Saturday, 14 November 2015

Matt Powell: Adrift - Schecter C-7 put to good use in this original metal composition
Hi, here is a guitar play through video of a new metal track I have written. Audio production by the amazing Andy Gillion. Hope you like it, any feedback welcome and please feel free to share or subscribe :)
Guitar : Schecter C-7 with EMG 707 bridge pup
Amp : Fractal audio Axe FxII
Steven Slate drum software
Scarbee bass software
Cubase 7.5

ADRIFT an original metal song by Matt Powell

Luke Fortini: tasty Melodic rock solo over a major progression

Improvised guitar solo over a major progression.

Luke Fortini: Melodic rock solo by Luke Fortini

t-cophony: Way home - The 10th anniversary" demo performance with electric guitar

This is the electric guitar song that I composed in 2003.
It is included in my 3rd album "How to get much more" in 2007.
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Way home - T-cophony "The 10th anniversary" demo play

Aleksander Kuznetsov, Yury Lampochkin: The Korea - Чёрное Море - Black Sea from new album

New album coming soon...

The Korea - Чёрное Море (Single) 2015

Joe Basilio: 2nd Teaser from upcoming EP Excelsis

2nd Teaser EP "Excelsis", check it out guys! Soon release!

Teaser 2 EP Joe Basilio - "Excelsis"

Krumlov: Skreddy Screw Driver - Suhr Classic Te Sim - Tasty Scofield Style Groove

Skreddy Screw Driver - Suhr Classic T - Guitar Rig Blackface Sim

Skreddy Screw Driver - Scofield Style Groove

Roberto Restuccia: peace and love my friends x

Roberto Restuccia jamming over the backing track from

peace and love my friends x

Eddie Van Halen: Smithsonian talk - full Interview

long live Eddie, thanks master!!!!!!!

Guitar legend Eddie Van Halen spoke at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History on February 12th, in Washington D.C., about innovation as part of the national "What It Means To Be American" program in a sold-out event.

The institution recognized Van Halen, not only for his particular American journey as a Dutch immigrant, but also for his legacy as a inventor and innovator — someone who single-handedly rewrote not only how guitars are played, but also how they are built.

Eddie Van Halen Smithsonian talk (full Interview, 2-12-2015) HD

Andy Timmons, Martin Miller: GuitarMania and Ibanez Germany interview 2015

On 21 October 2015, GuitarMania and Ibanez Germany teamed up to record a playing and conversation session between ANDY TIMMONS and MARTIN MILLER. This is part of a three-parts series of videos we conducted with Andy on that day. See also and and

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Robbert Hanenberg: amazing lyrical tapped arpeggios over JTC jamtrack - Marshall JVM410h

Played through a Marshall JVM410h (Maxon 808 in front).

Playing over a JTC jamtrack

Chris Brooks: Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios - fundamental principles for advanced sweep picking in one simple package

My new lesson course is here and ready for instant download:

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Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios - Chris Brooks promo video

Milan Polak: Another Brick In The Wall - available for Skype lessons

Music Man Axis Supersport with DiMarzio Norton & Air Norton pickups, Blackstar HT-Metal into Cubase Pro 8

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"Another Brick In The Wall" (David Gilmour) solo - Milan Polak

Eric Gales: Live Video Recording of the concert at De Bosuil Weert, Netherlands by Special Events Productions

Live Video Recording of the concert of Eric Gales at De Bosuil (Weert, Netherlands) by Special Events Productions.

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Travis Montgomery: Seymour Duncan - 805 Overdrive & Vapor Trail with his Aristides O6O

Travis Montgomery demos the 805 Overdrive & Vapor Trail with his Aristides O6O. With the 805 we started with the classic overdrive tones we all know and love but we tightened up the bottom end and added more sparkle in the highs as well as more detailed note articulation. Whether you're after ringing cleans, a subtle boost, fat crunch, or even screaming sustaining solo tones, it's all in there. And unlike other overdrives that become thin when you refine the gain, the 805's 3-band active EQ lets you take back control over the low end while also fine-tuning the mids and highs.

The Vapor Trail is a true analog delay which uses Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs) for that classic vintage analog delay sound: warm, full, lush and packed with vibe and musicality.

More info on the pedals here:

Vapor Trail:

Travis Montgomery:
805 Overdrive & Vapor Trail: Metal Demo

Doug Steele: series of recent videos with some awesome metal soloing techniques explained

All solos played in the key of metal, the hottest of all the keys!

Doug Steele: series of recent videos with some awesome metal soloing techniques explained

Frank Gambale, Stuart Hamm, Steve Smith: The Promise - Show me What You Can Do - promo for the classic album

Frank Gambale - guitar, Stuart Hamm - bass, Steve Smith - drums

Buy The Album:

"The Promise" from "Show me What You Can Do" album

Sam Bell: Rock Foundations Alternate Picking - Licklibrary New Release

In this DVD Sam breaks down the fundamental technical details of Alternate Picking Technique, taking you through some incredibly helpful tips in order to boost your alternate picking potential.

After going though some useful warm up exercise's Sam then takes the viewer through some fundamental picking sequences used by some of Rocks most proficient alternate pickers and shares some really unique ways of creating your very own scary sounding picking runs. To top it all of Sam demonstrates a guitar solo which uses all of the concepts looked at in this DVD for the viewer to try out or use as inspiration to create their own solo over the backing track. This is THE DVD for the Rock Guitarist looking to boost their picking speed and creativity.

Depending on what you want to learn and how much you want to learn we’ll have a membership package that’s right for you. From our Elite Monthly membership giving you access to every online lesson and backing track to our DVD Premium and DVD Gold packages with up to six FREE extra DVDs of your choice.

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