Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Chowy Fernandez: Mayones Regius 7 - el ciego extended range playthrough

Mayones Regius 7 is available as a 6, 7 and 8 string instrument.

More about the model you can read here:

More about Chowy & Pronoia you can read here:


Regius 7 WENGE
Top : Wenge
Back : Flamed Alder
Fingerboard : Ebony
Pickups : Seymour Duncan® SH2 SH4
Tuners : Sperzel® Locking tuners
Bridge : Schaller® Hannes 7
Finish : Trans Natural Matt (T-NAT-M)

Mayones Regius 7 - Chowy Fernandez PRONOIA - "el ciego" PlayThrough

Matt Powell: Reverse - Original metal track
Hi, here is a guitar playthrough video of a new original metal track that I have written. Audio production by the brilliant Andy Gillion. Hope you like it, if you do then please feel free to comment, share or subscribe :)
guitar : Schecter C-7 with EMG 707 bridge pickup
amp : Fractal audio Axe Fx II
Steven Slate drum software
scarbee bass software
cubase 7.5

Reverse - Original metal track by Matt Powell

Alejandra Mesliuk: 8 finger tapping fusion - Artist Organic Pickups

Preview of the new material.
Artist Organic Pickups.

8 finger tapping fusion Alejandra Mesliuk (anticipo 2015)

t-cophony: When fall asleep - demo play 2015

This is my original song "When fall asleep" from the album "Sharing the emotion".
It's my most favorite song in my acoustic guitar music.
Official music video

"How to play" and TAB

When fall asleep - T-cophony demo play 2015

Sam Bell: Creating Technical Riffs using Chord Progressions

In this lesson I teach you how to come up with technical riffs using underlying chord progressions. I did this lesson for Guitar Interactive Magazine in my Extended Range Column. Check out the column for free here: http://edition.pagesuite-professional...Creating Technical Riffs using Chord Progressions

Creating Technical Riffs using Chord Progressions

Julien Damotte,Pierre Danel: uber guitar jam between

Small excerpt from a jam between Pierre Danel and Julien Damotte on a backing track by Andy James

Jam between Julien Damotte and Pierre Danel

Rabea Massaad,Martin Kidd: Victory Amplifiers VX The Kraken – full length official video

Release The Kraken!

Welcome to the official video for the Victory Amplification VX The Kraken 50-watt head.

Sharing the same compact chassis as our award-winning V30 and V40 heads, VX The Kraken is a dual gain mode, dual master volume, all-valve amp designed for metal, progressive and extended range players. And did somebody say djent?

In this video, Rabea Massaad (Dorje, Toska) demonstrates The Kraken's tones, while discussing its evolution with Victory Amplification chief designer, Martin Kidd.

Rabea was kind enough to lend his ears and experience to the R&D of VX The Kraken - the results are immense.

Rabea demonstrates each of the gain modes and the bass focus feature, before moving on to explain how he uses two Kraken heads and two Victory V212VV cabinets to create his massive, stereo tones.

During the video, Rabea is playing his PRS Custom 24, Chapman ML-1BEA Relic and Chapman ML-3BEA HTB Baritone.

The effects used include a Strymon BigSky reverb, TimeLine delay and a Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz. All amp and effects switching is handled by TheGigRig G2.

For more details on the Victory VX The Kraken and to find your nearest stockist, please go to

Victory Amplifiers VX The Kraken – full length official video with Rabea Massaad & Martin Kidd

Hideaki Yamakado: legato and tapping - guitar clinic Advanced

In fact by the alumni of the MI JAPAN, which has taken a foot to the professional field, the magazine guitar clinic videos linked.

This series is in charge, and contests that same school-sponsored, post planning, etc. in the music magazine shred guitarist "temple gate Hideaki" with winning experience of Grand Prix also appeared!

In four months series, Beginner to "legato and tapping", Intermediate, Advanced, to introduce divided into superlative will continue!

guitar clinic Advanced

Nick Johnston: canadian clinic dates - Schecter

Nick Johnston

Canadian clinic dates. Hope to see some of you guys!

Martin Miller: free Ibanez clinic shows Germany

Martin Miller

- 13.9.2015 Six + Four, 66280 Sulzbach
- 23.9.2015 Just Music Berlin,10719 Berlin
- 24.9.2015 Just Music Hamburg, 20359 Hamburg
- 26.9.2015 Zoundhouse Dresden, 01099 Dresden
- 9.10.2015 Music World, 59929 Brilon
- 10.10.2015 Rockland-Music, 58453 Witten
- 15.10.2015 Musik Klier, 90459 Nürnberg
- 16.10.2015 M.S.V. Musik-Sound-Vertrieb, A 2201 Hagenbrunn
- 17.10.2015 Hieber Lindberg, 80331 München
- 20.10.2015 Musikhaus Thomann, 96138 Burgebrach
- 28.10.2015 Sound of Music, 70182 Stuttgart
- 29.10.2015 CREAM-music, 60329 Frankfurt
- 30.10.2015 Musikhaus Schlaile, 76133 Karlsruhe
- 31.10.2015 Musicline, 89231 Neu-Ulm
- tba Music Store Professional, 51103 Köln

This amazing all-day free-of-charge event will go down soon in all major Ibanez Prestige Dealer stores in Germany. There'll be an exhibition of all recent Ibanez models, including limited or rare Prestige/Premium models, a free guitar setup for everyone with an Ibanez plus an interactive workshop/clinic by myself with lots of music and tuitional content starting at 6pm. Don't miss out!!!

Ibanez Germany
Ibanez Guitars
Meinl Distribution - Großhandel für Musikinstrumente
Special thx to Stephan Killermann for making it happen!!!

Tomo Fujita: Just Funky solo - at bar Clapton

What do you think my solo on Just Funky? I think it's pretty good after 9 hours of teaching before this secret live show at bar Clapton.

Kanji Guitar, Grinning Dog Funkmaster Pickups, Two-Rock TF signature 50watts Combo(String Driver 1-12 combo) Eminence TF-1250, D'Addario 10-46 set, Pickboy vintage classic 1mm, Ace Strap.
Just Funky solo シークレットライヴ1日目 at bar Clapton

Gerald Gradwohl, Adam Nitti, Kirk Covington: Live @ Porgy&Bess June 3 2014

GG-guit, Kirk Covington-drums, adam Nitti-bass, Thomas Kugi-tenor
Live @ Porgy&Bess June 3 2014

Gradwohl/Covington Group "As It Is" Porgy 2014

Gradwohl/Covington Group "News On The Net" Porgy 2014

Carl Mörner Ringström: Majestic 12 - album of high energy modern jazz

BUY HERE: https://carlmornerringstrom.bandcamp....

An album of high energy modern jazz from the pen of Carl Mörner Ringström, featuring some of the most talented young musicians in Scandinavia.

1. In Case Of Emergency, Press Here09:39
2. 47 Ronin 07:47
3. Europe Was Created By History, America By Philosophy part I: Moderlandet 02:35
4. I Do Believe The Internal Revenue Service Would Strongly Disagree 07:45
5. Europe Was Created By History, America By Philosophy part II: Mayflower In Stormy Weather 02:33
6. Last Summer With You 04:43
7. Alamitos Ave. 05:29
8. Europe Was Created By History, America By Philosophy part III: Colonizing 07:20
9. Valley Of Light [Fjællbrænn] 08:41

An album of high energy modern jazz from the pen of Carl Mörner Ringström, featuring some of the most talented young musicians in Scandinavia.
released 09 August 2015

Carl Mörner Ringström's Majestic 12:

Carl Mörner Ringström: guitars
Marius Neset: tenor saxophone
Oscar Johansson: piano
Paul Hinz: double bass
Snorre Kirk: drums

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Bjørn Gjessing
Cover concept and design by Carl Mörner Ringström
All songs written by Carl Mörner Ringström
Recorded May 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Rick Graham: Instagraham Licks - combining multiple techniques

New Download available now! HD video, tabs, Guitar Pro files and backing tracks included. More info here:
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10) Rick's Quick Instagraham Licks - combining multiple techniques

Lyle Watt: We'll Never Know - Low Winter Sun

"We'll Never Know", from the EP "Low Winter Sun", available at

Video by David Horne, audio by Oz Audio. Lewis Orr on drums, Adam Reilly on bass.

Lyle Watt - "We'll Never Know"

Chris Broderick: Act of Defiance - Jackson Speed Round

While visiting Jackson headquarters, Act of Defiance's Chris Broderick took some time to answer the tough questions in another Jackson Speed Round. Learn about the song he wished he wrote, the craziest guitar mods he's ever seen and his must-have items while on tour.

To learn more about Broderick's signature Jackson guitars, click here:

For more Jackson videos, click here:

Jackson Speed Round with Act of Defiance's Chris Broderick

Steve Vai: The Space Between the Notes - Leg 3

Presenting Leg 3 (Vegas, Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia & Europe) from "The Space Between The Notes" DVD - These are full chapters from the DVD & will be shared in their highest resolution every Tuesday for the next several weeks (there are more of you online) and you won't want to miss this exciting journey of Steve & band on their worldwide tour! - Please enjoy Leg 3:

Steve Vai - The Space Between the Notes - Leg 3 (Vegas/Netherlands/Russia/Ukraine/Europe)

Colby Peters, Ed Rizo, Christian Logaglio: Galia Social - Doorways

Galia Social is stirring some serious buzz in the Orlando area. With their afro-cuban driven rhythm section and in-your-face guitar chops, it's hard to ignore a group with such a unique style and composition. Having no designated "lead vocalist", the trio of Colby Peters, Ed Rizo, and Christian Logaglio share the main vocal spotlight while uniting for three-part harmonies that carve their catchy hooks right into your eardrum. The live presentation contains a high energy level including extra content that you will not hear on studio recordings. They are a group of focused talent that your eyes and ears do not want to miss, and will be captivating audiences in a city near you shortly.

Galia Social - Doorways (Fingerstyle Guitar, Drums, Bass)