Richie Allan: Melodyk in great detail!


Richie Allan has an army of followers from his YouTube videos and band Heavy Metal Ninjas. This track Melodyk is from the outstanding Heavy Metal Ninjas album 'Interstellar Abduction'.

Richie says "It's back to the roots style of virtuoso guitar playing, vibrato, bends, phrasing, keeping the 'feels' in a modern day robot world!" - and he's not wrong! This track features some of cleanest, most dynamic and effective playing we've heard in a while! This is a man that knows his stuff, and means serious business!

So what are you waiting for? Learn and master every single note from the video included and accurate TAB/notation, and then get jamming Richie over the official Melodyk backing track!

If you would like to purchase the HMN Interstellar Abduction album + the Melodyk 1 track pack together, click the Album Special option below