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Guthrie Govan, Alessandro Bertoni,Tom MacLean: Aristocrats and Keystone Quartet added to Generation Prog Festival 2015

Now in its Fifth year, the International Festival for Progressive Music Will feature A World class Lineup with Two Headliners Generation Prog Festival 2015 November 20, 2015 Luise - The Cultfactory, Nürnberg Lineup: The Aristocrats (USA / UK) Alessandro Bertoni Keystone Quartet (USA / UK / NL / GER) More Bands Will BE Announced soon 18:30 -! Doors Open The "Alessandro Bertoni Keystone Quartet" (Europe) IS as sick as International (USA / UK / NL / GER) since Theamazingly Skilled Lads joining me on-Stage Will BE Micheal Schetter (bass) and Frank Tinge (drums) from Relocator and Tom MacLean on Guitar (Haken, To-Mera). We Will BE Playing Material from my solo album Keystone and not only! Stay tuned and Check out the Festival pages! Http://Www.Generation-prog.Com/?P=2281andolang = en Https://Www.Facebook.Com/GenerationProgFestival?Fref=nf

Eric Calderone: The Powerpuff Girls Meet Metal - 331Erock

The Powerpuff Girls Meet Metal
New site: Http://Thisiserock.Com/ Streaming Concert: Http://Metalyze.Com/ Win A Guitar and Hang out: Http://Worldmeetsmetal.Com/ ! Hey guys So ......... ....... haha. I saw this one pop up a buncha times on a ton of videos but recently it popped up in the Daredevil or Interstellar and it got a nutty amount of thumbs ups. So I figured I'd give it A shot. And I Will Lay it Straight out there, this Easter Egg probably Gave me the biggest laugh so far. Thank you all so so much for Everything. It Means the World. Big up for ALWAYS Rockin my Casbah! Best to ya E Patreon: Http://Www.Patreon.Com/ 331Erock 

Djard JDines, Jared Dines: Djent VS Shred

Djard JDines, Jared Dines: Djent VS Shred

Djent VS Shred

Kelly Simonz,Kiuchi Keiji: AttackK By Zero

『新世界への扉』 ケリー・サイモンズ・ブラインド・フェイス







01.The Journey To The Gates *
02.At The Gates Of A New World
03.In The Name Of Love
04.I Am Your Judgement Day
05.Immortal Love
06.Tales Of The Viking *
07.Bound For Glory
08.Nobody Is The Same
09.AttackK By Zero *
10.Enter The New World *
11.Stay With Me Forever


All Lyrics,Compositions,Arrangements

by Kelly SIMONZ

except M2,3,5,7,8 Lyrics by YAMA-B

Kelly SIMONZ (Vocal,Guitar,Keyboards,Programming)
Yosuke Yamada(Drums)

[Guest Musicians]
YAMA-B (Vocal) *M2,3,5,7,8
Keiji by ZERO (Guitar) *M9
Jill Okagaki (Organ & Keyboards) *M8

King Records →


Jay Parmar: Kill All Control - Season 2 number 19


Hey gang :)
Welcome to another Lynch Lycks! A while back, a friend of mine had asked me to pick a lick from the George Lynch album 'Kill All Control' so I had to pick my favourite lick on the whole album!!! Love playing this fast tapping and sliding lick :) I'm also playing through the amazing Positive Grid Bias software for this episode. Enjoy and any Qs feel free to ask :) Have an amazing few weeks and see you next time!!!

Download the tab:

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Any Qs or comments please leave them in the box below and I'll reply as soon as I can.



Tosin Abasi: Animals As Leaders: 'Kalimba' unveiled; reissue of debut album

On July 10, Prosthetic Records will release an expanded "encore edition" of the groundbreaking self-titled debut album by instrumental progressive metal pioneers ANIMALS AS LEADERS. It will include three bonus tracks -- the live setlist standard "Wave of Babies" (previously unavailable on CD), a 2001 demo called "Orea" and the never-before-heard "Kalimba," a short teaser for which can be seen above!

Physical editions of the album will include enhanced artwork featuring 3-D imagery and custom AAL 3-D glasses. Pre-orders are now available at

Gatefold digisleeve, "encore dition" of the band's groundbreaking debut includes three bonus tracks -- "Wave of Babies" (first time on CD!), the previously unreleased "Kalimba" and a 2001 demo called "Orea" -- as well as enhanced artwork featuring 3-D imagery. Custom AAL 3-D glasses included as well!

- CD + T-Shirt Bundle -
Bundle includes AAL s/t "encore edition" cd plus the classic "Gridlock" t-shirt



Animals As Leaders - "Kalimba" Teaser

Claudio Pietronik: 20 Suspense Driven Ballad Licks

20 Suspense Driven Ballad Licks

Full of emotion, melodic themes, interest and diversity, these suspense-driven ballad licks will add definition, and a powerful dynamic to your lead playing.

Building on the huge success of Claudio's last licks release '20 Power Ballad Licks' (Click the image below), Claudio is back with 20 powerful licks that will help you create interest and suspense in your guitar solos.

Claudio says 'My goal was to create licks that are full of emotion, and to create a big build up and suspense in your playing. This will prove to be a useful addition to your guitar skill set, and add a huge dynamic to your playing.'

These licks feature everything from simple and melodic lead lines, to all out relentless epic rock ballad speed licks. You'll find plenty of legato, string skipping, tapping, sliding, creative bending, use of open strings and whammy bar dips!

Claudio has a real knack for creating theme based licks that are equally melodic at slower tempos as they are at blistering speeds.

This package comes complete with two extremely powerful and jammable backing tracks in two different keys, which are included as individual tracks as well as combined. This makes for a great backdrop for piecing together the licks as you master them, and then start creating your own suspense driven ballad licks!

As ever, we have accurately transcribed every note and included the TAB/notation in the download, full backing tracks, audio solos and track notes.

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

Sergio Paganini: howeworthian

Sergio Paganini free music:

Hot Groove - Sergio Paganini

Frank Gambale: Throwback Thursday From the MI Vault 1995

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Frank Gambale Throwback Thursday From the MI Vault 2/15/1995

Felipe Cordeiro: Buried Alive Avenged Sevenfold - 11 Years Old

pretty cool for 11 years old

11 Years Old Felipe Cordeiro - Buried Alive Avenged Sevenfold Cover

Rafael Macedo: The Element: recording the new album - "From Sand Pt II"

The band began with their debut concert in Brazil, opening for Blind Guardian in 2002. After they received such good reception in Brazil from their first album, "Mind Sludge", they decided to move their efforts to America in order to expand to an already fast-growing fan-base there.
After Rafael Macedo - Guitars/Vocals/Songwriter joined forces with Mitch Stewart (Circle II Circle)Bass/Co-singer/Co-songwriter, Marco Bicca (LoNero) Drums, and Jeremy Villucci - KeyBoards, the band had found it's perfect lineup.

The Element released its new album "From Sand - Part I" in January 11th, 2012 VIA Cd Baby, Hellion Records, Voice Music, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Laser's Edge, Google Music, Spotify, Napster, Zune...The new album was produced by Rafael Macedo and it was mixed and mastered by legendary producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Alice Cooper, Europe, Gary Moore, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Winger).
The band is getting ready to tour in order to promote the new album.

Led Zeppelin,Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Rush,Supertramp, Iron Maiden,Deep Purple, Pantera, Metallica, Dream Theater, Living Colour, Classical Music, Soundtracks, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Symphony X and others. With such diverse knowledge they created their own identity which is presented in the form of The Element .

Rafael Macedo - Guitar Recordings -The Element's new album - "From Sand Pt II"

Rick Graham: Friday Feels - rich tones from the fingers of a master

Download my HD guitar lessons here:
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Friday Feel

Adam Ironside: The Falling Fives Lick - with tab

In this Friday's lesson we look at the falling fives lick. The falling fives lick is a descending, economy picked arpeggio in a sequence of five notes.


The Falling Fives Lick

Hedras Ramos: live jam session at Grabado 2014

live jam session at Grabado el 08/01/2014

Smh - Leslie Johnson, Hedras Ramos & Byron Campo (Guatemala)