Jane Getter: Scale Design for Improvisation - Intro - Guitar Lessons

Jane Getter: Premonition featuring Vernon Reid at the Iridium NYC

Jane Getter: Surprised Guitar Play through

Jane Getter: Surprised Guitar Play through

Jane Getter: "Train Man" guitar play through solo and trades with Alex Skolnick

Jane Getter: Premonition - "Where Somewhere" Guitar Play through

Jane Getter, Alex Skolnick: Premonition - Outreach Music Fest. - Train Man

Jane Getter: Premonition live at Outreach Music Festival - Falling

Jane Getter: European shows begin this weekend

Jane Getter, Alex Skolnick, Stuart Hamm, Adam Holzman, Corey Glover: Premonition featuring Corey Glover "Surprised" Live at the Iridium

Jane Getter,Adam Holzman,Alex Skolnick, Stuart Hamm: Train Man with and Corey Glover - The Iridium NYC

Jane Getter: New dates added to the Premonition 2015 U.S. tour

Jane Getter, Alex Skolnick, Bryan Beller: Premonition - with Adam Holzman, Chad Wackerman, Corey Glover out now on Madfish

Jane Getter: Premonition - ON - a mini documentary about the new album

Jane Getter: A message from Royal Albert Hall

Jane Getter: Premonition ON CD Preorder featuring Bryan Beller, Chad Wackerman, Alex Skolnick and Adam Holzman

Jane Getter: You can now pre-order my new album "ON" on iTunes

Jane Getter,Alex Skolnick, Bryan Beller: Premonition - On - teaser for new the new Jane Getter album

Yasi Hofer: Official Announcement: here is the winner of the Docker's Guild's 2014 Female Guitarist Competition.

Jane Getter: GHS Strings NAMM 2014