups (custom prototypes with angled coils) in one of our Boden 8s and brought in Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry, Kaipa) to demonstrate for us. Guitar is tuned ECGCGCGC (high to low), which was a first for Per. Sound went straight into Positive Grid BIAS FX with no additional processing.

Per Nilsson demos the Cycfi XR 8-string pickups on .strandberg* Boden 8 headless guitar

Yvette Young: UK acoustic tour dates!

Yvette Young

Here are my UK acoustic tour dates!
touring with Man is Not a Bird and Manon Meurt, which I am super looking forward to!!

Reto Feßler, Michael Wagner: Can't Tie My Shoes - shred fusion meets blues rock in a dark alley

What happens when a shred fusion player and blues rock player sit down and compose a track together? The answer is "Can't Tie My Shoes"! Enjoy! Visit Michael Wagner on Facebook: Visit Reto Feßler on Facebook:ßler/428991393861547?

Guitars: Reto Feßler, Michael Wagner
Bass: David Ebermann
Drums: Frederic Michel
Mix & Mastering: Jens Schneider
Video Shoot: Eugen Leonhardt, Patrick Hauschild
Video Edit: Michael Wagner, Reto Feßler

Can't Tie My Shoes (Guitar Instrumental)

News: Tabd - The Guitarists' Collaborative Work Space

The Guitarists' Collaborative Work Space
No one plays guitar the way you do. With Tabd you can create tablature, add text comments, record audio clips of your playing, and collaborate with friends.

Arriving on iPhone Summer 2015

Get notified as soon as Tabd is available. Sign up now for a chance to join our beta and receive early access!

Richie Allan: Melodyk in great detail!


Richie Allan has an army of followers from his YouTube videos and band Heavy Metal Ninjas. This track Melodyk is from the outstanding Heavy Metal Ninjas album 'Interstellar Abduction'.

Richie says "It's back to the roots style of virtuoso guitar playing, vibrato, bends, phrasing, keeping the 'feels' in a modern day robot world!" - and he's not wrong! This track features some of cleanest, most dynamic and effective playing we've heard in a while! This is a man that knows his stuff, and means serious business!

So what are you waiting for? Learn and master every single note from the video included and accurate TAB/notation, and then get jamming Richie over the official Melodyk backing track!

If you would like to purchase the HMN Interstellar Abduction album + the Melodyk 1 track pack together, click the Album Special option below

Dhalif Ali: Live kan kan kan kan

Live kan kan kan kan
Kan betul tak live kan???

Sam Coulson, Dylan Santimeau: Pink Floyd Jam -

2/5s of Shred Club.

Having a good time jamming over a Pink Floyd style track. Not a competition, just having fun!

Dylan is using his modded strat into a Line 6 Spider

I'm running my modded strat into a Yamaha THR10X

Hope you enjoy! :-D

Pink Floyd Jam - Sam Coulson & Dylan Santimeau

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot RMA Summer Guitar Workshop 2015

2015 RMA Summer Guitar Workshop with Ron Bumblefoot Thal
Our summer guitar workshop kicks off on June 10th and runs through the 13th. RMA staff, along with Seth Rosenbloom and Chris Ptacek, will be teaching the entire time. On the last two days, Ron Bumblefoot Thal will be teaching technique, songwriting and producing, a Master Class and will hold a clinic performance with a live band. Don't miss this opportunity to learn directly from one of the world's greatest guitarists in an intimate setting.

For all the info, scheduling and pricing:

Brett Garsed, Stuart Fraser, Olivia Fraser: perform Jimi Hendrix Can You See Me

Brett Garsed and Stuart Fraser pay tribute to Jimi Hendrix - Can yo...
Brett Garsed and Stuart Fraser perform at the Experience Hendrix 2014 - Can you see me. for guitar Gods and masterpieces

Brett Garsed and Stuart Fraser pay trubute to Jimi hendrix performing 1983.

John Browne: Monuments - FGN Guitars Japan | JMY7-AL-M Electric Guitar

FGN Guitars Japan HP:
Special FGN demonstrator: John Browne (Monuments)

Model Name: JMY7-AL-M (7 strings Guitar)

Construction: Bolt-On
Body: American Alder
Neck: Canadian Hard Maple + Walnut 5ply
Fingerboard: Canadian Hard Maple
Strings: D'Addario EXL116 + .059 (.011-.059) / Whole Step Down
Frets: 24F Jumbo (C.F.S)
Scale: 25.5" (648mm)
Controls: 1V, 1T with Coil Tap Push-Pull SW, 3-Way Toggle SW
Pickups: (neck) Seymour Duncan Sentient-7 (Passive PU) (bridge) Seymour Duncan Nazgûl-7 (Passive PU)
Finish: Matte
Tuners: Gotoh SG-381-07 MGT (Locking Tuner)
Bridge: FJBR7-STD
Tailpiece: FJTP7-STD(Zinc)
Color: MBK(Matte Black), MWH(Matte White)
Case: FGN Original Gig Case

Manufacturer: Fujigen Inc. (Made in Japan)

Roo Chapus: Reign Over Obscurity HOLLOW MOON Official Music Video

Reign Over Obscurity´s debut album "Time Distortion" available! Order a signed CD now!
Video clip directed and edited by Tomi Haamu! Recorded&mixed in Hyvinkää at VuohiStudio by Timo Aula.

Reign Over Obscurity HOLLOW MOON Official Music Video