Colby Peters, Ed Rizo, Christian Logaglio: Galia Social - Doorways

Galia Social is stirring some serious buzz in the Orlando area. With their afro-cuban driven rhythm section and in-your-face guitar chops, it's hard to ignore a group with such a unique style and composition. Having no designated "lead vocalist", the trio of Colby Peters, Ed Rizo, and Christian Logaglio share the main vocal spotlight while uniting for three-part harmonies that carve their catchy hooks right into your eardrum. The live presentation contains a high energy level including extra content that you will not hear on studio recordings. They are a group of focused talent that your eyes and ears do not want to miss, and will be captivating audiences in a city near you shortly.

Galia Social - Doorways (Fingerstyle Guitar, Drums, Bass)