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Steackmike: 100 Guitar Riffs One Man Band in 15 minutes - how many did you get?

Hi,i'm playin' 100 famous guitar riffs and drum with my feet at same time in one take,and without work this.
I just make a list of songs to know what i play!!!

Have fun!!!

100 Guitar Riffs One Man Band (Steackmike Guitar&Drum Foot)

Frank Steffen Mueller: Fractal Audio Axe-Fx "Holdsworth Swell Patch" | EV-1 Expression/Volume Pedal

Hey guys, today I´ve got my new EV-1 Expression/Volume Pedal from Fractal Audio Systems/G66. I tried it in front of my amp, as an Expression Pedal for my Axe and as a Volume Pedal between my guitar and the Axe (video). The EV-1 has a fantastic quality and works perfect. I decided to do a short video of some nice Swell Sounds. Years ago I heard a lot music by the master Mr. Allan Holdsworth. His musicality is overwhelming. I love his playing so much...all is pure melodic to me. However...I tried to play some "Holdsworthian Chords"..and I hope you like it. Playing with the Volume pedal is really fun. I played a Custom Shop Siggi Braun 20th Anniversary „Little Crow“ guitar. This guitar is nothing less than "killer". It looks gorgeous and sounds awesome. I used a Humbucker Split sound and the Piezo. I love it!
Take care and see you around. Cheers, Frank

Fractal Audio Axe-Fx "Holdsworth Swell Patch" | EV-1 Expression/Volume Pedal

Hugh Myrone: Ripping it up at Vigier Clinic w/Performances | GEAR GODS

MYRONE shows you how softshred is done in this Vigier clinic.
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MYRONE - Vigier Clinic w/Performances | GEAR GODS

Lyle Watt: "This One Still Needs A Name..."


Copyright Lyle Watt 2015

Video by David Horne, Audio by OZ Audio

Lyle Watt - "This One Still Needs A Name..."

Tom Hess: The 4 Elements Of Guitar Playing Fluency

The 4 Elements Of Guitar Playing Fluency

by Tom Hess
When you just started practicing guitar, you noticed that you would need to practice many skills for a long period of time (even for years) in order to become a great guitarist. Having said that, even though you've now devoted a huge amount of hours into practicing your guitar skills, you still keep scaring while recording, improvising, or playing for other people. Keep learning and studying new materials doesn’t seem to solve your playing problems. Why are not you getting better at guitar despite all the hours you practice it?

Here is the answer: you didn’t develop guitar playing fluency. This means that you might comprehend and even be able to utilize diverse techniques on guitar, but you are not able to combine these techniques together. This happens very often because the vast majority of guitarists practice a technique to get it right... and only to get it right once... then they want to ‘go further’ onto brand-new practice materials. This makes it impossible to creatively combine and integrate their guitar skills together (more on this below).

Do you know those kind of students at school who study to only pass the final exam instead of actually learn from the study materials and become a master on it? As soon as the test is over, the students forget all they’ve studied. Do not be this type of student. If you don’t fully understand how to practice guitar to achieve best results, you will be always struggling trying to master individual techniques in your guitar playing.

Guitar Players Who Might Never Become Great Fall Into These Two Divisions
One division is composed by guitarists who do not put too much effort into reaching any level of mastery - they just want to learn new stuff. This type of attitudes will get you nowhere while preventing you from learning to combine your guitar techniques together (I talk more about this below).

Another division is composed by guitar players who are perfectionists. They want to master every detail of a single technique before practicing a different one. In reality, no one will EVER master any guitar technique by practicing it in isolation from other techniques.

Now that you know what DOESN’T work – Now I am going to expose you to the practicing methods that the greatest guitarists use when creating guitar playing fluency:

1. Practice a new skill in isolation. Fluency or application isn’t the goal here, so do not concern about it yet. Most guitar players do this step...but they never go beyond.

2. Take the skill from the previous step and practice applying it. Simulate a real-life playing situation. For example: whenever you learn a new guitar lick, improvise with it over a backing track – generating many diverse new licks using all the skills you know.

3. Integrate the technique into other facets of guitar playing. Center on utilizing as much techniques as you can at the same time and practice them all at once. An example: Play an ascending arpeggio then come back down using a scale sequence with legato.

To play fluently, it is crucial for you to practice integrating techniques - you must do this regardless you current guitar skill levels. Not integrating guitar techniques together is one of the major problems that is holding most guitarists back from achieving their musical goals.

4. Measure and enhance your new technique. Return to step 1 and practice the technique in isolation (yes, again) but this time, with a deeper understanding of which areas of the technique need to improve. Go through step two, three and four all over again. Doing so will allows you to greatly enhance your guitar playing fluency.

ATTENTION: Beware not to fall into the ambush of being a perfectionist and consuming too much time on each stage. Additionally, don’t skip stages to center on “learning new materials”. Do this instead:

- Switch up your practice materials when practicing guitar so that always, all your exercises are in different process of mastery. To make this happen, find and use the guitar practice routines for yourself.

- Study with the greatest guitar teacher who understands how to clean out irrelevant materials and will not crush you with overwhelming new things to learn at once.

- Be aware that developing guitar playing fluency is not a linear process. It is the final result of the overlap in the 4 areas of guitar playing. Take a look the diagram below:

Commit yourself to increase the overlap among the four facets. They work better by fortify eachother. This will help you boost your playing fluency. Just like this:

Two key things for you to do to get the maximum benefits out of this right away:
1. Make your practice routine more effective. Learn how in this free video about how to practice guitar.

2. Let me to teach you the best way to utilize these effective practice methods and lead you achieve guitar playing fluency. Start taking online guitar lessons and achieve your musical goals faster.
About The Author: Tom Hess is an expert guitar teacher, composer and guitar teacher instructor. He teaches guitar players in his rock guitar lessons online. Go to tomhess.net to get more guitar playing resources and read more articles about guitar playing.

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Aristocrats "Tres Caballeros" Is Out NOW!

It's now available for immediate digital download and international order shipping through our webstore. And yes, it's also available on iTunes, Amazon, various e-tailers, and select physical stores worldwide.

For those who pre-ordered through our webstore, digital downloads (accessible through a link in your order receipt e-mail) will now be activated, and shipments are all either on the way or have already arrived. International shipments take a bit longer sometimes, but the digital download should keep our global fans busy for a while. :-)

Late to the party? Try going here and watching the top three videos on the page for some tasty previews of Tres Caballeros.

Reviews are starting to come in. Here's an excerpt from a very kind one:

“Tres Caballeros is extraordinary. In fact, almost every single note is extraordinary. Individually these guys are astonishing…together, this is the stuff of dreams."
--The Progressive Aspect

We're blushing. :-)

In all seriousness, from all three of The Aristocrats to everyone reading this note, THANK YOU for your support and interest in us as we made this record.

And now, it's time to take the show on the road. Below you'll see our North America and Europe tour dates (more dates will be announced for Europe soon). We can't wait to play this new music for you. Hope to see you out on tour!

Cheers to all,
The Aristocrats

(click here for links and available details on all dates)

Mon 6-Jul Sacramento, CA Harlow’s
Tues 7-Jul San Francisco, CA Slim’s
Wed 8-Jul Santa Cruz, CA Don Quixote’s
Fri 10-Jul Portland, OR Star Theater
Sat 11-Jul Seattle, WA Studio Seven
Sun 12-Jul Vancouver, BC, CANADA Rickshaw Theatre
Tues 14-Jul Boise, ID Reef
Wed 15-Jul Salt Lake City, UT Club X
Fri 17-Jul Denver, CO Quixote’s True Blue
Sun 19-Jul Omaha, NE Slowdown
Mon 20-Jul Des Moines, IA The Gaslamp
Tues 21-Jul St. Paul, MN The Amsterdam Bar And Hall
Fri 24-Jul Chicago, IL Reggie’s
Sat 25-Jul Indianapolis, IN Birdy’s
Sun 26-Jul Cincinnati, OH The Mad Frog
Tues 28-Jul Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom
Wed 29-Jul Pittsburgh, PA Hard Rock Café
Thur 30-Jul Columbus, OH Skully’s
Fri 31-Jul Detroit, MI Token Lounge
Sat 1-Aug Toronto, ON, CANADA Mod Club
Sun 2-Aug Ottawa, ON, CANADA The Rainbow Bistro
Tues 4-Aug Montreal, QC, CANADA Cafe Campus
Wed 5-Aug Woodstock, NY Bearsville Theater
Fri 7-Aug Boston, MA The Middle East
Sat 8-Aug New York City, NY Irving Plaza
Sun 9-Aug Philadelphia, PA North Star Bar
Mon 10-Aug Washington, DC Jammin‘ Java
Tues 11-Aug Raleigh, NC Pour House
Thur 13-Aug Charlotte, NC Tremont Music Hall
Fri 14-Aug Atlanta, GA Aisle 5
Sat 15-Aug Nashville, TN The High Watt
Sun 16-Aug St. Louis, MO Old Rock House
Mon 17-Aug Kansas City, MO The Scene
Tues 18-Aug Tulsa, OK The Vanguard
Thur 20-Aug Houston, TX Fitzgerald’s
Fri 21-Aug Austin, TX The Roost
Sat 22-Aug Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX The Sanctuary
Mon 24-Aug Albuquerque, NM Launchpad
Wed 26-Aug Phoenix, AZ Club Red
Thur 27-Aug Mexicali, MX Teatro De Estado
Fri 28-Aug San Diego, CA Price Center Ballroom East, UCSD
Sat 29-Aug Riverside, CA Romano's Concert Lounge
Sun 30-Aug Los Angeles, CA King King

(many more dates to be announced for early 2016!)
(click here for links and available details on all dates)

November 16th: Cologne (Germany) – Kantine
November 17th: Dortmund (Germany) – Piano
November 18th: Frankfurt (Germany) – Zoom
November 20th: Nurnberg (Germany) – Luise Cultfactory
November 21st: Stuttgart (Germany) – Venue TBA
November 22nd: Reichenbach (Germany) – Bergkeller
November 24th: Munich (Germany) – Strom
November 25th: Bratislava (Slovakia) – Majestic Musik Club
November 26th: Nove Mesto (Slovakia) – Blue Note
November 27th: Bochnia (Poland) – Oratorium Sw. Kingi
November 28th: Warszaw (Poland) – Venue TBA
November 30th: Berlin (Germany) – Kesselhaus
December 2nd: Hamburg (Germany) – Fabrik
December 4th: Larvik (Norway) – Bolgen
December 6th: Istanbul (Turkey) – Venue TBA
December 7th: Bucharest (Romania) – Silver Church
December 9th: Zoetermeer (Netherlands) – De Boerderij
December 10th: Verviers (Belgium) – Spirit of 66
December 13th: Edinburgh (Scotland) – Liquid Room
December 15th: Manchester (England) – Club Academy
December 16th: Birmingham (England) – Temple
December 17th: Bristol (England) – Bierkeller
December 18th: London (England) – Heaven
December 19th: Brighton (England) – The Haunt
December 20th: Paris (France) – La Maroquinerie
January 20th 2016: Sevilla (Spain) - Custom
January 21st 2016: Murcia (Spain) - Garaje
January 22nd 2016: Madrid (Spain) - Caracol
January 23rd 2016: Valencia (Spain) - Rockcity
January 24th 2016: Barcelona (Spain) - venue tba
January 26th 2016: Nice (France) – venue tba

Eddie Vedder: Joins Supersuckers Onstage - Launch of Eddie Spaghetti Cancer Fight Fund.


Launch Eddie Spaghetti Cancer Fight Fund

Eddie Vedder Joins Band Onstage at Last Show … for Now

Supersuckers with Eddie Vedder (photo credit Brian Kasnyik)

For Immediate Release – (Monday, June 22, 2015) Eddie Spaghetti, front man for Seattle's ass-kicking saviors of rock and roll, the Supersuckers, has been diagnosed with Stage 3 oropharynx cancer.

In order for Eddie to undergo immediate surgery and radiation treatment, the band has cancelled its upcoming European tour and also postponed work on the follow-up to last year's Get the Hell.

Within hours of learning this news, friends of the Supersuckers responded in the ass-kickin', never-say-die manner you'd expect from fans of "the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World," by raising more than $20,000 in the first 24 hours of the campaign to Support Eddie Spaghetti's Cancer Fight.

"I have been blown away by the incredible generosity of friends and strangers," says Eddie. "It shows you that even the darkest times can offer some light, some hope. Thanks everyone."

The Supersuckers played its last show (for now) on Thursday, June 18 to a packed house at Seattle's Tractor Tavern. Among the evening's highlights was a performance of the Ramones' "I Believe in Miracles," featuring surprise guests Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and Blind Marky Felchtone from Zeke.

"Now apparently the battle begins," adds Eddie. "Friday I went in for my pre-op physical (I'm pretty sure I got a D+) and then surgery is slated for this week … It's weird because I feel fine right now, but I know that I'm not fine and need to go through all this crap to get better."

Watch the Supersuckers and Eddie Vedder performing "I Believe in Miracles" on Consequence of Sound.

Tom Hess: How To Play Excellent Lead Guitar Licks & Solos By Developing Better Musical Creativity

How To Play Excellent Lead Guitar Licks & Solos By Developing Better Musical Creativity
By Tom Hess
Do you know many guitar licks, scales and arpeggios but still can’t play very creatively? If so, you are not alone – many guitarists are in the same boat. However, you shouldn’t make the same mistake as them. Don’t waste your time trying to learn as many new licks/scales/etc. as possible... this will NOT make you a more creative player.

The problem with this approach is that it leaves many holes in your guitar playing and never addresses the real reasons why your creativity is not improving.
Certainly it is important to learn new things for your guitar playing, however, the true keys to musical creativity are as follows: fluency, application, integration and total mastery of the guitar skills you are already familiar with.

The following are the four things you must begin developing in order to become a highly creative lead guitarist:

1. Learn How To Really Master The Fretboard
Beginner guitarists think that “learning the fretboard” means simply memorizing the note names on the frets of each string. This is why so many players get lost while trying to improvise guitar solos.
Good guitar players visualize the fretboard in scale shapes and learn to play or create guitar licks in one scale shape at a time. While this is better than being totally lost about what notes to play, this approach results in boring and very repetitive guitar solos.

Great guitar players learn to visualize any scale across the entire fretboard. When they improvise lead guitar licks and solos, they don’t divide the fretboard into isolated chunks or shapes - they see the entire fretboard as one big scale pattern - from the first fret to the last.

If you’d like to achieve this level of freedom in your guitar playing, practice playing the scales you are most familiar with all over the fretboard. Don’t feel like you are in a hurry to discover new scales until you have fully mastered the scales you currently use.

Warning:Even if you memorized all the shapes of a certain scale, it doesn't mean that your level of mastery with that scale is advanced enough to be creative. You must also practice creating guitar licks that will challenge your fretboard visualization awareness - forcing you to expose and improve upon your limitations. Watch the video below to see a demonstration that proves this point (and shows you how to truly master visualizing scales on guitar):

2. Learn How To Express Emotion In Your Guitar Playing
To play creative lead guitar solos, you MUST understand which notes to use over any chord/backing track/song, as well as how to express specific emotions in your guitar phrases.
Here are three approaches you can use right now to improve in this area:

*Work together with an experienced guitar teacher who can help you understand which notes should be played over a certain chord and how to apply this knowledge creatively in your guitar playing.

*Rather than playing guitar phrases that simply “go with the chord”, think more about creating strong emotions while soloing. There is a big difference between these two approaches and will drastically change the way your lead guitar phrases sound.

*Focus on HOW you play the notes, rather than on what notes you play. To get more emotion from each note, enhance it using vibrato, bends, slides or other creative phrasing techniques. To test and see how well you can do this, take a minute to finish this free lead guitar creativity assessment.

3. Learn To Create The Musical Notes You Hear In Your Head On The Guitar
If you are lacking in aural skills, you simply cannot know how something will sound before you play it with your hands. This will make it impossible to know the emotion a note will create before you play it – making true creativity nearly unattainable.
Here are a few easy ways to begin developing better aural skills in your guitar playing:

*Observe the levels of musical tension created in different note choices by playing a variety of lead guitar phrases over the same chord. For example, record yourself playing an A minor chord over and over for 1-3 minutes. Next, improvise a variety of lead guitar phrases over it using the A natural minor scale, while holding out different notes over the chord. As you emphasize different notes of the scale over the same chord, focus on how the level of musical tension of your phrases builds and releases. As you improve with this, do this assignment with new chords and scales.

*When working on scales, play them at a slower speed and sing every other note rather than playing it on the fretboard.

*Play guitar phrases by fingering a handful of notes on the guitar, then sing the remaining part of the phrase (and vice versa).

4. Learn How To Smoothly Integrate Different Guitar Skills Together
Working on developing your guitar skills in isolation from one another may help you improve those particular skills, however, this approach will NOT help you become a better overall guitarist. Why? Becoming a creative lead guitarist requires integrating all of your skills together.

For instance, if you want to be able to create great lead guitar improvisations, there are many skills you must develop: guitar phrasing, aural skills, guitar technique, scale knowledge, arpeggios, fretboard visualization, and a lot more. If you only work on these things in isolation from each other, you will always be lacking in one or more areas and your playing as a whole will fall apart. The quickest way to achieve your lead guitar goals in this case is to practice in a way that combines multiple skills or techniques together, so you can be creative with them.

Find out much more about how to best practice in this manner in order to improve your lead guitar playing ability by watching this free video about how to practice guitar more effectively.
When you apply the concepts of this article into your lead guitar playing, you will get on the right path towards mastering your musical creativity. To stay on the path and fully master all skills involved in mastering lead guitar playing, work with a guitar teacher who has already helped countless guitarists achieve their musical goals and knows the best way to help you reach yours.

To discover exactly what skills you must expand upon to become a very creative lead guitar player, finish this lead guitar creativity assessment. After you complete it, I will reply to you with specific comments on how to improve your lead guitar playing.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a professional musician, composer, and highly successful guitar instructor who trains and mentors guitarists with online guitar tuition. Visit tomhess.net to get free guitar playing tips, guitar playing resources, mini courses and more guitar playing articles.

Russ Parrish: Satchel from Steel Panther meets John Goblin!

ANOTHER FREAKING episode of STEEL PANTHER TV's LOVE ON THE ROCKS! This week with MICHAEL & SATCHEL, helping you navigate the lovely sexual waters of love and sex...this time with SPECIAL GUEST John Goblin!

Ask us YOUR sex & romance questions in the COMMENT box!! or tweet your question with #LoveOnTheRocks and stay tuned each week!
Catch Steel Panther live at the following shows:

25 - Los Angeles, CA - House Of Blues Sunset Strip
26 - San Francisco, CA - The Regency Ballroom
27 - Las Vegas, NV - House Of Blues

5 - Calgary, AB - The Wildhorse Saloon
7 - Calgary, AB - Flames Central

10 - Chester, PA - Monster Energy Rock Allegiance Festival
23 - Vancouver, BC - Hard Rock Casino
24 - Vancouver, BC - Hard Rock Casino

Steel Panther TV - Love on the Rocks #12 (with Special Guest John Goblikon)

Sam Birchall: .strandberg* CL7 and OS7 comparison - crunchy tones

Sam Birchall
A quick video to test out my new OS7 and my old CL7. Not meant to be a comprehensive comparison, but i wanted to get something out there. I was really impressed with the OS7, totally holds up to the CL7, and even the EMG X's surprised me. Ive got a heavier clip in the works, should be done soon!

A couple of improvised takes playing around with a little motif. Not the most in depth comparison but i though it would be fun to make.

Kirk Fletcher: Your chance to catch on of the best blues players around - UK tour 2015

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Guitar Techniques
Total Guitar
Guitarist Magazine

Dudley Ross
Widely considered one of the best blues guitarists in the world, Kirk Fletcher has commanded the respect and acclaim of critics, peers and fans across the globe. He is a four-time Blues Music Award nominee and has played with a variety of popular artists, including a four-year role as lead guitarist of The FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS.

17/09/15 - Chambers, Folkestone + BIG JOE BONE
18/09/15 - Worthing Pier, Worthing
19/09/15 - The 1865, Southampton + Back Water Roll
20/09/15 - The Convent, South Woodchester
21/09/15 - Haven Club @ Bullingdon, Oxford
23/09/15 - The Waterfront, Norwich + Malaya Blue
24/09/15 - Tower of Song, Birmingham + Brothers Groove
25/09/15 - Pizza Express, Maidstone + Katie Bradley
26/09/15 - St.Mary's Church, Sandwich 
27/09/15 - Borderline, London + Joel Fisk & Jon Amor