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Jane Getter: Premonition - ON - a mini documentary about the new album


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Video by Lasse Hoile

Recorded at Avatar Studios in New York, ON features a stellar line up of progressive and rock musicians - Keyboardist Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steven Wilson); bass player Bryan Beller (Joe Satriani, The Aristocrats); jazz/rock drummer Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth, Steven Wilson) and special guests including vocalist Corey Glover (Living Colour), jazz/metal guitarist Alex Skolnick (Testament, Savatage, Ozzy Osbourne Band) and British saxophonist, flautist and clarinetist Theo Travis (Steven Wilson, Robert Fripp). The album was co-produced by Jane Getter and Adam Holzman, while mixing duties were handled by Adam Holzman and Anthony Ruotolo at Spin Studios in Long Island City, NYC.

Guitarist and composer Jane Getter has played with many jazz and rock greats while garnering increasing recognition as a bandleader, gifted writer and instrumentalist. Early in her career she toured with legendary jazz/blues organist Brother Jack McDuff. Her composing talents received attention when she won the ASCAP Gershwin Award for Music for Dance or Theatre in the mid 90’s. Her debut album Jane in 1998 received worldwide critical acclaim and the 2006 follow up See Jane Run was released on Alternity Records (home of Allan Holdsworth). In 2012 she released the progressive jazz/rock album Three. Jane also received widespread exposure playing in the Saturday Night Live Band.

Her band has played and toured internationally and live dates for the autumn of 2015 will be announced shortly.

Leading the campaign for the new album ON will be the opening track ‘Surprised’ with video footage supplied by Lasse Hoile.

ON is set to be released by Madfish as CD presented as a digipack with a 16 page colour booklet with stunning artwork from Lasse Hoile.

“the fieriest frettboarding female ever to strap on a Stratocaster” Guitar Player

For fans of Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Dream Theater, Animals as Leaders & The Aristocrats.

Order 'ON' now on CD/LP/Digital
(digital includes instant download of 'Surprised')

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Kee Marcello: Live In London 2015

Kee Marcello: Live In London 2015

KEE MARCELLO - Live In London 2015

Frank Gambale: FG Webinar

Frank Gambale: FG Webinar

Frank Gambale: FG Webinar

Chris Bieniek: Thrash Blues Guitar Solo 2 - The Taurus Stomp-Head 4.SL

Same backing track/ vibe as the previous upload but a different solo.
Pretty much the one I would play on the play out for the 2015 Rocky Horror Show in Melbourne (or a variation of it).

Once again this was recorded initially through an overdrive pedal straight into DI of protools but then later re-amped through the mighty Taurus Stomp-Head 4.SL. A great little amp. Check them out!

Thrash Blues Guitar Solo 2: (Rocky Horror Play Out) Feat. The Taurus Stomp-Head 4.SL

Peter Martinsson: Happy Happie / You won't break my heart

Feeling down? "Happy Happie" will cheer you up!
"You won't break my heart" will give you needed sympathy.

The second digital single with the Peter Martinsson Group is an emotional cure in your daily challanges. The "Happy Happie" is an fun uptempo song that really lights up the day while you in "You won't break my heart" get a cool blues supporting you for a while. Put on repeat and you'll have an emotional rollercouster all day.

The instrumental guitarist Peter Martinsson and his Peter Martinsson Group (or PMG for short) are releasing two new songs for guitar lovers that would like to extend their collection with another great and broad musician.

After the PMG’s debut album “Guitar State of Mind”, released on Grooveyard Records in 2012, they in 2014 made the CD album “No Grey” as a private press. With his old brother in arms the drummerUlf Becker, Peter Martinsson again goes back to his musical roots and bring back two of his early playmates Tommy Gustavsson (keyboard) and Kent Sandelius (bass).

Chris Brooks: Picking Systems and Sequences video lesson pack excerpt

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Picking Systems and Sequences video lesson pack excerpt- Chris Brooks Guitar

Carl Mörner Ringström: JTC Jam Of The Month: October

Hey guys! My first video in this group, improvising over the October backing track. Enjoy! Check out the group here:

Carl Mörner Ringström - JTC Jam Of The Month: October

Joe Stump: Black Knight's Castle - Mardi Gras Cranston 2015



Joe Stump: Blacknights Castle Mardi Gras Cranston 2015

Rick Graham: Try this Legato Warm Up Pattern

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Try this Legato Warm Up Pattern

Marco Sfogli, Brian Maillard: Jamming over a Mika Tyyskä Mr. Fastfinger JamTrack Central backing track

Jamming over a JamTrack Central backing track.
Courtesy of Mika Tyyskä Mr. Fastfinger (Mixolidian Shuffle)
Buy Backing Track here:

Marco Sfogli & Brian Maillard Jam

Bertrand Bonnin: Earth play through from upcoming album

Interpretation From the title "Earth"
album soon
Bertrand Bonnin - Earth

Morten Faerestrand: "Bluesy Latin" from DynamicBackingTracks


"Bluesy Latin" from DynamicBackingTracks

Luca Mantovanelli: 3 Jazz Standard Jams

3 Jazz Standard Jams

Recreating 3 popular Jazz standards, Luca Mantovanelli brings a whirlwind of creative melodic and rhythmic repertoire for you to extract and implement into your own Jazz standard solos! Whether you are a Jazz purist or an all-out Rocker looking for something new and exciting mastering the tracks and licks in this package will give you fresh new vocabulary that will take your Jazz playing to new heights!

Including plenty of II-V-I changes and extended harmonic movements (the bread and butter of all classic Jazz tracks) these captivating and inspiring solos hold the key to all the essential Jazz techniques you will need to navigate these three Jazz standard tracks. We've got creative use of the Dorian, Mixolydian, Tritone, Harmonic Minor and Lydian Dominant scales amongst many others!

On the technique front Luca uses plenty of legato lines, economy picking, hybrid picking, slides, trills and a few select bends (which are quite a rare thing in Jazz!) to keep you busy.

We've also got plenty of classic Jazz melodic techniques such as melodic ornamentation, super-imposed arpeggios, symmetrical patterns in tritones and heavy use of target chord tones to cling to those rich and complex chord changes!

If all of this scares you then fear not, taking the tracks slow and analysing the TAB can work as a perfect introduction to the Jazz genre as the 3 tracks provide a nice broad overview of some of the typical Jazz scenarios that you might come across. And you always have the option of using the TAB/notation to just learn some awesome solos without having to understand any of the ideas behind them!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master as well as backing tracks for you to practise every lick to, and jam out your own solos! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

Robben Ford, Michael Thompson,Paul Jackson Jr: Jeff Lorber Fusion - Step It Up

Jeff Lorber (keyboards); Jimmy Haslip (bass); Bob Mintzer, Gary Meek (saxophone); Robben Ford, Michael Thompson and Paul Jackson Jr. (guitar); Ash Soan, Gary Novak and Vinnie Colaiuta (drums); David Mann (horn arrangements); Lenny Castro (percussion)

Jeff Lorber Fusion, whose previous release Hacienda was praised for its “impeccable musicianship and deep grooves” byJazzTimes and its “funky, rollicking jams” by All About Jazz, returns with Step It Up. The fourth consecutive collaboration between GRAMMY®-nominated keyboardist/composer/producer Jeff Lorber and GRAMMY®-winning bassist/composer/ producer Jimmy Haslip since the two virtuosos reactivated Jeff Lorber Fusion five years ago, Step It Up features 11 new Lorber compositions, several co-written with Haslip. The longtime colleagues also co-produced the recording.

The title Step It Up, says Lorber, “reflects the music: optimistic, energetic and an attempt to ‘step up’ our game—our compositions, production and improvisation—to the next level. This record puts us back in a more familiar Jeff Lorber Fusion groove while we explore some new uncharted areas.”

“We were motivated to find a new direction following Hacienda,” adds Haslip. “That one was a full-on experimental recording. Step It Up is more inside the Jeff Lorber Fusion box but has some new and interesting twists.”

Assisting the pair in creating those twists is a team of world-class musicians, including two former bandmates of Haslip’s in the award-winning fusion band Yellowjackets: saxophonist Bob Mintzer and guitarist Robben Ford. Also lending a hand are drummers Ash Soan, Gary Novak and Vinnie Colaiuta; saxophonist Gary Meek and guitarists Michael Thompson and Paul Jackson Jr. David Mann provides horn arrangements and Lenny Castro percussion.

As on all past Jeff Lorber Fusion releases, dating back to its 1977 self-titled debut, Step It Up effortlessly mines and merges elements from multiple genres, including jazz, funk, rock and R&B. The original Jeff Lorber Fusion took an extended hiatus in the early ’80s, reemerging and recharging in 2010 with an updated approach that incorporates contemporary rhythms, technology and instrumentation.

“I’m always writing new stuff and I got together with Jimmy to play him some of the music I was working on,” says Lorber. “My compositions were a bit diverse and Jim suggested focusing more. We came up with the idea of ’70s modal jazz.” Inspired by the classic recordings of such greats as Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Lee Morgan, Joe Henderson and Weather Report, Lorber and Haslip followed their collective muse, drawing conceptually from the influential output of those legends but filtering it all through their own sensibilities—several of the co-written tunes developed directly out of bass parts Haslip had created.

“We eventually put a list of original tunes together that we thought made a statement and had this modal thread running through it,” says Haslip. “We also have a modern approach to this and we wanted to make sure that there would be strong elements of excitement and uplifting melodic motifs.”

Among the 11 tracks featured on Step It Up, Lorber cites “Fire Spirit,” “Starfish,” “Tenth Victim” and the title track as “having that modal center/freedom, along with some powerful grooves like some of those tracks from the ’70s. Then along with those we have some cool blues tunes like ‘Arecibo’ and ‘Deep Green,’” the latter among three tracks featuring Robben Ford. Another highlight is “Get Up,” about which Lorber says, “Jimmy discovered this one while listening to some older demos on his computer. We had written the sketch a number of years ago and forgotten about it. We both thought it was great when we heard it and wanted to put it on the album, however we didn’t have a melody. I wrote a number of melodies for it but ended up trying to simplify and minimize it as much as possible to not take away from the funkiness of the basic track, which we liked so much. Ash played some really cool drums and David Mann came up with an outstanding horn arrangement.”

Lorber’s composition “Up on This” has its roots in what Jeff calls “a mean modern groove kind of reminiscent of Chaka Khan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody,’” while “Mustang” sports a syncopated melody and superb playing from Mintzer. “Right on Time” is a hard-hitting, fast but highly melodic swing tune with some Hammond B3 organ accents, topped off by a fiery Gary Meek sax solo at the end and sweet horn arrangements by Mann. The album is rounded out by the self-explanatory “Soul Party,” featuringGary Novak’s solid drum groove and Michael Thompson’s greasy and inventive guitar accompaniment.

Both Lorber and Haslip are quick to heap praise upon the other for his vital contributions to the final product. With decades of expertise between them in every area of composing, playing and recording, they know each other’s strengths inside out. “I’m more of a detail guy and Jimmy is more of a big picture guy,” says Lorber, who plays Fender Rhodes, Moog, mini-Moog and piano on the album. “He helps a lot with figuring out which musicians we might call to complement and develop the songs (in this case Bob Mintzer and Robben Ford).”

Adds Haslip, “Jeff and I have really good chemistry and we have a lot in common with a love of many different styles of music. So together, we form a strong, positive union of ideas and creative energy.”

Never has that chemistry been more evident than on Step It Up. Where they will head next from here is anybody’s guess, but both Jeff and Jimmy are excited about the possibilities. Says Lorber, “I think the direction we’ve charted out from the last few records and this one is a creative, positive one. These records have been about combining the old and new, taking the originalJeff Lorber Fusion sound of funky fusion with bebop and R&B elements and reaching both forward and backward to explore new territory. There’s a renewed sense of exploration, harmonic and melodic adventure and jazziness. The idea of fusion seems fresh again.”


1. Get Up
2. Up on This
3. Mustang
4. Fire Spirit
5. Arecibo
6. Right on Time
7. Starfish
8. Tenth Victim
9. Deep Green
10. Soul Party
11. Step It Up

John Scofield: Past Present

John Scofield (guitar); Bill Stewart (drums); Joe Lovano (saxophone); Larry Grenadier (bass)
John Scofield updates his early-90s quartet with drummer Bill Stewart and saxophonist Joe Lovano by recruiting bassist Larry Grenadier for his fetching, appropriately titled impulse! debut, Past Present.
Between 1990 and 1992, the celebrated guitarist released three well-received discs Meant to Be, Time on My Hands and What We Do for the Blue Note label as the John Scofield Quartet. On those records, either Marc Johnson or Dennis Irwin played bass. Nevertheless, Grenadier also has history playing with Scofield; he toured with Scofield in support of the 1996 disc, Quiet.
The nine exciting tunes Scofield penned on Past Present also reflects his philosophy on playing jazz music. He stresses the importance of being knowledgeable of the musics deep, complex roots while simultaneously being spontaneous and in the moment while performing it. For an artist with such a multifaceted discography as Scofield's, getting to the root of jazz means channeling the blues, as demonstrated on the discs closing title track.
Johns love for R&B and blues tends to inform all of his discs regarding of idiomatic styling. After all, his first guitar hero was the legendary B.B. King, who strummed very vocal-like single-note melodies. Singable melodies and infectious rhythms shine on the soul-jazz opener, Slinky, on which the guitar tickles an instantly catchy riff before Stewart underscores it with a supple 5/4 groove that suggests New Orleans second-line rhythm. Grenadier propels the momentum with a loping blues bass line while Scofield and Lovano trade soulful licks and tasty solos.
Past Present also highlights Scofield's love for country music on the whimsical Chap Dance, which evokes both the wide-eyed Americana compositions of Aaron Copeland and the hoedown sophistication of Ornette Coleman's harmolodics. Scofield says that the song's exuberant opening melody and spry rhythmic pulse remind him of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein's 1943 Broadway musical, Oklahoma!, particularly the scenes with the cowboys dancing in chaps and vests.
As Scofield continues to solidify his reputation as one of modern jazz's most dynamic guitarists, history will reveal Past Present as an integral chapter in his expansive discography one that reflects him being more reverential than referential to his personal and professional past while remaining fresh and ever-present.

Jamie Glaser: Anderson Ponty Band: Better Late Than Never (CD + DVD)

Anderson Ponty Band: Better Late Than Never (CD + DVD)

Jon Anderson (vocals); Jean-Luc Ponty (violin); Wally Minko (keys); Jamie Glaser (guitar); Rayford Griffin (drums); Keith Jones (bass)
CD with Bonus DVD. Music icons Jon Anderson and Jean-Luc Ponty have combined their musical talents to form a new supergroup - The Anderson Ponty Band!
YES's original singer/songwriter for 35 years, Jon Anderson has had a successful solo career, which includes working with such notable music artists as Vangelis, Kitaro, and Milton Nascimento.
International violin superstar Jean-Luc Ponty is a pioneer and undisputed master of his instrument in the arena of jazz and rock. He is widely regarded as an innovator who has applied his unique visionary spin that has expanded the vocabulary of modern music. Together these two music legends have formed a musical synergy that is unparalleled. The double disc Digipak includes the 14 track audio CD, a hour long 10 song performance DVD (including artist interviews) and a 20 Page Booklet.
Track Listings

01. Intro
02. One in the Rhythms of Hope
03. A For Aria
04. Owner of a Lonely Heart
05. Listening With Me
06. Time and A Word
07. Infinite Mirage
08. Soul Eternal
09. Wonderous Stories
10. Renaissance of the Sun
11. Roundabout
12. Roundabout
13. I See You Messenger
14. New New World