Rafael Macedo: The Element: recording the new album - "From Sand Pt II"

The band began with their debut concert in Brazil, opening for Blind Guardian in 2002. After they received such good reception in Brazil from their first album, "Mind Sludge", they decided to move their efforts to America in order to expand to an already fast-growing fan-base there.
After Rafael Macedo - Guitars/Vocals/Songwriter joined forces with Mitch Stewart (Circle II Circle)Bass/Co-singer/Co-songwriter, Marco Bicca (LoNero) Drums, and Jeremy Villucci - KeyBoards, the band had found it's perfect lineup.

The Element released its new album "From Sand - Part I" in January 11th, 2012 VIA Cd Baby, Hellion Records, Voice Music, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Laser's Edge, Google Music, Spotify, Napster, Zune...The new album was produced by Rafael Macedo and it was mixed and mastered by legendary producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Alice Cooper, Europe, Gary Moore, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Winger).
The band is getting ready to tour in order to promote the new album.

Led Zeppelin,Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Rush,Supertramp, Iron Maiden,Deep Purple, Pantera, Metallica, Dream Theater, Living Colour, Classical Music, Soundtracks, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Symphony X and others. With such diverse knowledge they created their own identity which is presented in the form of The Element .

Rafael Macedo - Guitar Recordings -The Element's new album - "From Sand Pt II"