Thursday, 2 July 2015

Nick Johnston: Seymour Duncan - 805 Demo

Nick Johnston 805 Demo
Seymour Duncan Pickups
Nick Johnston demos the 805 Overdrive which gives you a very transparent, classic Overdrive sound. The 805 Overdrive can be used to give your sound a boost with full overtones or to provide harmonically rich heavy gain with warm tube character. It's extensively developed and refined to be the perfect overdrive for pushing the front end of an already distorted amp, giving you plenty of output and tone-shaping capability whether you play hard rock, prog, metal, djent or whatever other heavy styles you'd like to throw at it.

More info here:­m/pedals/805_overdrive/

Nick Johnston Music:­m/

Horacio Alvarado: Prelude - classy promo video

Official video for "prelude".
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Prelude - Horacio Alvarado

Enver Izmaylov: aranjuez - more incredible two handed guitar

Enver Izmaylov: aranjuez - more incredible two handed guitar

Enver Izmaylov - aranjuez

Michael Romeo: Metal Wani's William Richards interview

Gearing up for the release, Metal Wani's William Richards had a chat with founding member and guitarist Michael Romeo. He discusses new album "Underworld" (Read Our Review Here), songwriting, musical direction, Russell Allen's vocals, his signature sound, Symphony X's legacy, touring dates and more.


SYMPHONY X's Michael Romeo Discusses 'Underwold', Songwriting & Tours (2015)

Chris Caffery: Your Heaven Is Real - fifth solo album announced

Chris Caffery will release his fifth solo album, "Your Heaven Is Real", in North America on August 21 via Metalville.

"Your Heaven Is Real" track listing:

01. Your Heaven Is Real
02. Arm And A Leg
03. Just Fine
04. Why
05. Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don't
06. Hot Wheelz
07. I Never Knew
08. Sick And Tired
09. Death By Design
10. 2-26-15
11. Too Soon To Be Too Late
12. Over And Over
13. Come Home

Chris Poland: with Nick Menza will perform at a benefit concert for Poland's OHM: bandmate David Eagle

Chris Poland (guitar) and Nick Menza (drums) will perform at a benefit concert for Poland's OHM: bandmate David Eagle (drums), who is still in ICU after his heart attack and open-heart surgery over six weeks ago. The event will take place on Thursday, July 9 at The Baked Potato in Studio City, California.9

Giorgio Terenziani: Sniper Bass - Lightweight headless bass 3kg of raw power

Here you can ear different sounds from new 3GHandmade Instruments' Sniper Bass.

Major characteristics
No double ball strings
Perfect Balance
Steinberger' Size
Less than 3Kg
Full Access

Equipped with Galli Strings.

Giorgio Terenziani uses
3G Basses and Microbasse
Gallien Krueger Amps &Cabinet
Galli Strings
Zoom Pedals&Audio Video Recorder
Samson radio transmitter
Mono Case

available for Skype Lesson

Giorgio Terenziani presents Sniper Bass - Lightweight headless bass 3kg of raw power

Fran Alonso: demos HSS Saticoy use the LSL, with Kemper RK 100 Cornford

Impro in a style Classic Rock. HSS Saticoy use the LSL, with Swamp Ash body and Maple neck. I use a profile of Kemper RK 100 Cornford.

LsL Saticoy Guitar - Classic Rock Impro

Thomas Blug: Xvive XT1 Golden Brownie - singing guitar tones!

Thomas Blug demonstrates his brand new XT1 Golden Brownie Signature mini pedal from Xvive. Thomas is using his Bluguitar AMP1 and Vintage V6MRHDX guitar.

Thomas Blug - Xvive XT1 Golden Brownie

James Shaffer: Me And My Guitar interview - Ibanez APEX200 and APEX20

Total Guitar meets up with Korn's James 'Munky' Shaffer to talk about his history with Ibanez and two signature models, the APEX200 and APEX20.

Me And My Guitar interview with Korn's James 'Munky' Shaffer / Ibanez APEX200 and APEX20

Joe Satriani: How to Play a String-Skipping Chicken Pickin' Lick

Joe Satriani demonstrated a cool string-skipping chicken pickin' lick in A minor. Check it out!

Joe Satriani - How to Play a String-Skipping Chicken Pickin' Lick

Robbert Hanenberg: Tapping passage

Robbert Hanenberg back with some sweet guitar tones

Tapping passage

Fabrizio Leo: Soloist on DP9 Performed - crisp and clean

The Soloist is a model of the epic two-channel Mesa™ Dual Rectifier Solo Head™ amplifier of the 1990’s, with the silicon diode rectifiers and bold power settings enabled. The result? A model that supplies full design voltage to all components for that classic Rectifier sound with tighter attacks, added brightness, and substantially more headroom. Choose between the Red or Orange channel, and use the distinctive Mesa channel cloning feature, just like the original. Get ready to spend hours basking in the glory of classic Mesa Rectifier guitar tones.
Soloist on DP9 Performed by Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo

Milan Polak: "Alchemy" theme feat. Thomas Lang & Fabio Trentini

"Alchemy" theme feat. Thomas Lang & Fabio Trentini
Milan Polak

Milan Polak - guitars
Fabio Trentini - bass
Thomas Lang - drums

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Samuli Federley: Revisionist past, Dying Fetus

Samuli Federley - Revisionist past, Dying Fetus
Samuli Federley
This is my tribute for this awesome metal trio. This song gave me quite a challenge and I hope you dig it too. I use here my Amfisound signature 8 string guitar. Check out alsohttp://www.samulifederley.c­om

Jakub Żytecki: Antyradio Coverband rehersal and soundcheck.

Jakub Zytecki feat. Antyradio Coverband, Warsaw, Capitol club - short rehersal and soundcheck before "Sex, Drugs and Rock&Roll Night" 29.06.2013. Playing fragments:
1. Ale w kolo jest wesolo - Perfect
2. Welcome to the jungle - Guns&Roses
3. Live To Rise - Soundgarden

Jakub Zytecki - guit.
Piotr "Zinny" Zaleski - voc.
Artur Radkiewicz - bass
Lukasz Chmielinski - drums.

Jakub Zytecki feat. Antyradio Coverband rehersal and soundcheck.

Gus Drax: New Paradox Solo

Gus Drax - New Paradox Solo
Gus Drax
Hello guys and girls.

Here is another solo from the new Paradox album which is going to be called Pangea.
Gear used:
Guitar: Lepsky Dominator 7 GD

Kemper Profiler
Cubase 5
Adobe Premiere CS6

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Al Di Meola: Elegant Gypsy & More interview and clip -

Al Di Meola
Elegant Gypsy & More Electric Tour 2015
Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

Words and music

We spoke with Al Di Meola about the Miles Davis Award from the 2015 Montreal Jazz Fest and his relationship with Miles, the Elegant Gypsy & More Electric Tour, what's "more" about it, his nostalgia of the 70s music period and how the record industry has changed since, his acoustic vs electric music and career, how he re-invents and himself, his Beatles project, working on his technique vs his compositions, and playing with Piazzolla.

Interview : Coco
Interview, camera and editing : Claude Thibault

Al Di Meola, guitar
Philippe Saisse, keyboards/marimba
Armand Sabal-Lecco, bass
Joel Taylor, drums
Gumbi Ortiz, percussions

Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy & More interview and clip -

Martin Miller: Forever Eternal - Album: The Other End, Ibanez RG3727

Martin Miller - Forever Eternal (Album: The Other End, Ibanez RG3727)
Martin Miller

Here's a completely re-recorded and remixed version of my song "Forever Eternal" taken from my album "The Other End". Enjoy!

Album available as CD here:

Digital Download:

Bass - Anton Davidyants
Drums - Ricky Quagliato

Signal Chain: Ibanez Guitars RG3727fz - Laney Amplification IRT-Studio - Wampler Pedal Plexi Drive - Interface/DAW

Ignazio Di Salvo: Gng Brea 7 Metal Test

Ignazio Di Salvo - Gng Brea 7 Metal Test
Ignazio Di Salvo
Hei guyz!
Here's my demo for the GNG Brea 7! I played metal rhythms and a (totally improvised ) solo. You should try out all these incredible instruments!!
I hope you'll enjoy!!

Doug Steele: Dokken - It's not love song and Just got Lucky

Dokken: It's not love song and solo dissection
Doug Steele

Dokken Just got Lucky song lesson

Joe Satriani: Shockwave Supernova - Behind the Album: Episode 2

Joe Satriani & John Cuniberti (Engineer/Mixer/Co-Producer) talk about the making of Shockwave Supernova and bringing Mike, Bryan, & Marco together for a unique sound. More episodes to come before the album release on July 24th!

Shockwave Supernova - Behind the Album: Episode 2

Kirill Konyaev: "Conquista" EP Official YouTube Stream - talented player releases debut

Kirill Konyaev - "Conquista" EP Official YouTube Stream
Kirill Konyaev
Official stream of my debut EP released worldwide via Premiere Music.

1. Fanatic
2. Conquista
3. Blast

Everything you hear is written, recorded, performed, mixed and mastered by Kirill Konyaev.


Doug Aldrich: Glen Hughes adds another tour date to UK tour


GLENN HUGHES, the legendary ‘Voice of Rock’, has added another concert to his 2015 solo tour at Southampton Engine Rooms on Saturday October 17.  Joining Hughes for his UK shows will be the celebrated rock guitarist Doug Aldrich (Revolution Saints, formerly Whitesnake, Dio).  

Special Guest on the tour is Jared James Nichols who will perform songs from his new album Old Glory & The Wild Revival.

The concerts will showcase highlights from Glenn's career including TrapezeDeep PurpleBlack Country CommunionCalifornia Breed, plus solo material.  "It's always a great pleasure for me to play in the UK,” says Hughes.  


Sat 17  Southampton, ENGLAND – Engine Rooms              BUY TICKETS (NEW SHOW JUST ADDED)
Mon 19 Norwich, ENGLAND – Waterfront                            BUY TICKETS
Tue 20 Newcastle, ENGLAND - Tyne Theatre                       BUY TICKETS
Thu 22 Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND – Limelight                 BUY TICKETS
Fri 23 Glasgow, SCOTLAND - The Garage                                BUY TICKETS
Sun 25 Holmfirth, ENGLAND – Picturedrome                       BUY TICKETS
Mon 26 Bilston, ENGLAND - Robin 2                                         BUY TICKETS
Wed 28 York, ENGLAND – Fibbers                                            BUY TICKETS
Thu 29 Manchester, ENGLAND - Club Academy                  BUY TICKETS

Sun 01 London, ENGLAND – Electric Ballroom                      BUY TICKETS

For the official web press release page, and to download high resolution images, click here:

Tom Hess: How to play pinch harmonics that will make your guitar playing sounds totally badass

Tom Hess: How to play pinch harmonics that will make your guitar playing sounds totally badass

Being able to play pinch harmonics will make your guitar playing sounds totally badass. With this single technique, you can add true passion, quickly and easily to your guitar playing. However, if done improperly, it can be a very frustrating technique to deal with.

Look at this video to see how I supported one of my students with playing pinch harmonics in a couple of minutes. Watch this before reading further:

Here are the most common mistakes made by the vast majority of guitar players when attempting to learn to play pinch harmonics and how you can avoid them:

Mistake #1: Killing The Harmonic With The Thumb Of The Picking Hand
After you finally got your pinch harmonic to sound, the last thing you want to do is kill it with your thumb before it even has a change to scream.

How to fix this issue:
Hold the pick near the edge and play your favorite scale with only downstrokes. This will keep your thumb from touching the string after a note is played... and is a very efficient way for training your thumb and your pick to strike the string together. This will help you to make great-sounding, crystal-clear pinch harmonics.

Mistake #2: You Don't Look At Your Picking Hand
The vast majority of guitar players have the habit of looking at their fretting hand instead to their picking hand when practicing pinch harmonics. To finally master pinch harmonics and clearly identify what you are doing wrong, you must look at the correct hand.

How to fix this issue:
When practicing pinch harmonics, change the hand you are looking at. Start looking at your picking hand instead of your fretting hand.

Mistake #3: Not Integrating Pinch Harmonics With Other Guitar Techniques
Some guitarists spend hours practicing pinch harmonics in isolation but never integrate this technique with the other techniques they know. This makes all the time you practiced pointless, since you can?t play consistent pinch harmonics when it really counts.

Take this lead guitar playing test and see how close you are to becoming a great guitar player.

How to fix this issue:
Even if you have not yet mastered playing pinch harmonics the way you want, set aside some practice time for applying them in real life musical situations. Take your favorite guitar riff and implement some pinch harmonics into it.

Mistake #4: You Lack Good Vibrato
Vibrato is what gives life to pinch harmonics. Yes, vibrato itself is a separate guitar technique, but to play killer pinch harmonics you must have strong vibrato technique as well.

How to fix this issue:
Read this article on how to play better guitar vibrato and discover how vibrato can be used to create killer pinch harmonics.

Mistake #5: Not Knowing How To Mute Excess String Noise In Your Guitar Playing
Having control over unwanted string noise is important no matter what you aim to play, but it is even more important when it comes to pinch harmonics. Any tiny string noise will destroy the sound of your pinch harmonics completely.

How to fix this issue:
Use multiple muting techniques in your left and right hands for muting undesirable string noise. Learn more about how to do this by reading this great article on silencing guitar string noise.

Mistake #6: You Don?t Know Where The Right Places Are On The String To Play Pinch Harmonics
To play consistent pinch harmonics and do it correctly every time, you must know where the exact place on the string is that you need to pick. If you try to make a pinch harmonic by just striking the string in a random place, you will end up making a sloppy noise and will never be able to make clear pinch harmonics sound at will.

How to fix this issue:
Start investing some time into finding the precise place on the string where you can produce a harmonic. Try to play the harmonic in several different spots along the string by sliding your pick up /down and looking carefully for where it sounds better. Double check the video shown earlier to understand this approach better.
MPORTANT: Do not rush when looking for the sweet spot along the string. You must be sure to pause for at least 1 second between each time you strike the string so you can carefully LISTEN to the response of each stroke. While practicing this technique, stay as focused as possible.
You?ve just learned how to prevent the most common mistakes made by guitar players when trying to play pinch harmonics. That said, understand that this technique is only a single piece of the puzzle that is needed for mastering lead guitar playing. Discover which areas of your lead guitar playing must be further developed by using this guitar soloing skills assessment.